Viking Aircraft Engines Newsletter 09 August 27, 2018
Viking Aircraft Engines ready for the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase
Proven results with 400+ customers and growing. See some of our customers in action on our YouTube channel!
Ken Robbers flying his Viking powered Sonex that now has over 500 hours.
Dale Medendorp has over 232 hours on his Viking and going strong !
Powrachute Getting Ready for Viking Engine Number 10!
Powrachute is a world renowned powered parachute manufacturer. They primarily build two models, The Pegasus and the Airwolf. The Airwolf is available from the factory with a Viking 130 Engine. You can get more information about it HERE.

Jim Cottrell Flying Hands-Free. He is a Michigan Powrachute Dealer and has 360+ hours on his personal demo chute, sporting a Viking 110 engine.

His next machine will be a Viking 130 powered unit. Jim speaks highly of his Viking engine
" Honda/Viking, tons better. Maintenance, is simple and cheap. Parts, you don't have to go to a Rotax service center. Local parts store for filters plugs gaskets.. Its 4 stroke fuel injected, no carbs to mess with. I'm extremely happy with mine, Factory support is awesome."
-Jim Cottrell
Engine Mounting Systems
Viking 90 Engine Cradle
The Viking 90 now features an aft cradle mount in order to properly adapt the engine to fit traditional tubular engine firewall mounts. It has three mounting height locations and bolts directly to the back of the engine. It will fit directly onto a Rotax firewall mount.
Rotax Engine Cradle
The Rotax 912 engine traditionally used a bed mount layout. It also now has an optional aft mounted cradle. Viking now has a similar system.

Sample CH-701 / Viking 90 firewall mount that fits the above cradle
Viking Baggage Pod for the Zenith Super Duty
It's cool to have three seats and it's great to have a lot of fuel, but what about baggage for that long trip?

Viking has the answer. The Super Duty aircraft utilize a dropped down cowling to provide adequate engine cooling exit area.

The are behind the cowling is now utilized by the Viking baggage pod and also provide a smooth streamline look to the aircraft fuselage bottom.

We are looking forward to using the baggage pod when we fly to Zeniths Open House on September 21-22nd.

The First 10 Super Duty baggage pods / Fuselage streamlining kits now available .
The Viking Technical Corner
Honda offer great base engines for the 2018 Viking engine conversions.
Mitsubishi also offer superior modern technology for the Viking 90 engine.
Mitsubishi based Viking 90 engine
Viking 90 engine
Flying the CH-701 style aircraft every day. Closing in on the 100 hp Rotax performance numbers at half the cost. Nothing like flight testing the perfect CH-701, Sonex and other light sport aircraft engine.
If you've been thinking about a Viking Engine - Now's the time to save!
What better way to leave Zenith Open House September 21-22, than with a Viking Engine picked up at the Zenith Open House.

(That's $750.00 that you get to keep!)

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