ISSUE 21 - OCTOBER 18, 2018

Ecumenical Patriarchate Agrees To Recognize Independence Of Ukrainian Church
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Oct 12, 2018
The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has agreed to recognize the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a move immediately hailed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko but slammed as "catastrophic" by Moscow.
A synod meeting in Istanbul chaired by Patriarch Bartholomew I, who is considered the leader of the 300 million-strong worldwide Orthodox community, or "first among equals" of Eastern Orthodox clerics, decided on October 11 to "proceed to the granting of Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine."  ... CLICK to read more

Poroshenko Hails Independence Of Ukrainian Orthodox Church
President Poroshenko Hails Independence Of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Ukraine wins approval for historic split from Russian church
By Pavel Polityuk, Yesim Dikmen,  Reuters, Oct 11, 2018
KIEV/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Ukraine secured approval on Thursday to establish an independent church in what Kiev says is a vital step against Russian meddling in its affairs, but the Russian clergy fiercely opposes as the biggest split in Christianity for a thousand years.
A three-day synod presided over by the Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul, seat of the global spiritual leader of roughly 300 million Orthodox Christians, endorsed Ukraine's request for an "autocephalous" (independent) church.
The synod will "proceed to the granting of Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine," a statement said ... CLICK  
Constantinople Decision on Ukrainian Church Truly has Global Consequences
By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia -- New Series, Oct 13, 2018
Staunton, October 12 - Although the Universal Patriarch in Constantinople has not yet given the tomos of autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Bartholemew's decision to reclaim Ukraine as dominion, thus depriving the Moscow Patriarchate of its claims in Ukraine, and his acceptance of Ukrainian church leaders as his priests, clearly points in that direction.
As many commentators are already pointing out, the consequences of this shift are truly "global" for Ukraine, for the Russian Federation and the Moscow Patriarchate, for the Orthodox world, and for ecumenism and international relations more generally, even though it is certain that Moscow will still try to block or at least slow the process.
The Russian authorities religious and civil have the means to cause enormous trouble in this transition. They can provoke actions against their own churches ...  CLICK to read more
After Autocephaly, Russian Occupiers in Crimea Likely to Intensify 
Pressure on Ukrainian Church There, Its Archbishop Says 
By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia -- New Series, Oct 11, 2018
Staunton, October 10 - Archbishop Kliment of Simferopol and Crimea says that once autocephaly is granted to Ukraine, the Russian occupation forces on the Ukrainian peninsula are likely to dramatically increase the pressure they have used against his bishopric and the few remaining priests who continue to serve believers there.
The churchman spoke at a roundtable in the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center this week (uacrisis.org/ua/68988-upc-kp-krym in Ukrainian; for a discussion of his remarks and the implications for the Ukrainian church in Crimea in the coming weeks and months, see Yevgeny Solonina's article
The situation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate in occupied Crimea ... CLICK to read more
Tomos ante portas: a short guide to Ukrainian church independence 
By Alya Shandra,Euromaidan Press, Oct 14, 2018 - CLICK to read  
Majority of Ukrainians support autocephaly of Ukrainian church - poll
UNIAN, Oct 17, 2018  -   CLICK to read
Putin May Try to Launch New Offensive in Ukraine and 
Absorb Belarus to Stop Autocephaly
 By Eurasia Daily Monitor Vol 15, Issue 146, The Jamestown Foundation,


The New Cold War Could Learn a Lot from the Old One
By John E. Herbst, Atlantic Council, Oct 17, 2018

Territories between great powers-borderlands-have always been areas of strife. So it is with the countries caught between Russia and the West, those that were once part of the Soviet Union or firmly within its sphere of influence. Much of Europe has consolidated and, with the United States, established a lasting liberal democratic order, but Russia has been increasingly pushing back. Though most of the "borderlands" countries are now West-facing, Moscow wants to control at least the national security policies of its near neighbors.

