Victory is mine in the checkout line!!!

Dear Friends, 


Last time I went through the checkout line at my local grocery store (Smith's), I felt like doing a victory dance.


As I was shopping I grabbed a bunch of clothes that were on sale, and then the checkout lady scanned her own personal coupon, and (long story short) I saved 58 bucks!


How do I know how much I saved?...


... Because the person who rang me up circled the amount that I saved on my receipt. That's right. $58!


I walked to my car fighting an urge to show my receipt to everyone I saw in the parking lot. When my husband came home and asked how my day went, all I had to do was show him that receipt. Yeah. It was that good.


Here's my point-


There is one reason that I shop at Smith's. I want stuff to be cheap. When the person at the cash register circles the amount that I "saved" on my receipt, they are reminding me of the reason that I'm there to begin with-to save money. 


They're also giving me a little reward. 


You see, when shoppers see the amount that they saved, psychologically it's as if the cashier gave them that much money. I will speak for myself when I say I get a jolt of pleasure when I see that amount-especially if it's big. 


So what are you doing to reward your customers?


I would never encourage you to compete with price (especially with Smiths's, because you'll lose), but I would encourage you to understand exactly why you are better than the competition, and flaunt that advantage every chance you get.


So what is it that makes your customers come to you, and not some other store? 


  • CB FOX gift wraps everything and has the best Santa in town. 
  • Pet Pangaea lets your pet sit on Santa's lap. 
  • Ruby K's will make a birthday cake to go with any birthday theme.


What about you?


If your customers are coming to you, and not your competition, find a way to subtly reward them when they make the transaction. Give them a discount towards their next purchase, let them accrue points, or give them chocolate if all else fails. 


Give your customers a reason to brag to their spouses after spending money with you.


If you come up with something, let me know about it!

If you're coming up blank, give me a call and I will give you some ideas. 



Mandy Marksteiner
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

P.S. I recently interviewed Stephen Rodriguez. He's the director of annual giving at MIT. He is amazingly good at raising funds face-to-face, through direct mail, through email and through events.

In the interview he is completely generous with his advice on how to raise funds more effectively. When you follow the link you will have a chance to listen to the audio of our interview, or read the transcript.


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