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We are saddened to hear about the cancellation of the International Institute of Social History's  European Social Science History Conference  in Leiden, but we support the decision. Since we won't be able to meet in person, we decided to bring the Berghahn Books booth to you. Browse the latest volumes in the International Studies in Social History series and other titles related to the study of Social History below.
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International Studies in Social History Series
Vol. 32
Time and the Foundations of Industrial Socialism in Romania
Alina-Sandra Cucu

Focusing on the daily operations of planning in the ethnically mixed city of Cluj from 1945 to 1955, this book argues that socialist accumulation was deeply contradictory: it not only inherited some of the classical tensions of capital accumulation, but also generated its own, which derived from the multivocal nature of the state socialist worker as a creator of value, as living labour, and as a subject of emancipatory politics. Read more.

Vol. 31
Gender and Work in France and Germany, 1900–Present
Edited by Isabelle Berrebi-Hoffmann, Olivier Giraud, Léa Renard,
and Theresa Wobbe

Categories in Context  seeks to enrich our understanding of how cognitive categories such as status, law, and rights have been produced, comprehended, appropriated, and eventually transformed by relevant actors. By focusing on specific developments in France and Germany through a transnational lens, this volume produces insights that can be applied to a wide variety of political, social, and historical contexts. Read more.

Vol. 30
Gender at the Crossroads of Home, Family, and Business
from the Early Modern Era to the Present
Edited by Raffaella Sarti, Anna Bellavitis, and Manuela Martini

 What Is Work?  offers a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding labor within the highly gendered realm of household economies. Drawing from scholarship on gender history, economic sociology, family history, civil law,
and feminist economics, these essays explore the changing and often contested boundaries between what was and is considered work in different Euro-American contexts over several centuries. Read more.

Vol. 33
A Comparative Labour History from Empires to Nation-States, 1840–1940
Edited by Leda Papastefanaki and M. Erdem Kabadayı

As was the case in many other countries, it was only in the early years of this century that Greek and Turkish labour historians began to systematically look beyond national borders to investigate their intricately interrelated histories. The studies in Working in Greece and Turkey provide an overdue exploration of labour history on both sides of the Aegean, before as well as after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Read more.
General Editor:
Marcel van der Linden International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam
Published in Association with the  International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

"The series has the laudable and useful aim of offering transnational perspectives on labour and working-class history in order to facilitate the burgeoning interest in comparing national and regional experiences and contexts as well as cross-border interactions. The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam is to be congratulated in sponsoring the production of these excellent volumes."     
· Social History

Published under the auspices of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, this series offers transnational perspectives on labor and working-class history. For a long time, labor historians have been working within national interpretive frameworks. But interest in studies contrasting different national and regional experiences and studying cross-border interactions has been increasing in recent years. This series is designed to act as a forum for these new approaches.
New and Recent Titles in Social History
Edited by Philip Dwyer
and Mark Stephen Micale

Perspectives on the Intersections of Politics, Activism and the Historical Profession
Edited by Stefan Berger

Histories of a Key Concept
in the Nordic Countries
Edited by Nils Edling

Photography and Twentieth-Century German History
Edited by Jennifer Evans,
Paul Betts, and
Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann
Vol. 21, Studies in

Siegfried Kracauer and the Crises of Weimar Culture
Harry T. Craver
Vol. 14, Spektrum:

Sustainable Urban
Mobility since 1850
Edited by Martin Emanuel, Frank Schipper, and Ruth Oldenziel

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