November 25, 2019
Staff Spotlight: VLB Staff Attorney Lisa Singer
VLB Staff Attorney Lisa Singer talks about the work Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham and One Roof are doing every day to break through the causes of homelessness.
VLB welcomes Breonna Garrett
Breonna Garrett—Intake/Closing Coordinator
After earning her law degree from Faulkner University and working as a legal administrative assistant in Montgomery, Breonna Garrett returned to her native Birmingham and began volunteering at VLB Help Desks while studying for the bar.

She is now a full-time staff member as our intake/closing coordinator. In this role, Breonna has improved efficiency at our Help Desks to provide a better experience for both the clients we serve and our attorney volunteers. 
Intake/Closing Coordinator Breonna Garrett
“At VLB, I can help ensure those who may not be able to afford legal services can still receive it," she says. "They have the right to legal representation just like anyone.” 

In her personal time, Breonna is active in the children’s ministry at The Rock Church. 
We're thankful for our attorney volunteers!
Thanks to these volunteers who shared their time and expertise at recent VLB Help Desks. Sign up today for an upcoming volunteer opportunity!*

*Our Civil Help Desk Tuesday, Nov. 16 will be open next week. All other VLB Help Desks will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Gaines Brake came out to volunteer at the Civil Help Desk at the Jefferson County Courthouse

  • Gaines Brake (Maynard)
  • Loring Jones, III (Jones & Associates)
  • Trey McClure (Schwartz & McClure)
  • Ashley Roy
  • Alexander Thrasher (Bradley)
  • Donald Winningham III (Bressler)
  • Jessica Zorn
Leon K. Johnson helps a client at the Domestic Help Desk

  • Merika Coleman
  • Preston Martin (Bressler)
  • Susan McAlister
  • Leon Johnson
  • John Milledge
  • Kimia Moshiri
  • Amanda Schanfer
  • Donnetta Washington (Washington Law)
  • Student volunteers: Rudolph Munnerlyn and Grey Robinson
Sarah Chamberlain with her client at
Turning Point Court

  • Clayton Bromberg (Starnes)
  • Stephen Bulgarella (Sirote)
  • Sarah Chamberlain (Starnes)
  • Kathy Collier (Maynard)
  • Honza Prchal (Heninger)
We need extended-representation volunteers
Thank you to attorney volunteer Anne Mitchell for helping a VLB client in need of extended representation.

We always need more attorney volunteers able to follow up with clients whose needs cannot fully be met by one-time engagement at a Help Desk. If you're interested in taking a case—and learning how our staff attorneys can provide support with Pro Bono representation—please email Rosalind Fournier .
Remember us on Giving Tuesday
What would you give to help the victim of domestic abuse gain legal protection against their abuser? What would you give to help a family with small children fight wrongful eviction, or a grandparent adopt a child whose parents are unable to care for them?
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham works to resolve problems like these for low-income residents of Jefferson County every day—with support from donors like you. For every $1 invested in Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham, the community receives $12.13 in benefits, because people can turn their lives around when their legal issues are resolved. 

So give it some thought, and give what you can. Every Giving Tuesday donor will be recognized in our newsletter, no matter how much the amount—because every dollar counts. Click here to donate , and include Giving Tuesday in the comment box!
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