The West should reject Moscow's claim. It contradicts Western principles and is dangerous to our interests. The United States should lead the West in adopting an explicit strategy of promoting democracy, open markets, and the right of nations to choose their own foreign policy and alignments. This includes their right, if they meet the conditions, to join the EU and NATO.

Moscow has not hidden its objectives-to grow its sphere of influence; shift the post-Cold War security order; and weaken NATO, the EU, and transatlantic ties-and is applying a full spectrum of methods to achieve them ...  
CLICK to read more 

Note:  John E. Herbst is the director of the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council. He served as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, 2003-2006.  Ambassador Herbst is also the Chair of the National Security Task Force of the Friends of Ukraine Network, an initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation. 


Russia's Ongoing Violations in Ukraine

Ongoing International Law and Defiance of OSCE Principles and Commitments
 by the Russian Federation in Ukraine

As delivered by Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. Harry Kamian,  to the Permanent Council, Vienna,  October 11, 2018
"... the conflict in Ukraine appears to be worsening ..."
Thank you, Mr. Chair.

I w ould like to begin by noting the uptick in fighting along the line of contact, particularly near the Donetsk Filtration Station. Last night, the SMM reported an incident in which small arms fire came within 50 meters of an SMM patrol in the area despite prior coordination and assurances of security. The United States expects a full investigation of the incident and a report of follow-up steps taken to prevent an action such as this from happening again. We repeat our calls for the sides to disengage and withdraw their forces from the immediate vicinity of critical humanitarian infrastructure.
Mr. Chair, the conflict in Ukraine appears to be worsening. The Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine noted a 71 percent increase in ceasefire violations in the Donbas in its October 2 weekly report. Volatile and dangerous spikes in violence are now endemic to this conflict, a conflict manufactured by Russia and perpetuated in direct contravention of our shared OSCE principles and commitments. Russia's wanton disregard for international norms and laws has resulted in four years of military engagement that has left more than ten thousand dead, many of whom are civilians, and forced over 1.5 million Ukrainians to flee as internally displaced persons.
The United States views the Minsk agreements, in their entirety, as the only path forward to a peaceful resolution of this conflict. The agreed upon formula for implementing Minsk remains easy to understand: security first, then political action. Countless times Russia has demonstrated the ability to ratchet up and down at will the level of violence in eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, Russia never follows up on these demonstrations of sponsorship and control with disengagement and withdrawal. We are therefore left with stale Russian rhetoric and without a single, tangible sign of its commitment to the Minsk process.
Mr. Chair, Moscow is also undermining the Minsk process with political measures. Its proxy authorities in eastern Ukraine plan to hold so-called "elections" on November 11 in contravention of the Minsk agreements. Article 9 of the Minsk Protocol and Article 9 of the Minsk Package of Measures plainly state that local elections in the Donbas must be held in accordance with Ukrainian law.
Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has again proved its goodwill towards Minsk implementation. On October 4, the Ukrainian Rada extended the so-called "Special Status Law." This is the second time Ukraine extended this law even though the Russian side has never responded with serious steps on its Minsk commitments. Instead, Russia continues to backslide on its obligations while actually stoking the embers of the conflict it created. Mr. Chair, until Russia makes sincere and lasting efforts to improve the security situation in the conflict zone, Minsk will remain but an aspirational plan. Russia is the aggressor in the conflict and so we, along with the rest of the world, will continue to insist that Moscow must take the first steps to improve security conditions on the ground and to end the conflict ... CLICK to read more 

Donbas update: Ukraine reports 26 enemy attacks in past 24 hours  
UNIAN, Oct 14, 2018 

Russian-led forces mounted 26 attacks on Ukrainian troops in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, in the last 24 hours.

"No casualties among Ukrainian troops have been reported in the past day. According to intelligence reports, two occupiers were wounded," the press center of Ukraine's Joint Forces Operation said in an update on Facebook as of 07:00 Kyiv time on October 14, 2018.
Russian occupation forces opened aimed fire from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms to attack the defenders of the towns of  ... CLICK to read more

Ukrainian military helicopter downs Russian UAV (video)
UNIAN, Oct 15, 2018

The Ukrainian military showed a video of a Joint Forces' Mi-24 military helicopter shooting down a Russian Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle from the Donbas sky.

