April 2018
We may no longer be sure what is being referred to when we say "TV," but whatever it is, we watch a lot of it. And more devices, content and viewing are leading to less of something else: video bandwidth. Some U.S. terrestrial broadcasters are beginning to rethink how they set up networks in order to maximize the amount of available bandwidth.   

ATSC 3.0: The Secret to Success May Not be Technical
Now that the ATSC 3.0 standard is finalized and South Korean broadcasters gave the next-generation system its inaugural run at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, what's next? Hint: In the U.S., ATSC 3.0 adoption likely depends on U.S. broadcaster cooperation.   

Differences on HDR Performance for 4K UHD TVs
The different ways that the IT and CE industries are defining high dynamic range (HDR) performance can be confusing for consumers. Both have an impact on buying decisions and what criteria is used to select a 4K UHD TV.


Accessing Hard-to-Find Intelligence
A p atent pool requiring specific research for an audio technology quickly realized that technical specifications and product information was scarce and not easily accessible. This made it extremely difficult to identify the use of specific technologies within products in the marketplace. Find out how DTC provided a customized solution that included an in-depth analysis of the use of multiple technologies across 23 categories of consumer electronic products. 

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