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Kayak Session Covers first Futaleufu XL

"The FutaXL works to unite the local community with the massive community of kayakers that make the pilgrimage to the Futa every year. It is an event that hopes to highlight the importance and relevance of fighting for the unspoiled wild places in this world that deserve to be saved from hydroelectric development." - Wes McCue

Our friends, American rafter and videographer Wes McCue and Chilean kayaker Marcos Gallegos, have put together an action-packed video showing highlights from the first Futaleufu XL. The spirit of the competition is to elevate South American kayaking to the global stage and highlight the need to conserve threatened waterways like the Futaleufu. They also include a call to action to support Riverkeeper in our work. Please share with your friends!  Source: Kayak Session or click on the image below.

Above: Photo from the Futaleufu XL competition, which will send a Chilean and Argentinean to compete at the Whitewater Grand Prix.

Celebrity Activist Shout-Out
Chilean actors including Fer Urrejola are working to bring the cause of saving Chile's rivers into the mainstream! Check out this great video of her trip to the Puelo River, our neighbors to the north.