"The Russian unmanned aerial vehicle Orlan-10 maneuvered in altitude and directions, but the Joint Forces warpilots did not leave it a chance," the statement reads ... CLICK to read more

U.S. sends Moscow a message by training with Ukraine
NBC News, Oct 13, 2018     

News from the Ukrainian-American Environmental Association ...
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European Bank for Reconstruction & Development Plans to Launch Bioenergy Program in 2019 in Ukraine for  €70-80 Million to Finance 10-15 Projects and Eventually More with Aid from World Bank and Global Environment Facility :   Interfax.com, October 16, 2018


At the Novomirgorod Sugar Plant in the Kirovograd Region, a 20-MW Biogas Plant Is Being Built That Will Generate 98% of Its Energy from Beet Pulp:  EcoTown, October 15, 2018


A 50-MW Solar Power Plant Is Being Built near the Village of Panovtsi in the Khmelnytsky Region
EcoTown, October 16, 2018


Beginning in January, Ukraine Plans to Spend $107 Million on the Disposal of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and Turn the Confinement into an Environmentally Safe System by 2020:  
112.International, October 16, 2018


Trina Solar Ltd. Has Delivered 123-MW of PV Modules to a 246-MW Solar Power Plant Being Developed by DTEK; Upon Completion It Will Be Ukraine's Largest Solar Power Plant and One of Three Largest in Europe:  
PR Newswire, Oct 15, 2018


China's Energy Engineering Group Shows Interest in the Construction of Solar, Biomass, and Hydro Power Stations in Ukraine But Is Weighing Risks Such as the Forthcoming Auction System:  
Kyiv Post, by Bermet Talant, October 15, 2018


In the Settlement of Vlishanka in the Kirovograd Region, a 10-MW Solar Power Plant Has Been Opened - One of the Most Powerful PV Plants in the Area:  
EcoTown, October 15, 2018
https://ecotown.com.ua/news/Na-Kirovohradshchyni-vidkryly-odnu-z-naypotuzhnishykh-sonyachnykh-stantsiy-v-oblasti  (in Ukrainian)
https://www.facebook.com/kirovogradskaoda/posts/1199205543565358?__tn__=-R   (in Ukrainian)


Government of Ukraine Plans to Allocate a Total of Hr 2 Billion (about $70 Million) for Energy Efficiency in 2019:

UkrInform, October 13, 2018
In Yet Another Sign of a Better Investment Climate, TIU Canada Is Opening Its First 10.7 MW Solar Power Plant in Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in January:   Kyiv Post, by Natalia Datskevych, October 12, 2018


Just Two Days After the United Nations Issued a Critical Warning About the "Disastrous" Consequences of Global Warming, Ukrainian Officials and Experts Reaffirmed Their Commitment to Generating 25% of the Country's Energy from Renewables Before 2035:

Kyiv Post, by Jack Laurenson, October 12, 2018


In Ukraine, 94% of Solid Waste Is Disposed of in Landfills - Can Ukraine Turn 10 Million Tons of Waste into Electricity?
Kyiv Post, by Bermet Talant, October 12, 2018



Naftogaz Considers Development of Renewable Energy Sources to Be a Promising Investment Area and Is Actively Discussing Relevant Projects with Potential International Partners:  
Interfax, October 11, 2018


EBRD Planning to Lend €51.9 Million to State Gas Producer UkrGazVydobuvannya for Energy Efficiency Projects and Well Repair Equipment:  
Ukraine Business News, by James Brooke, October 11, 2018


Chernobyl Is Producing Energy Again - 1-MW PV Project Marks First Generation of Energy at Site since 1986 Meltdown; Profits to Fund a Green Charity for Local Schoolchildren:   
PV Magazine, October 11, 2018


