February 2019

Video Distribution: Maybe One Size Doesn't Fit All?
Fact: There is insufficient bandwidth for a never-satisfied consumer appetite for video and other data-intensive programs. Streaming services only employ unicast delivery for stored and live content, and that method is straining network capacity in many parts of the world.   

Foxconn Wisconsin Plant: Why?
The on-again, off-again nature of the Sharp Corp/Foxconn Technology Group's plan to build a massive LCD panel fab in Wisconsin remains murky. Supply-chain, manufacturing and R&D realities are difficult to reconcile. The next steps are anyone's guess. 

Unit Forecasts for Video Compression Technology
A patent pooling firm requires ongoing industry projections and trends regarding a specific video compression technology. The data helps forecast revenue for the firm's intellectual property clients and identifies gaps in licensing compliance. Download the case study to find out how DTC provided the company with detailed market intelligence to address their forecast needs.

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