On behalf of our teachers, staff members and Board of Education, thank you for sharing your children with us each and every day!
What do you do on a cold December day? Watch videos! Make some popcorn, pull up a chair, and see what’s happening in the Barrow County School System!
Being Barrow BOLD
Our mission in the Barrow County School System is "Boldly Committed to Student Success". We are continuously challenging our entire staff to be Barrow BOLD in moving teaching and learning forward in this district.
The Data Guy
Dr. Matt Thompson is Barrow County's data guy. Using data, Matt can spot trends, identify areas of opportunity and allocate people and resources to help alleviate problems. Watch the interview with Ben McDaniel, from Barrow Family Connection.
Agriculture in Curriculum
With a robotics lab, theatre and dance studio, and even a USDA-sponsored learning garden, the Center for Innovative Learning is breaking the mold of conventional classroom education. This vertically integrated program uniquely prepares students for the future and gives them an appreciation for the ag industry.
Partners in Education
The PIE program involves local businesses and agencies, which is designed to act as a catalyst in bringing diversified groups together, as well as exposing our children to “real-world” and work experiences. The program is a vital asset to our school system. Barrow County appreciates each of our Partners in Education!
The Dream Team
The Sims Academy Motor Master club has struck again! Motor Masters did a presentation in support of the Women's Shelter so they could have transportation. The team can disassemble and reassemble a 350 Chevy Engine in under 30 minutes.
Teachers of the Year
These teachers are recognized by colleagues as being an outstanding teacher. We appreciate their dedication to our system, their school, students, and the community as they model being Boldly Committed to Student Success.