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Berghahn Books
Catastrophes in Context
Vol. 2
Exploring the Gap Between Knowledge, Policy and Practice
Edited by Susanna M. Hoffman and Roberto E. Barrios

Although a great deal of knowledge has been acquired regarding many aspects of disasters, such as driving factors, risk construction, complexity of resettlement, and importance of peoples’ culture, very little has become protocol and procedure.  Disaster Upon Disaster  illuminates the numerous disjunctions between the suppositions, realities, agendas, and executions in the field. Read more.

Vol. 1
Edited by Gregory V. Button and Mark Schuller

" The eight book chapters offer new and innovative analysis of recent disasters that to varying degrees are all translocal, and each chapter is carried by its own 'narrative.' The book provides a fresh impetus not only for disaster scholars but also for DRR institutions and media. " • Anthropos

Gregory V. Button,   University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Anthony Oliver-Smith,   University of Florida
Mark Schuller,   Northern Illinois University

Catastrophes in Context  aims to bring critical attention to the social, political, economic, and cultural structures that create disasters, out of natural hazards or political events, and that shape the responses. Combining long-term ethnographic fieldwork typical of anthropology and increasingly adopted in similar social science disciplines such as geography and sociology with a comparative frame that enlightens global structures and policy frameworks,  Catastrophes in Context  includes monographs and edited volumes that bring critical scrutiny to the multiple dimensions of specific disasters and important policy/practice questions for the field of disaster research and management.
Life Course, Culture and Aging:
Global Transformations
Vol. 5
A Critical Appraisal
Edited by Philip B. Stafford

" Provides an excellent critical appraisal of the challenges, successes, theoretical models and their practical applicability in the building of
age-friendly communities.   • Anthropology & Aging

Vol. 6
Rethinking Aging and Caregiving in Contemporary East Asian Societies
Edited by Jeanne Shea, Katrina Moore and Hong Zhang

Marshalling mixed methods data, this volume explores the complexities of aging and caregiving in contemporary East Asia. Questioning romantic visions of a senior’s paradise, chapters examine emerging cultural meanings of and social responses to population aging, including caregiving both for and by the elderly. Read more.

Published by Berghahn Books under the auspices of the   Association for Anthropology and Gerontology (AAGE)  and the  American Anthropological Association  Interest Group on Aging
and the Life Course.

General Editor:
Jay Sokolovsky,  University of South Florida St. Petersburg

The consequences of aging will influence most areas of contemporary life around the globe, from the makeup of households and communities and systems of care to attitudes toward health, disability and life’s end. Engaging a cross-cultural framework, this series publishes monographs and collected works that examine these widespread transformations with a perspective on the entire life course and a particular focus on mid/late adulthood.
Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality:
Social and Cultural Perspectives
Vol. 45
Social, Medical and Conceptual Perspectives
Edited by Susie Kilshaw and Katie Borg

Contributors use rich ethnographic and historical material to discuss how pregnancy loss is managed and negotiated in a range of societies. The book considers meanings attached to miscarriage and how religious, cultural, medical and legal forces impact the way miscarriage is experienced and perceived. Read more.
Vol. 46
Politics, Medicine and Morality
Irene Maffi

This book explores the changes and continuity in the local discourses and practices related to the body, sexuality, reproduction and gender relationships. It also investigates how the bureaucratic apparatus of government healthcare facilities affects the complex moral world of clinicians and patients. Read more.

Soraya Tremayne Founding Director, Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group and Research Associate, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford
Marcia C. Inhorn William K. Lanman, Jr. Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs,
Yale University
Philip Kreager Director, Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group, and Research Associate, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and Institute of Human Sciences, University of Oxford

This series includes studies by specialists in the field of social, cultural, medical, and biological anthropology, medical demography, psychology, and development studies. Current debates and issues of global relevance on the changing dynamics of fertility, human reproduction and sexuality are addressed.
New and Recent Titles
Anthropological Perspectives
Edited by Birgitte Refslund Sørensen and Eyal Ben-Ari

How Notions of Professionalism and
Civility Transformed the
Ghana Armed Forces
Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum


Studies of Temporal Agency
Edited by Michael G. Flaherty, Lotte Meinert and
Anne Line Dalsgård
Featured Paperbacks
Indigenous Revival and the Conservation of Sacred Natural Sites in the Americas
Edited by Fausto Sarmiento
and Sarah Hitchner

Power, Politics, and Humanitarian Governance
Edited by Adèle Garnier,
Liliana Lyra Jubilut, and
Kristin Bergtora Sandvik
Vol. 38, Forced Migration

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