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The Annual Meeting of Churches is scheduled for Sunday, October 3rd hosted at FBC Hico.  Registration is Open for Guest and Messengers.  Please register early so we can be better prepared to serve you.  Register HERE   

The 2021 Annual Meeting of Churches hosted by FBC Hico is scheduled for Sunday, October 3rd.  Registration is Open for all Messengers and Guest who will be attending the Annual Meeting of Churches.  Each church have already received the following information:  Annual Church Profile, Hope Offering, Gift Remittance and Church Messenger Bulletins.  Please take time to review and promote this information with your church congregation and church messengers.  You can also view the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area newsletter and website to view information and to register for the Annual Meeting of Churches.  Register HERE

This year Annual Tri-Rivers HOPE OFFERING SUNDAY is scheduled for Sunday, October 3rd.  We are again asking each church member within the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area to give $5 per person to this ministry fund that will provide resources in areas of:  Domestic Violence Victims, Churches in Need, Free preteen/youth camps, Disaster Relief and the Tri-Rivers Retreat Center.  This is an opportunity where each church member can become connected to one another in meeting the needs of one another.  I pray that each church will take up a special offering on October 3rd.  

This past Saturday, the Tri-Rivers WMU Gathering took place and it was an amazing time learning about missions beyond the border of Mexico by Jaime Lopez, BSM and Go Now Missions by Megan Trotter and CWJC of Dublin.  We were able to collect for college for a student in Mexico who parents are new born again believers in Christ.  Pastor Jaime Lopez baptizing them this past summer.  We also learned how to ZOOM so we can stay better connected, Megan shared how we can partner with college students to change the world for Jesus Christ and we were also blessed to hear how CWJC in Dublin is impacting the Kingdom of God.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and worship, while giving away some amazing door prizes.  I am excited for our next gather together.

This week, I will be hosting a ZOOM Gathering for Women on Missions on Monday at 6:30 pm.  This week I will also be attending:  The Heart of Texas Board Meeting in Brownwood, North Fort Hood Leadership Meeting, Highland Lakes Encampment Board Meeting, Erath Baptist Association WMU Gathering, Youth Worker Training Event and will be attending the funeral service for Chris Peltier who served as a supply pastor for Tri-Rivers Baptist Area and was an amazing man of God who loved to share God's Grace with others.  On Sunday, I am honored to worship and preach at Clear Creek Baptist Church.

In September, we have several of our churches hosting Revival Services.  I encourage you to pray for each Revival and if you have the opportunity to attend a Night of Revival.  You can view these Revival in this newsletter or on the Tri-Rivers Website.

We are still seeking Musicians and Worship Leaders who are available to share their talents with Area Churches on Sunday Mornings.  If you are interested or need additional information please contact your Area Office at 254-865-1299 or via email at  

View the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Church Classified Ad in this newsletter.  We have churches that are in need of your talents:  If you are seeking a place serve the Lord in the areas of:  Pastor, Worship Leader, Youth Ministry, Church Nursery and Musicians, please view the classified ads for additional information.
For information on serving Afghan Refugees go to World Relief - North Texas in this newsletter.  This week, your Area Office will be serving in the areas of:  Pastor and Worship Leader search committee's, Tri-Rivers Retreat Center, Erath Baptist Associational Leadership Meeting, Tri-Rivers Area Wide WMU Gathering on Saturday and meeting the daily needs of our Area Churches we serve. 

The Tri-Rivers Laundry Unit has been placed on "Stand-By" through Texas Baptist Men to serve those impacted by Hurricane Ida.  If you would like to serve and haven't received your Yellow Cap Training, Laundry/Shower Unit Training or need to Renew it, view this newsletter to view on-line training opportunities provided by Texas Baptist Men.

