Video is now available of the Black Men's Prostate Cancer Initiative Webinar: Eating for Prostate Health, Sexual Health & Heart Health.

View the Video at:

The webinar was recorded on March 25th and featured:

  • Dr. Columbus D. Batiste - Interventional Cardiologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California Riverside School of Medicine
  • Dr. Edwin K. McDonald - Assistant Professor in Gastroenterology at the University of Chicago
  • Dr. Adam B. Murphy - Assistant Professor of Urology and Preventive Medicine at Northwestern Medicine
  • Dr. Stacy Loeb - Professor of Urology and Population Health at the New York University School of Medicine and the Manhattan Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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*Nutrition is an ever-evolving topic, often with varying opinions and a range of research, some of which might even be contradictory. In addition, the needs of every man will be different. Us TOO tries to share information which is respected and well researched for general well-being, but always be sure to consult with your doctor before embarking on any nutrition plan. 
This Program is a Part of
The Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative,
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An initiative to decrease health outcome disparities in prostate cancer treatment in the Black community through support and education. For more information on this program, please contact Rebecca at or (773) 413-9197.
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