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 Here is the first  Viking Fivestar 3 day Pulley Ridge Fishing Report 4/19/18

This past weekend was the inaugural deep drop trip for the fish catching machine we call the Viking Fivestar. To make things even more exciting Captain James had the helm with my friend Captain Jerry Rathey who has come back from a few years landlocked fulfilling some family obligations.
I don't know who was more excited on Thursday, Captains Jerry and James or our loyal customers/passengers. There was a level of anticipation at the dock that had everybody so excited to get underway. Captain James took the long voyage down to Tarpon Springs from Montauk NY and has spent the last two weeks going through the boat with a fine tooth comb so I know he was happy to get off the dock and go capture some sea monsters and some sea monkeys for the Cindy in our office.
If you have read my ramblings up to this point you obviously want me to get to the important part.....

Fishing Report: Pulley Ridge 4/19/18

To break up the long steam south they stopped at a wreck around 10pm. The stop was pretty good... it gave up two big African Pompano, a mess of Yellowtail and Mangrove snapper as well as some Bar Jacks. They continued to steam and arrived on scene in the deep at daybreak. The morning bite was excellent with Big Queen snapper, a bunch of nice Yellow Edge grouper, Tile fish and some very decent Kitty Mitchell grouper.

The afternoon was slow...picking a few here and there but in the evening things got back on track and the fisherman onboard put some meat in the boat. More Queens and Grouper pretty much on every drift until dark. Good ones too, not any giants but nice sized fish with a steady bite. A few guys fished for swordfish that night but no hookups. They did see two swords and had a couple squid baits slashed but nothing serious enough to get the hook in their mouth.

The second day out in the deep they had to deal with 3.5 knots of current. That usually is like the black plague for us but it turned out to be the exact opposite, a good steady bite all day of Yellow Edge and Snowy grouper, one Golden Tilefish.

The first trip for us with the Fivestar was very solid. Good weather, good fishing and compliments from the fisherman..... I call that a success!

Some customers have been considering to book a trip on the Fivestar , waiting for the great fishing reports and some awesome fish pictures. You can check out our photo gallery by clicking here.

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