The Tri-Rivers Retreat Center continues to serve our Area Churches and multiple ministries in providing a place to encounter Christ without the Expense.  Remember there is no cost to use your Tri-Rivers Retreat Center because of your churches ongoing support. Make your reservations at
Please take time to view the newsletter for additional ministry and mission opportunities. It is always a joy to serve you so please do not hesitate to contact your Tri-Rivers Area office if you need assistance or information regarding all your ministry needs.
Until next week, "All the believers were together and had everything in common." - Acts 2:44
"We are a Brotherhood of Churches"

Attention Church "Women on Missions and WMU" 
Join Director of Missions Richard Ray
for the ZOOM Gathering 
to Discuss How your Church is engaged in Missions

Monday, September 13th
6:30 pm
Click HERE
to Join ZOOM Gathering
Erath Baptist Association WMU Gathering
Thursday, September 16th
6:30 pm
Greens Creek Baptist Church
1263 CR 380
Dublin, TX 76446

Saturday, September 18th
9:00 am - Noon

If you work with Youth in your Church,
You do not want to miss this Opportunity.
This Training is Free to all
Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Churches.

Valley Grove Baptist Church
1731 S. US Hwy 281
Stephenville, TX 76401

Remember your Tri-Rivers Baptist Area has paid your Registration Fee

Kempner Oak Hills Baptist Church
September 12-15, 2021
Sunday 10:30 am / Mon-Tues 7:00 pm
Evangelist:  Pastor Andy Comer
Worship Leader:  Tommy Wilson
5:00 pm: Meal  6:30 pm:  Revival Services
Boots & Saddle Cowboy Church
September 19-21, 2021
Evangelist/Worship:  Ray Perryman
Church Worship Wranglers Leading Praise
Selden Baptist Church
September 26-29, 2021
6 pm Nightly
Sunday: Mercy Song Revival
Monday: George Watson & Tiffany Gentry
Tuesday: The Hazels
Your Tri-Rivers Baptist Area is Gathering from World Relief - North Texas on the potential of this Area Receiving Afghan Refugees and how we as a Church can assist in this Ministry.  

From World Relief - North Texas
Thank you Richard for reaching out to us.  Thanks so much for your time today -- very grateful for all you do to serve and mobilize churches in TX and excited to be able to serve you as you lead them!
And so, wanted to send over some info for you to have on hand, as you communicate with your pastors and leaders. 

Current Situation

World Relief is the largest Christian organization serving Afghan's state-side. We've received more Afghan arrivals than any other resettlement agency -- over 9k to date -- and that number is up ticking FAST.
The Pentagon has shared plans to move 5-10k people per day (US Citizens and Afghans) from Afghanistan, and the DOD is saying that they estimate getting between 20-30,000 Afghans out of the country to US bases where they will be processed.  We currently have staff deployed to these bases -- including Ft. Bliss in El Paso -- and our 17 US Offices have been welcoming families around the clock! 
We'd love for you all to join us as we welcome! 
Here is how you can help:
Donations! I have attached a couple of lists of items that we need. The more donations for apartment setups that we can get for families, the more cash we can give them for rent and food. Donation drop offs can be coordinated through Lorrie Demers - 
Walmart Gift Cards! We will need to buy everything on the Material Needs list that is not donated for every family that is arriving. We want to be able to use gift cards to directly help each family. Again, this allows their money to last longer for rent and food.
Volunteers! Folks can go to the North Texas website and fill out the online application. We need volunteers to help our caseworkers as case aids, family friends, apartment set-ups, airport pick-ups, donation pick-ups, Good Neighbor Teams, ESL tutors and teachers, conversation partners, and more!
GIVE!  People and churches can support our efforts by donating through our website. We have recently been informed that many Afghans will be arriving under the status of "Parolee". What this means is that while they are no longer in iminent danger, they are not eligible to receive any benefits/funding from the US government. We estimate that it will cost $15k to meet the needs of a family of 4 for their first 90 days here in the US. Every gift given is truly a blessing and will provide vital services for newly arriving families. 
Pray! Pray for the Afghan families as they come that they would be surrounded by churches and volunteers that would build just and welcoming communities. Pray for World Relief North Texas and our volunteers as we provide vital services for the new families with low staff and lots of families coming each week. Pray as World Relief North Texas engages the church and volunteers in bringing people together. 
Warehouse Space! World Relief North Texas has warehouse space, but it is far from the apartment complex where most of our clients are being placed, it is not adequate for our needs as our number increase. If you have or know of space for storage, we want to know!

