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"How to Zoom: The Inside Story of Teaching Online"
This session was presented live yesterday (3/25/20) by Karen Bradley via Zoom.

"How to Zoom" - Session Information
We have all become aware of the challenges and opportunities that teaching through Zoom offers. Karen will help you navigate the setup, the ways to organize, the pitfalls and opportunities that Zoom offers as a platform for teaching dance, synchronously and asynchronously. We will address how to support your students in this new arena, what the benefits might be to you and to them, and we will also point out what does  not  work in Zoom, saving you hours of frustration.

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Karen Bradley is the retired head of dance at the University of Maryland, College Park, a dance educator, movement analyst, dance/movement therapist, and a founding member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO). She has been an early adopter of online technologies for dance and learning and has taught online, studied online, met online, and presented online in both synchronous and asynchronous contexts. She has used Zoom for Global Water Dances steering committee meetings, LIMS board meetings, Suzi Tortora's Ways of Seeing online course, movement and seminar classes, coaching, and stalking her kids. 
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