February 26, 2020
Dear Shaker Heights Schools Community,  

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Shaker Heights City School District draft 2020-2025 Strategic Plan .

Since October, we have been working collaboratively with Resolute Educational Solutions, LLC, to identify District-wide areas of need and to formulate the goal areas that will drive our work for the next five years and beyond. Over the past few months, Resolute has analyzed District and building-level data, conducted 45 stakeholder focus groups comprised of 240 students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents and community members, and conducted 108 classroom visits spread throughout all eight of our schools. This analysis is included in Resolute’s Initial Data Report .

As the report makes clear, we have substantial areas in which we can improve in terms of meeting the educational needs of all our students. It is important that we own where we are and unite around where we need to go. 
The draft 2020-2025 Strategic Plan details four goals that will guide our District’s work. Within each goal is a series of Strategic Objectives that, once executed, will enable us to reach these goals. The draft plan also includes measurements and metrics we can use to track our progress. Please note that we do expect to add a specific objective around preschool programming prior to Board adoption of the plan.

We have excellent, hard-working and reflective faculty and staff, and we live in a community that values and supports public education. We are therefore uniquely positioned to make changes that can positively affect the lives of our students for decades to come.

Please share any comments and observations on the Strategic Plan Comment Form . This form will be available for comments through Wednesday, March 4. The Board will consider approving the Strategic Plan, including any changes from the draft, at its March 10 meeting. 

Thank you for all of your support through this process. We look forward to continuing to work together to make our great school district even better.

Dr. David Glasner, Superintendent
Shaker Heights City School District

Ms. Heather Weingart, President
Shaker Heights Board of Education
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