A Victory for Catholic Foster Care!
Sharonell Fulton has fostered over 40 children in Philadelphia and will be able to continue, thanks to the Court's decision. Photo: Becket
On June 17th, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the City of Philadelphia had violated Catholic Social Services' First Amendment rights when it suspended contracts for foster care services over CSS's inability to place children with same-sex couples. Three USCCB chairmen - Bishop Konderla, Archbishop Coakley, and Cardinal Dolan - issued a press release welcoming the decision.
Made for Love and Fatherhood
The latest episode of the podcast kicks off with our chairman, Bishop Konderla, who joins to talk about fatherhood and St. Joseph. Later in the episode, Kara and Andrew chat about the movie series A Quiet Place! Find previous episodes here, and share it with your friends!
We Can Stop the "Equality Act"!
Within the next month, the Senate is expected by some to vote on the misnamed Equality Act, which the USCCB continues to oppose. By seeking to insert "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" into civil rights laws, it would discriminate against people of faith and impose gender theory in schools, workplaces, charities, shelters, hospitals, doctors' offices, and more. Its provisions could also be construed to create an abortion mandate. For a deeper look at some of the issues with gender theory, check out our podcast at the links above!

Our Policy Advisor, Robert Vega, participated in a webinar detailing the potential harms of the bill, along with a podcast for the USCCB's religious liberty office. They also hosted another podcast on gender theory with guests Margaret Harper McCarthy and Michael Hanby.

Please contact your U.S. senator to stop this bill from becoming law! Check out this in-depth briefing: The Equality Act and What It Means for Catholics and visit usccb.org/equality-act to learn more.
NFP Week 2021
The last week of July marks Natural Family Planning Awareness Week and highlights the anniversary of the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae (July 25th) and the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne (July 26th), the parents of the Blessed Mother. You can find resources to celebrate the week in your area here, including prayers, teaching materials, and links to classes!
A Year of St. Joseph
Pope Francis has proclaimed in his Apostolic Letter Patris Corde a special “Year of St. Joseph,” a wonderful opportunity to increase our love for St. Joseph, patron of both the Universal Church and of all families.

The USCCB has compiled a hub of resources, catechetical materials, and prayers/devotions to assist in the ongoing celebration of this special year, and our podcast just covered it in its newest episode.
Legal/Policy Updates

President Biden - On June 25th, President Biden issued a new Executive Order requiring "LGBTQ+" diversity in federal workforce outreach, recruitment, leadership paths, and training - as well as affirmation of such employees' sexual expression, health insurance and other support for their "transitions," access to opposite sex restrooms, and ease of designating one's sex on all files (including "non-binary"). This occurred on the day of a major White House "Pride" event, which has followed other recent high-profile meetings with "LGBTQ" activist leaders, and also saw the president appoint a "U.S. Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons" in the State Dept.

The Administration - On June 15th, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) chairwoman unilaterally issued "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" (SOGI) resources that over-expansively interpret last year's Bostock Supreme Court decision to require use of employees' preferred pronouns and access to restrooms based on self-asserted "gender identity." On June 16th, the Dept. of Education issued a notice saying that it would interpret "sex" in Title IX to include SOGI, which will likely come with implications related to sports, locker rooms, employment, and dormitories. And on June 19th, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs announced it would start providing "gender confirmation" surgeries.

School Restrooms - On June 28th, the Supreme Court decided to not take up the Grimm v. Gloucester Cnty. School Bd. case, leaving in place a lower court decision requiring schools to admit students to restrooms of the opposite sex.

Cake Case Continues - Christian baker Jack Phillips, who won a Supreme Court case in 2018 over a same-sex "wedding" cake, lost a lawsuit filed by a "transgender" activist lawyer who sought a blue and pink "gender transition" celebration / birthday cake, on June 15th. He was fined $500 but is appealing.

Free Speech for Teachers - Virginia gym teacher, Byron "Tanner" Cross, was put on leave for speaking at a school board meeting about how he cannot in good conscience use students' "preferred pronouns," and quickly won reinstatement in state court on June 8th on free speech grounds; but the school board has appealed.

New State Laws - On June 1st, Florida became the eighth state to enact a law protecting women's and girls' school sports from competition with males. Also this month, Illinois' legislature passed a bill requiring insurance coverage of gestational surrogacy, and related procedures, as "infertility treatment" for same-sex couples. In New York, on June 24th, the governor signed into law the "Gender Recognition Act," which provides for "non-binary"/"x" gender options on driver's licenses, easier changes to birth certificates, a choice as to whether one is a "mother," "father," or "parent" on birth certificates, and more.

Abroad - On June 10th, Maya Forstater won her appeal in the United Kingdom after being fired for her personal Tweets critical of gender ideology, with the court holding that her views are protected from discrimination. On June 15th, Hungary passed a bill limiting "LGBT" content in media for children; and the European Union has been applying much negative pressure against the country as a result. European parliamentarians also recently issued a report attacking Catholic and allied organizations as "anti-gender" "religious extremists." On June 22nd, Canada's House of Commons voted to criminalize "conversion therapy." And in India this month, a judge in a case related to a same-sex couple disapproved of by their families issued a far-reaching ruling that pushes pro-"LGBT" guidelines statewide in schools and police practices, as well as a "conversion therapy" ban, and more.