A few days ago, we began exploring how to balance our body as a result of spending more time than usual sitting (as most of us are home these days). I shared how laying in the Static Back Position for 5-10 minutes can make a profound, positive difference with your Posture and health.

Aligning our bones is a most important step one.

However, if all we do it put the bones in the right place, the body will default back into the ingrained posture it knows, as these are the pattens that have taken years.......decades to develop!

Step two is giving your body the tools to keep this improved posture....without having to think about it!

Please enjoy this short video in which I share one exercise to do in the Static Back Position to help your body engage the deeper postural set of muscles to create that solid scaffolding needed to:

  • Align the bones
  • Keep the bones aligned naturally and subconsciously

Our goal with the Static Back Position and adding the Knee Pillow Squeezes is to ingrain a new, more optimal pattern, allowing you to sit, stand, move, and feel much better, both immediately and long-term as well.
I hope that you're enjoying and benefitting from these exercises. If you've been implementing them into your daily routine, keep up your great work! Positive change will be a functioning of doing them correctly and consistently.

Wishing you a great day!

Joey Zimet
(917) 589-5446

Ed. M. Candidate Applied Physiology
Teachers College, Columbia University