Half a Million in a Month: Fundraising Approaches $500,000
$110,000 Donated in Last Seven Days!
Since the e-mail update one week ago, we have gained 36 new Friends of the Village and raised an additional $110,000--bringing our fundraising total to $485,000.

Your generosity, encouragement, and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you for your incredible support and for sharing our vision of a restored property, bustling with life-enriching programs, classes, lessons, and activities. We cannot wait to say, "See you at The Village Club!"

Are you already a Friend of the Village? Share the good news with your friends and neighbors. If each one of our current supporters could recruit just ONE other member, we would far surpass our $800,000 goal.
Capital Contribution to Increase to $3,000 on April 30
While we will continue to welcome new members beyond April 30, and into the future, we will be requesting a $3,000 contribution to our Capital Campaign for those joining after April 30, 2018. Until then, the initial contribution is $2,000. Plan to join? Now is the time!
The full $100,000 pledged as a matching gift ($1,000 on 100 new members since April 5) has been fully realized and is reflected in today's $485,000 in collected funds. What an incredible month! Help us finish strong-- click here for the Friend of the Village Support Form , complete it, and mail it with your check today.
$485,000 - Total Donation Amount
181 Friends of the Village (unique households)
36 New households in the last week
7 Days until April 30

Move the meter! Have a friend who is thinking of joining? Encourage them to learn more at an upcoming info meeting. Click here for the calendar.
How Can I Serve? Committees & Upcoming Opportunities

Many of you have been asking us how you get get engaged on a deeper level with the effort. We love your spirit and willingness to serve! We've created a short survey, at the below link--please click through and share your areas of interest or desire to serve through personal gifts or expertise (construction, landscaping, administrative, event planning, future lessons, work days, facilities/grounds, community outreach, finance, etc.).
Stay in the Know
Stay up-to-date by following us online! Track giving through our YouCaring online meter or follow us on Facebook . Want to attend an upcoming informational meeting, learn more about The Village Club & Preserve, and access FAQs? Check out our website at villageclubpreserve.com. To contact us with a question, please e-mail villageclubpreserve@gmail.com or call 772-448-7256.