Thanks again, Richard! 
Grateful to be connected with you and looking forward to seeing how God might lead us to partner. 
Strategic Partnership Director - World Relief
516.425.7947 |

To Learn more about World Relief Go HERE

If your church has scheduled a Revival please email us the following information to 
Name of Church 
Dates of Revival Services
Evangelist Name 
Worship Leaders Name
We are promoting all Revival Dates on the  
Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Website
 Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Website:
Tri-Rivers Retreat Center Website: 
Disaster Relief Orientation
This is where TBM Disaster Relief training begins. All TBM Disaster Relief volunteers must complete this training as well as a background check in order to serve. This class provides the fundamentals for serving in the wake of disasters. 
Specialty Trainings: All participants must have first taken the orientation class.
Food Handling Training
A warm meal warms the soul after a disaster. You can provide that critical meal through TBM feeding teams.
Fire and Flood Recovery Training
Fires and floods can ruin everything a person owns in a few short hours. Learn how you can deliver help, hope and healing after these disasters. 
Box Unit Training
When people lose everything in a disaster, they will begin the painful process of trying to salvage their items. Through TBM box ministry, you can walk alongside them in that process. 
Shower/Laundry Training
After a disaster, a hot shower and clean laundry are an immense blessing. You can provide that through TBM shower/laundry teams. 
Rebuild Training
This course empowers you to rebuild homes after disasters.
Galveston Convention Center
Learn More HERE:  
Churches that Support Texas Baptist Convention (BGCT) the Annual Church Profile is Due
November 30, 2021
To Learn More Go to:

Your Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Office will be mailing out the ACP Booklet for those Churches that choose to mail their Report Next Week.
If you need Assistance in Completing the ACP, 
please Contact your Director of Missions Richard Ray


Annual Meeting (Flint)

November 8 - November 9
Flint Baptist Church11131 FM 2868W
Flint, TX 75762 United States
For More Information Go HERE:


For Those Churches that Support the Southern

 Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) 

The  2020-2021 Annual Church Profile is Due 

no later than February 28, 2022.

To Learn More Go Here:  

If you Need Assistance in Completing the ACP Contact your Director of Missions Richard Ray
Tri-Rivers Baptist Area is seeking a Volunteer to add a propane gas line (approximately 8 feet) to our outside laundry unit at the Tri-Rivers Retreat Center.  If interested please contact your Director of Missions Richard Ray at 432-202-1526.
To view the list of Bible Studies Available at your Area Office, go to our website or click Here 
Tri-Rivers Baptist Area is partnering with Restoration Advocates, Inc. as we continue to minister to victims of Domestic Violence. 

