June 2021
Special Feature: Brown Pelicans
The seventh feature in our series celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Laguna Atascosa introduces us to David Blankenship (formerly with Audubon and USFWS) who was instrumental in the recovery of Brown Pelicans.

For more information about Brown Pelicans, visit:

Video credit: Richard Moore, Valley Nature Films, LLC. Photo credit: USFWS files
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Ocelots are...Everywhere?
Of course not! But fans of ocelots can be found all over the world. This popular cat CAN be found at Laguna Atascosa in the wild and, if you are really lucky, you might see one. Otherwise, the best chance to see one is at a zoo or wildlife center.

This month, our road trip to find ocelots takes us east to the North Carolina Zoo. Thank you to Ms. Hannah for sharing these great photos and providing the information about their gorgeous ocelots.
North Carolina Zoo Ocelots
Our ocelot pair, Diego and Inka have been at the North Carolina Zoo since their arrival from the San Francisco Zoo in 2010, where they were already an established breeding pair. They had two litters of kittens while at the San Francisco Zoo and four litters at the North Carolina Zoo. The pair even has grand kittens at various zoos throughout the country.

Diego is 17 years old, and Inka is 16 years old, both exceeding the average life span for ocelots in the wild. Diego is described as shy and eccentric. He is very friendly but prefers to stay indoors. Inka, on the other hand, is very high-energy. She is also described as an excellent mother. Keepers have watched her first-hand, teach her kittens the basics in climbing and hunting, while also being a very protective mother. Diego and Inka’s genes are well-represented in the genetic pool of ocelots under human care and are no longer a breeding pair. 
GOSH! This looks like fun!
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine has released the 2021 GOSH. There are activities for every region of Texas and 3 different ways to participate. So if you are traveling anywhere in Texas, be sure to check it out. Grab your phone, get outside and upload those selfies! Click on the image or go here for more info.
Bonus Download:
Felinos de la Frontera

Our friends over at Defenders of Wildlife have developed this awesome activity book about the cats along the southern border of Texas.

Download your free copy today! Just click on the button or the book.
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