October 2017

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Interview at Supreme Court

Dr. Davis Publishes Op-Ed on the Streamlining 5G "Small Cells" 
"The history of public health is littered with examples where economic interests trumped scientific advice... Could 5G be the next asbestos?"
California Governor Brown Vetos SB649 After Enormous Opposition 
SB 649 5G streamlining legislation would have granted the telecom industry a green light to place "small cell" antennas throughout California neighborhoods directly in front of homes.  Learn more  
Court Upholds Berkeley Cell Phone Ordinance Once Again: Industry May Petition The Supreme Court Next 
The CTIA has indicated they may petition the Supreme Court for a hearing even though the appeals court denied an en banc hearing on October 11, 2017. Read all about the Berkeley Cell Phone Right To Know Ordinance.

Cleveland Clinic Center For Male Infertility "It's best to keep your cell phone as far from the testes as you can"
"We've done a lot of research on cell phones," Dr. Sabanegh, Director of the Center For Male Infertility and Chair of the Urology Department at Cleveland Clinic says. "In studies where we directly exposed sperm to cell phone radiation, it did damage the sperm."

Ontario College of Family Physicians "Radio and Microwave Impacts on Human Health: The Role of the Family Physician"  
Family Physicians Can Play a "Protective and Proactive Role" by conducting an EMF exposure history and advising their patients on how to reduce EMF exposures as outlined by Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women's College Hospital, Toronto.  Learn more
Rally at the U.S. Supreme Court to Proclaim the Public's Right to Know About The Health Risks of 5G and Wireless
Public News Service: "The explosive demand for wireless communication across household items means a rise in new 5G technology and antennas and cell towers to support its use".

Could Cell Phones And Wireless Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease?  
Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Scientists published a paper "Cardiovascular disease: Time to identify emerging environmental risk factors" in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology highlighting the scientific evidence linking 'wireless radiation' to cardiovascular disease.

Watch Scientific Lectures by Annie Sasco MD, Anthony Miller MD, Marc Arazi MD, Devra Davis PhD, MPH, Iris Udasin MD, Mo Mellion MD, Theodora Scarato MSW at the 2017 Expert Forum. Watch now
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