Easter is the great opportunity yearly for the church to intentionally share the gospel with our not-yet-believing friends and loved ones.

This year we cannot meet together. Therefore, this gospel opportunity is not going to be available to us corporately.

Therefore, we are challenging every person who calls Rainbow Presbyterian home to think through how you came to faith and then share it on social media with all of your friends - a 1 to 2 minute testimony of how Jesus changed your life and what he means to you.

This is a campaign launched by the Gospel Coalition. You can learn more about it here:

My thought is that the gospel could go forth even more powerfully this year, since there really is nothing more powerful than a personal testimony.

Would you ask the Lord to give you the boldness and courage to openly identify yourself as a Christ follower on social media? Please consider using this tool to advance the gospel!
In your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, please write the label:


Then, also include an invitation to your friends to watch our Easter Sunday morning and/or evening services on our Youtube channel (see above). These videos will be up on the site by 8 AM and 4 PM.

All of us, our friends, our country, and God's world need this gospel hope of resurrection more than ever.

Let's pray for the gospel to make progress in our hearts, our homes, our community, country, and world.