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Evolution of American Cities
PCI Award-Winning Parking Garage
A Fleeting Glimpse
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and the Evolution of American Cities
"Community is a political choice...  Many of the choices of our lives--like the physical form of our places, the architecture of our commerce--are really political choices as well..."  read more
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This Newsletter of Stephen M. Long Architect will feature an award-winning building on whose project team I served, a brief historical tour of American city planning, and a fleeting glimpse of our nation's capital today.
PCI Award-Winning Parking Garage
Part of a 9-year modernization of Resurrection Medical Center facilities, this parking garage expansion for their north Chicago campus features a sweeping curve with integral planters, punctuated by a vertical glass stairwell marking the transition between the curved and straight parts of the building, to create a unique design honored with a number of awards...  read more
A Fleeting Glimpse
Washington DC aerial view courtesy US Navy
Thank you for your interest and possible leads.  I am pleased to now be playing a role in the renovation of a New Orleans High School.  I am a registered professional, can provide full architectural services, and am available to discuss any building or renovation project you might be planning.
Stephen M Long 

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