January 11, 2014


Dear Friend


As you know, a brave COK investigator named Taylor Radig recently went undercover in Colorado to expose extreme cruelty to newborn dairy calves. While the video led to criminal charges against three of the people shown abusing animals, perversely, the sheriff also charged Taylor herself with a crime, merely for witnessing the violence endured by these animals.


As a result, the case earned news coverage across the nation and inspired a Colorado resident to launch a petition that garnered nearly 200,000 signatures demanding that the bogus charge be dropped.  


Today, COK is pleased to announce that the district attorney's office has officially dismissed the charge against Taylor and is still proceeding with the legitimate cruelty cases against the three men caught on camera actually abusing animals!


Taylor asked us to share a message with you:


"We successfully stood together against injustice on behalf of the animals. Furthermore, we told the world that animal suffering matters, and that their pain should never be kept secret. The motive behind my charges spoke to how effective COK investigations are, and how important it is that we keep the cameras rolling." Read her full letter.


Thank you so much to everyone who supported Taylor and COK throughout this case. The meat industry is desperate to keep Americans in the dark about its routine animal abuse and will seemingly stop at nothing to try to punish whistleblowers who expose the truth.


While Taylor is now free from this ordeal, the animal ag industry is continuing to work feverishly to try to pass ag-gag bills in numerous states to stop COK's undercover investigations. Please donate now so we can keep our cameras rolling-and keep showing what factory farmers don't want you to see.




Thank you, 

Erica Meier

Executive Director 


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