Last days at the station.

Hello my dear friends,

Well, even though we knew the day would come, it is still
very sad to give you this news. On Monday, January 7th, we returned to work from our annual holiday break to receive a message from the land owner. Unfortunately for us, they want to begin their construction next month. This means that we need to leave our little gas station spot by January 31st.

Like I mentioned, I knew this would happen.
But as many of you know I still hoped to stay here until I could move into a new home and not have a day off. The hardest part for me will be not seeing your faces every day to be very, very, honest. I have told you in the past that this business has helped me provide for my family and my daughter's education.
We have not become economically rich through it. However, I have become emotionally millionaire thanks to it.

In my little burrito business I have met couples who have ended up marrying
and now bring their babies to eat. I have met several people facing illnesses
and while many have thankfully gotten better, others have also passed away.
I have met famous chefs, rich Bostonians, college students, middle class
families and homeless persons who have not cared if they're eating at a gas station all together. I've heard your success stories, shared your laughs,
dried your tears, and gotten hundreds of hugs. Birthdays and holidays for
the past six years have become a "thing" to witness in the parking spots; and
from hearings to volunteering you have all joined our causes alike.

My friends, because you have all truly become friends, I am so sad to know
I have to leave you. This Momma King tried very hard to hold on and make
the move into a new place as quickly and efficiently as possible,
but things happen as God wants them and for a reason.
What now then?

We will continue the process of trying to move into the Mass Eye & Ear-owned spot, at 309 Cambridge Street, that we have already submitted paperwork
for. City Hall members keep supporting us a lot and they are doing their best
as well to help us relocate as soon as possible. We feel very blessed knowing
they are still lending us their hand. If this location is meant for us, we will receive confirmation to lease and begin building the place from scratch in
the coming months. Fingers crossed we could reopen this year again.

In the meantime, you all know that my daughter and I have been pushing our salsa sales for a while through our website. With this "vacation" we will work to get the salsa into local specialty food stores. We will also maintain our catering services running, for special events or parties or office lunches. During this
time we will be able as well to address the KickStarter rewards that
were non-delivered and we assure you that we do not want to
skip any of our backers.

I have no other answers or plans and I am going with the flow now.
In 2012, trying to get into Grove Street, we learned that it is very hard
for everybody to force things. Slowly but surely, new opportunities have been coming to our door and they will continue to develop in such a way.

I know that I have asked all of you for quite a few things over
the years, but the one last thing I ask of you now is to please
be patient and don't forget us because we will be back.

By saying don't forget us it's not only about the food and the business,
but about your relationship with us. All of our online resources will continue
to work and I will look forward to hearing your own updates, seeing
your photos and keeping our chats alive. God knows I have poured my
heart and soul into Villa Mexico Cafe and you have given me open arms
and smiles. That makes me forever grateful.

As I don't like to leave things on a sad ending, I wanted to invite you to a
going away party. The last Friday we will that be at the store,
February 1st, will be our chance to see you, hug you and thank you.
All together saying goodbye to what is still the only authentic Mexican
food business inside a gas station in the City of Boston. I hope you can join us.
Please check our Facebook page for more details.

Thank you my friends for six amazing, hard, fun, loving, unique,
exciting, shocking, but most importantly happy years of my business',
my family's and my life. From Bessie, our small team and myself,
I don't say good bye but rather see you soon.

God Bless You Always,