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of the Mississippi River Road
Recalling a way of life of past centuries, plantation houses once lined the well-traveled Mississippi River almost like a spacious street, author Mark Twain observed.  Many remain today.
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stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  It is an established system to credit buildings and/or communities for incorporating sustainability strategies that help conserve energy, water, materials, and provide healthy environments.  Qualified Architects like myself are LEED Accredited Professionals.

With a recent move to New Orleans, there have been changes, much work and new experiences for me, some of which are presented in this Newsletter of Stephen M. Long, Architect.  A Vintage House renovation in the city's Lower Garden District for which I served as Project Architect is featured, some historic properties along the Mississippi River Road are visited, and a fleeting glimpse of a German housing project can be seen in an experimental video of the band Mint Julep.  A neo-traditional planned community and my new residence there are also presented.
New Orleans Victorian Cottage
  This Vintage 19th Century Duplex Residence has been moved from one site in New Orleans' Lower Garden Historic District to another.  An extensive renovation of the 1700sf house is planned for under $200,000, which will provide modern conveniences and technology, while maintaining traditional proportions, built-in features, and its charm.  Read More...
A Fleeting Glimpse:
Aviary Music Video

Rapidly alternating between two similar camera angles creates a stereoscopic 3D effect, put to use here by videographers A Nice Idea Every Day for the music band Mint Julep's "Aviary" music video.  Click Here to see it at  Filmed around the Markisches Viertel housing complex built on the outskirts of Berlin in former East Germany.
Sustainable Living 
at Columbia Parc
After Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans with the help of FEMA funding rebuilt several housing projects for mixed-income
residents, with designs inspired by traditional New Orleans architecture built sustainably with LEED Certification, sometimes in New Urbanist plans like Columbia Parc.  I moved here in March;  see the pictures here... 
I appreciate all the support, friendly connections, recommendations, and referrals.  If you might know of anyone seeking an architect, I hope you might please forward them these Viewpoints.  A free consultation is offered with an initial meeting.


Stephen M Long

Stephen M Long Architect AIA
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