Restoration Advocates exists to provide the care and support necessary for women, and their dependent children, who are victims of domestic violence and other dangers that place them at risk of life or physical harm and/or deprive them of their overall safety and sense of well-being.  Our mission is for every woman in an unsafe home to have the confidence, as well as the resources, to independently support herself and her children.   
To that end, we have established a safe haven called Restoration Place, where survivors of family violence can live in safety as they restore their lives to health and happiness.  Restoration Place provides emergency housing for women and children in crisis and we also offer transitional housing for a period of up to two years if that is needed for the family to be fully independent and self-supporting.  Learn More HERE
  Newsletter, Summer 2021                                                  July 19, 2021
            Usually in the newsletter I focus on the activities at Restoration Place. Providing safe shelter for women in unsafe homes is important, but that is not all we do. 
              We work with other agencies in the area to fight against domestic abuse and to  promote healthy relationships. We give presentations to civic groups of all kinds to help the community gain knowledge about the problem of abuse, the need for help in our area, and the resources we provide.
              Last year I responded to a request on Facebook from a woman who needed furniture. I found that she had fled an abuser and had been living with her parents. She rented a place of her own but had no furnishings.  My husband and I met her at the RA storage building which contains donations we have not needed at the shelter and loaded our pickup and her car with furniture and kitchen supplies and took everything to her new home.
              When we get all from a woman in need of help, we pay for a motel for one or two nights as we listen to her story, discuss her options, and tell her about Restoration Place.  Sometimes during that time, the abuser  promises to make changes and a woman will decide to go back to her home to try to reconcile. We determine to never judge and are clear that we will support her in every way we can. This service has been valuable. As one woman put it, "This cooling off period has been a God send for me. I can't thank you guys enough for coming thru for me. It means the world when you feel like you have nobody. Thank you for all you are doing! I truly cannot express that enough."  She headed back home with the assurance that we are available if she needs us again.
              We have phone calls from women who are not ready to leave an abusive situation but want to get information and we are happy to help out in that way. Some have questions about the process and resources that are available to them.  Many have questions about their legal rights. We are careful to not advise beyond our knowledge or ability, but we can give the women basic information such as the fact that their children will not be taken from them if they leave, or that they will not lose everything if they walk out.  A few months ago, I had a call from a woman who said, "I know I need to leave my husband, but I don't know how."  We discussed her options and I helped her devise a plan. She was working but did not have control of finances.  With permission from her husband, she began to put aside cash to save "for a family vacation," which she kept in a safe place.  She applied for and was hired at a new job without her husband's knowledge. She hired a lawyer. She rented a house and and was able to take her children and, with some help moved into her new home.  
              The hardest question to hear is, "Will God forgive me if I divorce my husband?" My answer comes quickly and without reservation, "God forgives you for everything. BUT leaving your abusive husband is not something that requires forgiveness."  The understanding of these women is that God declared marriage to be permanent and commanded his people to not divorce except in cases of adultery. People sometimes quote a verse in the Bible, Malachi 2:16, "God hates divorce." But that is not the entire verse. This is what God says in that verse. "I hate divorce. I hate the person who covers himself with violence...Be careful not to be unfaithful." God is speaking very specifically to men who were unfaithful to their wives, then sent them away by divorce. His purpose in speaking about divorce was to protect women who were being abandoned without any means of support. God does not want any of his daughters to live in violence, under threat, being controlled and demeaned. Does God value marriage? Yes, absolutely. God does not value marriage more than women, more than children. God desires that every woman be valued and cherished. Restoration Advocates agrees that women are of great value and should live in freedom and safety and that is why we are here. Thank you for partnering with us in that mission.
              Since we opened Restoration Place last year, we have provided shelter for thirteen women and eleven children. Thank you for your support. Your donations have made possible everything we do.
Jeannette Maxwell
Executive Director

Donate through Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle to Restoration Advocates
or mail a check to P.O. Box 961, Stephenville TX, 76401



Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Churches

Seeking Pastors & Staff

View Church Profile and Submit Resume

 First Baptist Church of Evant, Texas, 
is seeking a

Worship Pastor
Youth Pastor

Please Submit Resumes or Questions to 
Pastor Dane Barron

 First Baptist Church of Hico, Texas, 
is seeking a

Worship Pastor

Please Submit Resumes or Questions to

 First Baptist Church in Gatesville, Texas, 
is seeking either a part-time or full-time Youth Pastor who feels a calling to minister to teenagers of all ages and is able to reach them where they are in life. Individuals interested in this position must have strong communication skills, possess the ability to build and develop strong relationships with both the students and their parents, be able to plan and implement a comprehensive and quality ministry, as well as have an ongoing personal commitment to maintain a vital and growing walk with the Lord through Bible study, prayer and meditation. 

Please send resumes to 
Attention Personnel Committee by July 1, 2021.

 Live Oak Baptist Church in Gatesville is seeking a part-time
Children's Ministry Director.

            If you believe that God is calling you to apply for this Ministry Position please contact the Church at or 
Chairperson Faye Nichols at
You can also call the church at (254) 865-5681 for a complete job description. 

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area is also posting this Ministry Position HERE

Selden Baptist Church seeks a Paid Nursery Worker to work approximately 6 hours a week.  For additional information or to apply for this position contact Pastor Darrell Wallace at 254-965-4802.

