Pastor Austin T Kreutz
NOVEMBER 25, 2020
When the Turkeys Run The Thanksgiving Dinner
Pastor Austin T Kreutz

I am amazed at the current trend of Governors who think they have the power to dictate what I can do in my own home. These turkeys are overstepping their powers and it is time for the public to realize what is the real objective. How far they can dictate their edicts and you obey?
The time is now for civil disobedience. I am not talking about rioting in the streets or beating people up like Antifa. I am talking about not following the orders coming from above when they conflict with civil liberties found in the Constitution of the United States. Oh, you might say "I am a Christian and must be obedient to the government." Please read my article about that on my website.
The gradual demands to conform, become greater and greater, till you yield to total control. The virus is real. It does kill just like any other flu. It has a high rate of recovery of 98%. We are being fed a line concerning measuring the success of "control" by the number of cases, where we need to measure it by the death rate. If we did that there would be no need for lockdowns and the crazy orders of power-hungry government officials that have other motives in mind.
The general population is being scared to death by a complicit media perpetuating a narrative of conflicting reports. Do we really fear death so much that we stay indoors when there is a 2% chance of actually dying from the virus? You have a greater chance of dying in a car wreck than dying from Covid.
What fascinates me is the churches that have such fear of death that they shut down everything so no one will get sick. What does this tell you about the application of their faith to real life?
Isolate the vulnerable, and if you are sick stay home, wash your hands and take medication, and chances are you will recover. Give me accurate reports about recovery rates, rather than the hopeless dooms day reports about new Covid cases.
Do not tell who I can and cannot have in my home. Governor, it is none of your business

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Pastor Austin T Kreutz
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