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"Boyd Chapel"
Ground Breaking Ceremony
Tri-Rivers Retreat Center

Richard Ray: Director of Missions -  
Weekly Update 

"Director of Missions Two Minute Report"
DOM Richard Ray Weekly Report
DOM Richard Ray Weekly Report
On Sunday, November 4th we celebrated the Ground Breaking of the "Boyd Chapel" at the Tri-Rivers Retreat Center. I want to thank First Baptist Church of Lometa who gave $84,000 in memory of Charlie and Elsiedean Boyd for the construction of this Chapel. You can read more about Charlie and Elsiedean Boyd in this newsletter as we highlight the Ground-Breaking Ceremony. I want to thank all those who attended this special time.
The Texas Baptist Men will construct the "Boyd Chapel", but we are accepting Bids for the pouring of the Concrete Slab. If you or someone in your church would like to present a bid, we would greatly appreciate it as we want to be great stewards of God's Blessings. Once we have a start date from the Texas Baptist Men, there will be opportunities for each church and individuals to participate in the construction of the Chapel.
This past weekend, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our newest grandchild Molly Ray. Her parents are my son Daniel Ray and his wife Carrliegh. We are now blessed with seven grandchildren. God is Good.
I look forward to serving our Area Churches this week as we head into the season of Thanksgiving.
Until next week, "Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever." - 1 Chronicles 16:34
If you would like to serve as a Tri-Rivers Domestic Violence Advocate, serving those impacted by Domestic Violence please go to the following link to sign up.  Tri-Rivers Baptist Area will provide training and resources.  

Northside Baptist Church, Lampasas 
Invites You to our Revival!
November 14-16
7:00 pm Nightly
Music by the "Just Us" Gospel Quartet
Wednesday - Rev Richard Ray, Director of Missions for Tri-Rivers Baptist Area
Thursday - Rev Marcus Foster
Friday - Rev Dillard Fisher, Pastor of Cove English Ministries



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Tri-Rivers RV Park 
Jerry Stratton Devotion

Jerry Stratton (Former Tri-Rivers DOM):

A complete set of three daily devotional books (God's Daily Word) by Jerry Stratton is now available. Book 1 includes January through April; Book 2, May through August; Book 3, September through December.  They can be ordered singly for $14.99 or as a set of 3 for $29.99.  Here is the link where the books can be viewed and ordered: .   
Then click on Books/Devotionals.
The books can also be ordered from
Chuckle: One Easter Sunday morning a preacher held up an egg and asked the children, "What's in here?" "I know!" a little boy exclaimed. "Pantyhose!"
Quote: "The sun, which has all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the world to do."--Galileo
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . . . God saw all that he had made, and it was very good . . ." (Genesis 1:1,33 NIV).
Galileo (1564-1642), was a pioneer of modern physics and telescopic astronomy. A spacecraft, named for Galileo, was launched from a space shuttle on October 18, 1989 to orbit the planet Jupiter. Many years ago, Alfred Noyes made the following comments in reference to today's quote from Galileo.
"This was Galileo's answer to those who attacked him when he said that the earth was not the center of the universe. His system, the critics said, made human beings insignificant. Galileo's answer, made three hundred years ago, is a source of strength in our time. For today many of us again feel that the individual is insignificant in the immense universe of modern science. But if the physical sun can be so responsible for the minutest flower in the field, there is certainly no reason to feel that there is any limit to the scope of the central Power (God), which created all the suns, all life, all spiritual values and the spirit of man himself. Behind Galileo's defense was his own belief that the universe is centered on neither the earth nor the sun -- it is centered on either God or nothing. If the latter, there can be no real belief, no sense of philosophy. Out of this blind alley, he turns naturally to the other alternative -- God. Galileo's words, the first voice of modern science, call us back to faith, hope and true belief."
In our day, there is a constant battle between creationism and evolutionism; between intelligent design and science, with the "big bang" theory thrown in for good measure. In this brief space, I cannot begin to address all the aspects of this ongoing debate, even if I had the understanding to do so. But as I read the words of Galileo and a discussion of his conclusions, I was reminded once again of the central truth of the universe. God, in all his power and majesty, created all there is and yet is still mindful of each of us. "What is man that you are mindful of him" (Hebrews 2:6b). God wants our lives to bloom to the fullest for his glory. As the sun nurtures the bunches of grapes and the flowers in the field, He nurtures each human life.
Because of his great love, that nurture has as its first goal to reconcile each person to himself -- to make us acceptable in his sight and presence -- through faith in his One and Only Son who was sacrificed for our sins. Then his nurture includes maturing each Christian into a beautiful, blooming, and productive life. He does this through his Word, and the indwelling of his Holy Spirit in a similar way as the rays of the sun nurture each living thing on earth. He wants his Son to be to you what his Sun is to a bunch of grapes or a beautiful rose in your yard -- as Galileo put it, "as if He has nothing else in the world to do" but tend to you. . . .
Love, Jerry & Dotse
The WMU Mission House located in Stephenville, TX that is used to house Missionaries while on
furlough is in need of some minor repairs. If your church would like to assist in these repairs, contact
your Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Office at 254-865-1299 or