Low Capacity of Ukraine's Aviation Infrastructure for Sustainability and Energy Independence Prompts EUEA to Initiate Review of Options for Decarbonization:   
European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, October 10, 2018


European Investment Bank to Invest €22 Million in Energy Efficiency of Kharkiv Polytechnic Buildings - First of Seven Universities to Receive Such Funding :  EcoTown, October 9, 2018


Farmland Certified as Organic Has Expanded by 10% Year-over-Year, to 420,000 Hectares, or About 1% of Ukraine's Total Farmland:

Ukraine Business News, by James Brooke, October 9, 2018


European Bank for Reconstruction & Development to Provide Six Ukrainian Cleantech Innovators Companies with €50,000 - They Are the Winners of the Fourth Round of the Climate Innovation Vouchers Program:  
Strategeast.org, October 8, 2018


Ukraine's Green Energy Technology Exports Pass €305 Million and Continue to Grow:

EU Neighbors, October 8, 2018
http://greencubator.info/ecoinnovations-post-release  (in Ukrainian)


National Energy Company Ukrenergo Wants to Build New Highly Maneuverable Generating Facilities to Balance the Operation of Renewable Energy Plants:  
Open for Business, October 8, 2018

By James Brooke, October 18, 2018   

Since 2015, $1 billion has been invested in renewable energy projects in Ukraine, Serhiy Savchuk, State Department of Energy Efficiency, told Kyiv's International Sustainable Energy Forum on Tuesday.  One fast growing segment - often overlooked, he said - is rooftop solar. So far, $100 million has been invested in 4,660 of these household and factory projects. He called on the Rada to approve a government bill to replace the 'green tariff' in 2020 with auctions for electricity produced by solar farms larger than 10 MW and by wind farms larger than 20 MW.

Investments in solar and wind power this year will pay off with a two thirds jump next year over 2018 levels in electricity generation from renewables, the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry predicts. By sector, renewable productions and year over year growths are: solar up 87% to 1.65 billion kWh; wind up 70% to 1.55 billion kWh; small hydro up 19% to 250 million kWh; and biogas and others up 25% to 300 million kWh.


By Richard Gray, BBC,  October 15, 2018

" ... We are at the start of a new frontier of genomic medicine," says Sandy Macrae, chief executive of Sangamo Therapeutics, the biotechnology firm developing the treatment. While it is still too soon to determine how successful the editing of Madeux's genome has been, it marks a milestone in a new field of science that is widely predicted to revolutionise medicine.

As more treatments that rely on gene editing move from research laboratories into hospitals around the world, the demand for the skilled genetic engineers who make it possible is expected to soar. The UK government predicts there could be more than 18,000 new jobs created by gene and cell therapy in Britain alone by 2030, while the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates it will see a 7% increase in jobs for biomedical engineers ..."

CLICK to read 


Ukraine Is The Best Kept Secret In California's Startup Scene
By John Sung Kim,  CommunityVoice;  Forbes Technology Council , Forbes, Oct 16, 2018

It sounds like a near perfect scenario for California-based startups looking to expand engineering teams abroad -- low wages, a vibrant social scene and over 150,000 developers for hire. This can all be found in Ukraine, where, according to PwC (via  BBC News), the country's annual economic output coming from IT outsourcing grew fivefold from 2011 to 2015. As a result, IT is now the third-largest export in Ukraine behind agriculture and mining.

Home to an estimated  40-plus million people, Ukraine has quietly become a  hub for outsourced IT labor in Europe as costs for developers continues to rise in EU countries. But even in recent articles about Ukraine's growing tech economy, there's still much conflation between "product developers" and "outsourcer engineers."

From every data point we have witnessed, working for an outsourcer  ... CLICK to read more

John Sung Kim is the Founder of Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN) and DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo). Now CEO at Fingrprint.io,  which connects email and advertising. 

Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Do I qualify?

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