June 2017
Apple Makes Play for Video's Future
The big news out of Apple's recent developers conference wasn't the new, more powerful iMac Pro or refreshed Macbooks. It was Apple's embracing of HEVC compression across its product lines to stream 4K videos more efficiently, as well as free up internal memory space on the iPhone. Industry watchers wonder if the latter, though, will pinch Apple's profits. Learn more.
Dazzling Pictures vs. More Bits in Different Markets   
In many developed markets, new video-tech tools provide the latest premium viewing experience. But in developing markets, they are used for an entirely different reason: broadcast efficiency. Markets like India are using video compression tools to lower transmission costs and deliver low-cost services to the broader market.
Amazon Building Video Empire to Crush All Rivals
Amazon Founder and President Jeff Bezos prefers to re-invest the company's huge cash inflows and take bets on the future, like the one it's banking on with video. Amazon is spending more than even the most established market players and using products like Amazon Channels to become a real rival in the video market. Learn more.
HEVC Market Trends and Analysis  
HEVC is being widely adopted in all classes of consumer video products, and DTC has been analyzing this market since the standard was formed. We have a team of experts analyzing the product and content landscape, licensing activities, and the impact of other video-compression developments in a video ecosystem highly dependent on the greater efficiency afforded by HEVC.

We offer customized consultations on:
  • Analysis on all products adopting HEVC
  • Analysis on content distribution and sales
  • Market intelligence and analysis on licensing programs and royalties
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