Video Conferencing and Free Captions: Access Matters
Laurie Hanin, Executive Director
Dear Clients and Friends,

We hope Better Hearing and Speech Month finds you and your family well. CHC joins our friends at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, founders of this annual milestone, in putting a spotlight on hearing and communication this month. The timing couldn't be more important.

Since the pandemic began and daily communication shifted from in-person interactions to virtual gatherings, CHC has recognized the public's urgent need for information on how to make these exchanges more accessible to people with hearing loss. One important purpose of our Hear and Connect newsletter is to provide a toolkit of solutions to help people with hearing loss connect through videoconferencing.

Among the resources we're sharing this week is Expanding Videoconferencing Access for People with Hearing Loss , a blog post that underscores the urgent need for people with hearing loss to have access to free captions when connecting virtually. You're encouraged to share the post and get involved to he lp educate decision makers on this issue.

Of course, there's much more to discover below to help you connect and cope during this unique time in our lives.
Hear and Connect Resources

Expanding Videoconferencing Access for People with Hearing Loss. Laurie Hanin considers videoconferencing and the role of free captioning in making these platforms accessible to people with hearing loss. Read.
Face Masks and Hearing Loss: Practical Tips and Strategies Webinar. Hearing Loss Association of America presents this free event May 21st (2-3 pm ET) featuring CHC's Ellen Lafargue, AuD, and Carolyn Stern, MBA. They'll share tips to improve communication while masks are worn and demo ways to wear masks comfortably and safely with hearing devices. Learn more.
Sheltering In Place with Your Family. Too much togetherness in the age of Covid-19? Join the Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center's team as they share ideas about Sheltering In Place with Your Family . View.
Sheltering in Place Alone. The weeks go by and we are still at home. Join the Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center's team as they discuss different life situations and Sheltering In Place Alone . View.
10 Tips for Managing Face Masks and Hearing Loss. CHC experts offer perspective on the challenges of communicating with hearing loss in this new age of face masks. Read CHC's Top 10 list and view the video recording of our May 4th webinar. View.
May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health Counselor Janick Hickman of CHC-FL wants you to be mindful of your mental health. She shares simple self-care tips to help you conquer difficult moments. Read.
Willa's ComPilot Guide to Distance Learning. Like so many CHC kids, Willa understands the importance of hearing technology. Here she explains the use of her Phonak ComPilot (with help from Otto). Willa, thanks for sharing. Perhaps a future in broadcasting? View.
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More than ever, we're committed to helping you hear and connect!


Laurie Hanin, Executive Director
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