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Northeast Village PDX  
Northeast Village PDX is a group of neighbors in Northeast Portland, Oregon, who are creating a membership organization that will help seniors in the area stay in their own homes as they age - by providing volunteers to help with rides, simple home repairs,  friendly visits, and light yard work, as well as professional services (plumbing, electrical, care giving and others) at reduced rates. This occasional newsletter will keep you up to date on the steps the Village is taking to achieve its goals.
May 2016 -- In This Issue:

Hollywood Senior Center  

Northeast Village PDX Coming Events  
Wednesday, June 8 - Last General Meeting potluck
As our Village prepares to transition from the development phase to an operating village, our calendar will include fewer meetings and more events of a social and educational nature. Our meetings on the second Wednesday of each month will end with the meeting on June 8th.

There will be other meetings called for members and others involved in the village, but no regular monthly meeting. For the potluck, bring a main dish, salad or dessert, your choice. Plates, utensils and iced tea and coffee will be provided.
On June 8th we will gather to share a meal and talk about plans for the summer months. Several outings and events have been planned for the month of June, with others to follow in July and August. We will provide more detail when we unveil the calendar of activities on June 8th.

While a few events have been planned, there will be an opportunity for you to make suggestions and to volunteer your leadership for an event. Come to the potluck to find out what's happening and how you can get on board.

Recruitment of charter members begins July 1. Volunteer recruitment has already begun and will continue throughout the summer. Recruitment of all members begins officially on August 1. Interviews of members and volunteers, orientation and training will begin in July and be ongoing. We will provide more specifics about recruitment on June 8th . 
Oregon Historical Society Event
Friday, June 17  10 am -12 pm   Oregon Historical Society Exhibit: Beyond the Gate: A tale of Portland's historic Chinatowns. 

RSVP to Host: Vonnie Condon ( ) Limited to 8 people

Village 101 Presentations  
Saturday, June 18 at Midland Library, 805 SE 122nd Ave., 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Attendees will receive our newly completed brochure and will complete our updated "Getting To Know You" form.  Tell your friends!

First Governing Council Elected
The first Governing Council was elected at the May General Meeting, which now replaces the original "Coordinating Council", as stipulated in our bylaws.
There were 9 people elected - 8 from the preceding Coordinating Council, and one new member - Ron Laster.
Those elected were:
Susan Bach
Margaret Baldwin
Jane Braunger
Vonnie Condon
Todd Coward
Anne Lindsay
Ron Laster
Neil Malling
In addition, Dick Eyke will join the Governing Council as the VillagesNW representative.

Per the NEVillagesPDX bylaws, the Council members will select those to serve in four officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Until those selections are made, the people holding those positions in the Coordination Council will continue in those positions.
All Governing Council meeting minutes will now be posted on the Village web site.

NE Village PDX Booth at Freemont Street Fair.
Volunteers Needed for Tabling Events
We staff an information booth at events like the Alberta Arts Fair and this year Taste of Parkrose to develop and grow our presence in our Village. Well, we enjoy ourselves, too, meeting people and sharing information, tasting great food and libations, listening to fun music and observing the diversity of folks, children, dogs passing by.

We need you to fill openings for 1-1/2 to 2 hours at both fairs.   Here are the dates.  Please call Marcia Tate at (503) 284-9880 or eMail to get in on the fun!
Taste of Parkrose, Saturday, June 25, 2016
Alberta Arts Fair, Saturday, August 13, 2016

Promoting our Village
With our colorful and informative brochure and poster in hand, members of our marketing/outreach committee are gearing up for lots of ways to promote Northeast Village PDX in the coming months. 

We'll be seeking window display space at neighborhood businesses and service providers, participating in summer street fairs, and offering Village 101 sessions.  If you know of a business or service provider with clientele likely to be interested in the village, please contact Jane Braunger to get a poster for display there.  Also contact Jane if you can host a Village 101 for friends and neighbors.  Her e-mail is

Northeast Village PDX Will Begin Membership Drive July 1st  
We are excited to begin our Membership Drive on July 1st. As part of our drive, a calendar of social/cultural events and programs will be available to all interested neighbors starting in July. 

Charter memberships will be ready to purchase July 1
. See a description of charter membership below.

This initial membership drive will give the Membership Enrollment Team an opportunity to see how the process works and a cadre of early enrolling Charter members can give us feedback and assistance, as well as help us get off to a good start.
Regular member enrollment will begin August 1.
Check our membership application page on our website to learn about the process, and to complete 
an online pre-enrollment form for both members and volunteers.

You may also email Vonnie Condon, our Membership Committee chair. A member of the Membership or Volunteer Enrollment Team will contact you. Membership fees are payable upon registration. See membership fee details below and on our website.
Services to full-service members will not begin until November 1.
Charter Memberships available from July through December 2016!
  • Become a Charter Member by making an additional $500 tax-deductible contribution to the Village when you purchase a membership.
  • Charter Membership is available with any membership class: Associate or Full Service; single or household.
  • Advantages of being a Charter Member include:
o N o increase in membership fee rates through 2020.
o       A Village celebration in January 2017 exclusively for Charter Members
  • With a Charter membership you join a select group of people whose generosity will help to sustain our Village in its first months.
  Membership Fees for Northeast Village PDX

Associate Members pay $275 each year for a single membership; $395 each year for a two person membership.
  • Benefits include social events and program; vendor lists and business discounts
  • two volunteer 2-hour services per year, and the chance to upgrade on a pro-rated basis to Full Service should the need arise.
Full Service Members pay $495 each year for a single membership; $740 each year for a two person membership.
  • Benefits include social, cultural, events and programs
  • Access to recommended vendors and business discounts as available
  • up to 12 volunteer service appointments monthly.
Charter Memberships will be available from July 1 through December 31, 2016, for an additional $500 donation.
The following membership chart provides additional information on membership fees:
Type of Membership
Annual Payment
Monthly Payment
Two Person Household
Each Additional Household Person      
Full Service
Two Person HH
Each Additional
$20   ($240/year)

  Membership fees are paid annually or monthly by check or credit card . A financial agreement between the Village and members outlines payment options.
Membership fees cover ongoing costs for paid staff, volunteer training, background checks, administrative costs (insurance, publicity, newsletters, rent, office expenses, phone service, computerized scheduling, website management), programs and communications with members and volunteers.

New Leaflet & Posters Now Available

First panel from our new tri-fold leaflet.  Posters are also available. 

Village Boundaries
Northeast Village PDX is a member of the Villages NW tax-exempt network.

For more information, contact:

Margaret Baldwin

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