Virtual Market
to Vendors
You're Invited to Exhibit at
the 2020 Video Trust Virtual Market
October 27-29
Location: Wherever you work
Only $300
(Included with your Corporate Membership in Video Trust)

Nearly everyone who's ever attended it misses The National Media Market, and we're bringing it back — online — at greatly reduced expense for vendors and attendees. Take advantage of increased opportunities to meet with customers, and a huge promotional push. As a Video Trust Corporate Member, your complete registration costs will be covered.
How the Video Trust Virtual Market Will Work

Vendor Virtual Suites
Only Video Trust corporate members are eligible to exhibit (join now). Each Vendor/Member receives a listing in the Virtual Market section of our new website (launching September 10th). Each vendor listing is built to include:
  • Your logo and vital information
  • Photos and names of your representatives
  • A link to your website
  • A link to your show reel (show reels have NO restrictions at the Virtual Market. Make them any length, host them wherever you like. Show reel links will be publicly visible and remain so until you change them or take them off your page.
  • A link to your schedule, visible only to registered Member/Buyers, allowing them to claim a meeting time with you. (See more below.)

If you're unfamiliar with the scheduling and meeting functions on the Zoom system, don't worry — we'll walk you through it. Just contact us to request a demo.

About Your Customers
Any member of Video Trust is eligible to attend the Market, and they will undergo a brief registration process to do so, providing relationship-defining information (job title, type of institution they represent, buyer status, etc.) to which you'll have access. Every Vendor will receive the entire list of customers at various times as it grows, so you'll be able to contact individuals and solicit meetings.

Customer Appointments
Two weeks prior to the Market, a designated member of your team will receive (at no additional charge) a host license on our Video Trust Zoom account to allow you to schedule and conduct customer meetings. You'll be able to schedule appointments for yourself or request assistance from us (again, at no additional charge).

Since you control your own meeting schedule, you can also post an 'open door' for customers to join you at will during the 'open' hours you post on your vendor page on our site.

Weekly promotion
Between now and Market opening, we'll be sending a weekly newsletter out to plug it (and other things, like webinars). As you know, our newsletter gets big open/click results, and we've already heard from several customers who support the Virtual Market and want to participate. At this price — the gross revenue from a single DVD w PPR sale — what have you got to lose? Support for Video Trust is high, so as a member, you'll get visibility and increased good will in the community.

Questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch: 913 219 6533
What You Get as a Vendor at the Video Trust Virtual Market

  • A virtual sales suite right in your home or office, where colleagues and customers can join you
  • Weekly newsletter promotion leading up to the market, including your ad
  • Your newsletter ad repeated on our website
  • Your listing on our Market page, visible to the public as well as official Market buyers
  • Public links to your site or landing page, and your show reel
  • A personalized schedule of customer meetings
  • A continuously updated list of buyers for your own outreach
  • A Zoom system instructional walk-through upon request
  • Personalized assistance with appointment scheduling upon request
  • A year's membership in Video Trust, with a great and growing list of member benefits and opportunities, and where your customers can see your commitment to advocating for film and libraries.
7 Reasons Why You Should Exhibit at
the 2020 Video Trust Virtual Market

  1. Incredible value for $300 that includes not only the Market, but a host of additional membership benefits and opportunities. (See the complete list on our website)
  2. Virtual meetings are the accepted norm and most buyers are familiar with Zoom.
  3. A fraction of the preparatory work for you, and a fraction of the cost of a suite at NMM.
  4. No printed handouts means all your collateral can contain live links to trailers, individual film pages, and a landing page on your site.
  5. No travel, so no time out of office.
  6. Chat function on Zoom allows you to immediately transmit links and other data during customer meetings.
  7. Gather market intelligence and stay current with customers' needs.
Want to advertise in our September newsletters? Join now and get a year's worth of ads here and on our site (along with your suite at the Virtual Market and other great benefits). With a package like that for only $300, what are you waiting for?

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Need more information? Contact me now: 913 219 6533
Newsletter ad specs: Size in pixels: 540w X 180h, Max file size: 2MB, Type: JPG, Include: URL referral link
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