Selden Baptist Church
4209 FM 913
Stephenville, TX 76401


First Baptist Church Kempner is in need of a piano player.  
For more information contact Don Casper
(512) 932-3195  

Cross Bearer Baptist Church is in need of a piano player. For more information contact Bro. Fisher

Oakalla Baptist Church is looking for a pianist for their Sunday Services.
They are willing to pay a honorarium.
If you are interested please contact Bro. Clay Cole: or (254) 681-7397 

Church youth director with experience needed (salaried position - $800 a month) to lead children on Wednesday nights.  Will need to recruit children.  Person hired must become a member of our church, attend Sunday morning services, and be willing to teach Sunday School. 
If interested, call Community Baptist Church, Dublin, for an application 254-445-4479.
Background check required. 
For questions, e-mail Pastor Judy or call 254-979-1944

Youth Pastor Application
            The First Baptist Church of Gatesville, Texas, is looking for a Youth Pastor to disciple, to teach, and to minister to the youth of our church and community. All applicants who are interested are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume, along with references. Our church has been active in many different events, such as Discipleship Now, youth camps, and service opportunities. We are specifically looking for a devoted follower of Christ who can lead our youth with maturity and sensitivity. Bible-based teaching and a commitment to be a part of the lives of our youth are top priorities for our church.
            If you believe that God is calling you to apply to be a Youth Pastor at our church, please send your resume, cover letter, and references to
. We look forward to hearing from all interested applicants and will be able to provide more information on salary, work hours, and responsibilities. Thank you.   

Church Registration for On-Site Active Shooter Response Class 
Tri-Rivers Baptist Area will offer free Certified On-Site Active Shooter Response Class.  Bob Ray III is Texas DPS Certified in Active Shooter Response.  He is available through your Tri-Rivers Area Office to educate your church safety/security team and congregation.  There is no cost to your church.
Register your church for the Active Shooter Response Class opportunity by calling your Area Office or register on-line at our website:
 (254) 865-1299 

(Not actual picture)
Selden Baptist Church has a 1960s Hammond Organ available.  
It has a single locking base and full keyboard.  
Contact Milton at 254-386-7966 


Tri-Rivers Ministry Fund Supporting Churches
The following churches support the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Strategic Plan for 2021
(Strategic Ministries, Free Student Summer Retreats, Domestic Violence Emergency Safehouse/Hotline, Etc.)

Carlton Baptist Church
Clairette Baptist Church
Coryell Community Church
Cottonwood Baptist Church
Cross Bearers Baptist Church
Cross Community Baptist Church
Eagle Springs Baptist Church
Eastwood Baptist Church
Edna Hill Baptist Church
Fairy Baptist Church
FBC Copperas Cove
FBC Evant
FBC Hamilton
FBC Kempner
FBC Lampasas
FBC Lometa
St. John Baptist Church
Littleville Baptist Church
Live Oak Baptist Church
Morgan Mill Baptist Church
Northside Baptist Church
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
PIB Catedral de Alabanza
Primera Iglesia Bautista
Providence Baptist Church
Purmela Baptist Church
Purves Baptist Church
Robertson Ave. Baptist Church
Selden Baptist Church
Sweet Home Baptist Church
Trinity Baptist Church
True Vine Fellowship
Turnersville Baptist Church
Valley Grove Baptist Church

If your church would like to participate contact your director of missions, Richard Ray:

Tri-Rivers Retreat Fund Supporting Churches
The following churches support the Tri-Rivers Retreat Center for 2021

Clear Creek Baptist Church
Cottonwood Baptist Church
Cross Bearers Baptist Church
Eastwood Baptist Church
Fairy Baptist Church
FBC Evant
FBC Gatesville
FBC Kempner
Jonesboro Baptist Church
Northside Baptist Church
Pidcoke Baptist Church
Primera Iglesia Bautista
Providence Baptist Church
Purmela Baptist Church
School Creek Baptist Church
Trinity Baptist Church
White Hall Baptist Church

If your church would like to participate contact your director of missions, Richard Ray:

Office Hours:

Monday           9:30am-3:30pm
Tuesday          9:30am-3:30pm
Wednesday     9:30am-3:30pm
Thursday         9:30am-3:30pm


Tri-Rivers Baptist Area
502 E. Main Street, Gatesville, TX  |  254.865.1299