Missionary House Repair Needs:
  • Interior Painted
  • Smoke Detector Installed
  • Return Air Vent Repaired
  • Back Door Repair
  • Quarter Round in Two Bathrooms need to be Replaced

Teens for Christ - Africa Missionaries will be in the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area the week of November 25th

Teens for Christ Africa comes in as a ministry that is focused on teenagers with the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Their strategy is three pronged and entails Evangelism, Discipleship and Empowerment. To save a generation from self-destruction the tool in our hands is the gospel, we use this tool by preaching in various schools all over the Country on a weekly basis so that we are able to show the teenagers the light that comes from the Word of God. Those who surrender the lives to Christ are immediately enrolled into discipleship classes so that they are helped to become committed followers of Jesus Christ therefore Soldiers in the army of Jesus Christ.
They are available to share what God is doing in Africa through this amazing Ministry.

If you would like to schedule them to speak/share at your church or ministry group contact your Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Office at 254-865-1299 or

They are currently scheduled to speak at Selden Baptist Church on November 25.

To Learn More go to



Central Texas Hospitality House is Seeking Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for the following days and areas:

Saturdays & Sundays 9am - 12pm 
--Light cleaning 
-- Making Beds 
-- Cleaning Restrooms 
-- Greeters

Mondays 8:30am - 10:30am 
-- Cleaning

Saturdays 5pm 
-- Provide a meal & serve

For More Information Contact:
James or Martha Parrish
708 Hwy 36 W.
Gatesville, TX 76528

FBC Gatesville is in need of a Church Secretary. For more information please visit their site 

Free Hammond Organ! For more information call Glynda Carpenter 512-556-3702

Church youth director with experience needed (salaried position - $800 a month) to lead children on Wednesday nights.  Will need to recruit children.  Person hired must become a member of our church, attend Sunday morning services, and be willing to teach Sunday School.  If interested, call Community Baptist Church, Dublin, for an application 254-445-4479.  Background check required.  For questions, e-mail Pastor Judy or call 254-979-1944

Adamsville Baptist Church is raising  funding for mission development and a covered pavilion. Cook books can be mailed, or delivered within an average distance.

This is my third cookbook to help publish. Lots of varied, wonderful recipes, and history of the church, and, uniqueness added to the authors.


Oakalla Baptist Church is looking for a pianist for their Sunday Services.
They are willing to pay a honorarium.
If you are interested please contact Bro. Clay Cole: or (254) 681-7397 

Cove Korean Baptist Church - English Missions is in need of a piano player. For more information contact Bro. Fisher

First Baptist Church Kempner is in need of a piano player.  
For more information contact Don Casper
(512) 932-3195  

Cove Korean Baptist Church is looking for a used 15 passenger van. If you or your church has one please contact your area office:
254-865-1299 or

Mountain Baptist Church is seeking a part-time music Minister for Sunday mornings. If you are interested contact Kurt Fuessel 254-865-7528 

Visit our website to view associational constitution and bylaws, pulpit supply list, area office resources, calendar events, and much more!!

Tri-Rivers Retreat Fund Supporting Churches
The following churches support the Tri-Rivers Retreat Center for 2018

Carlton Baptist Church
Clear Creek Baptist Church
Cowboy Church of Erath Co.
Eastwood Baptist Church
Edna Hills Baptist Church
Fairy Baptist Church
FBC Copperas Cove FBC Gatesville
FBC Kempner
FBC Oglesby
Jonesboro Baptist Church
Pidcoke Baptist Church
School Creak Baptist Church
Seldon Baptist Church
White Hall Bapitst Church
Trinity Baptist Church

If your church would like to participate contact your director of missions, Richard Ray:

Tri-Rivers Ministry Fund Supporting Churches
The following churches support the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Strategic Plan for 2018

Carlton Baptist Church
The Church at Blue Ridge
Eastwood Baptist Church
Fairy Baptist Church
Turnersville Baptist Church
Edna Hill Baptist Church
College Ave Baptist Church Clear Creek Baptist Church
Trinity Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Kempner
FBC Copperas Cove
Levita Bible Fellowship
Morgan Mill Baptist church
Coryell Community Church
Cove Korean English Misson
Clairette Baptist Church
First Baptist Stephenville
Live Oak Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Purves
Jonesboro Baptist Church
First Baptist Church  Hamilton
True Vine Fellowship
Hispana de Gatesville
Cottonwood Baptist Church

Cove Korean Baptist Church
Greens Creek Baptist Church
Pidcoke Baptist Church
Seldon Baptist Church
Double N Cowboy Church

If your church would like to participate contact your director of missions, Richard Ray:

Adopted Ministries of Tri-Rivers

Office Hours:

Monday           9:30am-3:30pm
Tuesday          9:30am-3:30pm
Wednesday     9:30am-3:30pm
Thursday         9:30am-3:30pm


Tri-Rivers Baptist Area
502 E. Main Street, Gatesville, TX  |  254.865.1299