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Newsletter from the Black Hills Raptor Center
Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are SO EXCITED! BHRC now owns a digital x-ray machine! Thanks to grants from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, a Giving Circle at BH Area Community Foundation, and a number of private donors, the BHRC has made a huge investment that will help birds fly free for the next 25 years.
The radiography equipment allows our volunteer team to take images of birds with suspected breaks or fractures. It means we can completely examine birds we surmise have been shot. And our ability to care for birds prior to sending them to another rehabber has dramatically increased. Also, we can also examine all wild foods that are donated to the Center, to make 100% sure we do not have any lead fragments in the food, which is deadly to raptors. Once our own rehabilitation permit is acquired, we will be able to check on the healing of breaks or fractures, share images with other facilities across the world, and thereby gain the knowledge of the veterinarians and staff from other centers.
A special thanks to Diagnostic Imaging of Rapid City for helping our team select the best machine for our use, providing short term storage of it until our building was far enough along in its construction, and training our group lead team.
Next steps? Train a team of specially selected volunteers to safely use the equipment. These folks will be our core rehabilitation team, and will make a one year commitment to our efforts to help more Birds Fly Free.

Maggie Engler & John Halverson
Medical team leaders learning the machine’s abilities.
Aaron from Diagnostic Imaging giving a tutorial.
The computerization is amazing!
Rats for a Rat!

Are you remembering a human rat this Valentine’s Day? Someone who didn’t treat you so well? A boss? A spouse or partner? A friend?
Karma wins…make a donation of $4, the price of a rat, to the Black Hills Raptor Center, and we will thoughtfully feed a deceased rat to one of the raptors.
You get the joy of knowing the birds at the Raptor Center are being well fed, plus that little internal smile that comes from knowing you had the last laugh when thinking of your former relationship.
The birds thank you! The rats?...not so much.
Go to and click on the Rats at the top of the home page. This year’s goal is to raise $1,012 for the bird food fund, or the equivalent of 253 rats.
Opportunity for karma ends the evening of Monday, February 14th!
Valentine's Day Cards for Owl the people you Love!
There is still time to get your Owl Valentine for the one in your life who loves Owls! The card was designed by our volunteer Audra Van Ekeren, and if you order immediately we can get it in the mail to you so you can send it for Valentine’s Day!
The inside of the card says “with owl my heart” and the word “owl” is in red ink.
We send it to you with its own envelope, and a whole lot of owl love! Price is $2.55 and includes card, envelope and tax. Order from our Web Store here.
Public Programs & Meet 'n Greets
February 11-13 Black Hills Sports Show Stop by the booth on the east end 2nd floor, next to the Cowboy Bar. We will be sharing a couple new birds throughout the weekend. Also, new fun raptor art available from Master of None Artistry in Spearfish. Every sale helps us keep the ambassadors healthy and well fed.

February 16 Peace Lutheran Preschool program

February 22 BHSU Ornithology class program

February 27 Family birthday party

March 16 Women in Science presentations in Rapid City (for 7th & 8th grade girls)

March 18-20 Williston ND Sport and Rec Show John will have both raptors and reptiles with him for both programs and booth time during the weekend.

March 25-28. Black Hills Home Show We are happy to be returning with not just raptors, but kestrel nest box kits, fun raptor art from Master of None Artistry in Spearfish, and lots of photo opportunities with the birds.

April 23 – the annual spaghetti feed returns! 4-7pm Canyon Lake United Methodist Church, 3500 Canyon Lake Dr, Rapid City

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