Saturday, March 16, 2019
Dear Marine Families,

The mission of the Gold Star Luminary Initiative is to promote awareness of Gold Star Family Day, and urge organizations and individuals in communities throughout the United States to light luminaries at dusk on the last Sunday of each September in honor of our fallen heroes.

Tragically, in the last decade, almost 7,000 families have been forced to deal with the utterly devastating heartbreak of their children laying down their lives for their country.

Most of us have not experienced this tragedy. Most of us never will. We can't relate personally or begin to imagine what that must be like. What we can do, however, is honor and recognize these families. We can thank them for the sacrifices they and their children have made on our behalf. We can let them know that, no matter what, we support and stand behind them as a country and that, if even just for a day, their burden is our burden too.

God bless and Semper Fi
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Individuals and communities that have pledged support for the Gold Star Luminary Initiative are listed below by year. Our goal is to have more supporters each year than we had the previous year.
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There is power in social media numbers. For the evening of September 29, 2019, please change your profile image to the luminary initiative to show your support of Gold Star Family members.

Use our tool to add your first name and state to the image, then right click to "save as" and upload to your social media profile settings.
Request Literature
Visit the  Luminary Initiative Store  to order Luminary Initiative rack cards. These rack cards are printed on card stock in full color with a glossy finish. They fit well in a standard display or rack card display and do not ask for donations. They are solely for YOU to use to raise awareness of the Gold Star Luminary Initiative and get your community organizations involved.