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November 28, 2017
Vietnam's Homegrown System for Saving Water

For centuries, family farmers in Dalat, Vietnam have watered their crops without the benefit of weather data or rainfall, sometimes leading to excessive irrigation that can stunt or kill crops and deplete limited groundwater. As Vietnam continues to recover from its strongest-ever drought , every drop counts. Many of Dalat's farmers are already suffering from water shortages.

To combat overirrigation, a team from MimosaTEK
is equipping farmers in Dalat and throughout the country with a system to help them to optimize water use. MimosaTEK's system offers quick, accurate information about the weather and soil conditions that farmers can access on their phones, along with tailored recommendations for irrigating their crops. That informations allows farmers to make the most of each crop - and preserve water for when it's really needed.
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  • SWFF received 1,191 photos from 50 countries for the Global Water-Ag Photo Contest. The winning photographers were from Bangladesh, The Philippines, and India. You can read about the winning photos and the photographers here .
  • The SWFF team and USAID representatives traveled to Uganda to meet with innovators in Kampala, Jinja, and Mbarara. Read about  additional highlights.
  • The Bhungroo team was invited to take part in the USAID India Partners Meeting, and selected by USAID India's innovation office to share their work on grassroots, gender-centric innovation in the water and food sectors.
  • Project Alba recently released a new video showing how they help farmers in Cambodia to make more money while improving food quality.  Watch it here.
  • SWFF Innovator Henry Bazira, CEO of the Water Governance Institute (WGI),  announced that WGI qualified for the Private Sector Foundation Uganda's Skills Development Facility- a World Bank-supported initiative that will fund WGI activities for skills and technology transfer on Aquaponics .
  • On November 15 the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development released the government's Global Water Strategy , intended to mobilize expertise and resources from across the United States to create a water-secure world. The document states that the government will focus on countries and regions where needs is greatest and where engagement can protect U.S. national security interests.
  • Learn about farmer-level data collection that will take your marketing to the next level in Feed the Future's Metrics for Marketing TechTalk webinar.
  • Participate in Agribusiness Academy online workshops to learn about food and agribusiness supply chains.
  • The Yield Lab assists entrepreneurs working to revolutionize agri-food systems to feed the world more sustainably. It operates two accelerators and funds: The Yield Lab US in St. Louis, Missouri and the Yield Lab Europe in Galway, Ireland. Both provide $100,000 investments, along with access to mentorship, customized programming, and access to a global network. You can now submit applications for the Yield Lab US.
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Water-Ag Global Photo Contest Second Runner up: Families living near the Teesta river in West Bengal, India grow watermelons in the sandy soil of the river bed.