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Newsletter #195. Friday, January 8, 2020
Georgia Senatorial Election: Victory Won!
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We are still in disbelief over what just happened
Have you ever watched the counting of Electoral Ballots?

Objecting to the Electoral Ballots is not new, but this week's congressional session was indeed different! I must admit, I have never watched the proceedings before because it is usually ceremonial, lasting approximately 30–60 minutes.

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But, Georgia voted blue!
In a very tight race, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won the Georgia senatorial runoff. This was no small feat. First, a Democratic senator has not been elected in over 20 years. This also gives control to Democrats in the senate and the house. Of historical significance — although Georgia was the 4th of 50 states that entered the union — is that Warnock is the first person of color to be elected as senator and Ossoff is the first Jewish person to be elected. PEGGY is pretty excited. Click on her picture to hear Georgia On My Mind, as sung by Ella Fitzgerald.
When will I be able to get my Covid-19 vaccination?
How will I get information about the Covid-19 Vaccination?
When will I be eligible to receive it?
The Washtenaw County Health Department has a frequently updated vaccination and very helpful website. Sign up for its email updates here. The website elucidates the phases of vaccination, whether it is available to a particular group now, and what to do to get the vaccine within your group. In addition, it supplies links for health care providers, Michigan Medicine updates and St Joseph Mercy Health updates.
In the meantime, check with the health department and/or your health care provider, wear your mask, wash your hands and keep socially distant!
Monday, January 11. Monthly National Call with American Promise
This month's national call, presented by the national organization American Promise, will feature special guest Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. Rep. Phillips is one of the key leaders on Capitol Hill on eliminating big money from elections. Please join in for what will be an engaging discussion. Promoted by Washtenaw County’s Reclaim Our American Democracy organization. RSVP by clicking here. 8–9 pm
Wednesday, January 13. Brews & Views: Who needs Medicare for All?
Many Democratic lawmakers have proposed a variety of solutions for America's health care crisis. All of the plans aim to provide high-quality care at little or no cost for every American. One of the most easily recognized plans is Medicare for All. This will be the focus of the League of Women Voters' first 2021 Brews and Views program. Read event details and register for the Zoom link here. 7 pm
Wednesday, January 13. #BlackHomesMatter
Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Dr. Cornel West, and Rev. Barber will come together for a #BlackHomesMatter virtual event to stop the illegally inflated property taxes ravaging Detroit. Participants will be asked to call on Governor Gretchen Whitmer to investigate and end this injustice and create a plan to compensate Detroit homeowners who have overpaid or lost their homes.The event will be live streamed on YouTube. Read the details and register here. 6 pm and again at 7:30 pm
Monday, January 18. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
Listen to the University of Michigan MLK Symposium live stream keynote address here at 10 am.
Monday, January 18. ROAD’s monthly meeting
Reclaim Our American Democracy is holding their first monthly meeting of 2021 via Zoom. ROAD is an affiliate of American Promise and contests the role of big money’s disruptive influence on the American political landscape. A Zoom link will be provided prior to the meeting and posted on ROAD’s Facebook page. 7:30 pm

Monday, January 18. Constructive white conversations
CWC is a dialogue series that originated out of Brooklyn as a space for white folks to discuss internalized and structural racism. The meetings are "drop-in" style and the conversation is focused through a specific format. The hope is to offer an accessible entry point for people who are ready to unpack their whiteness, internalized racism, and privilege. CWC meetings provide an opportunity to build ongoing relationships, accountability and community. Regular meetings are on 3rd Mondays in Ypsilanti every month (unless otherwise noted). For more information, email 7–8:30 pm
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