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August, 2018
A Note From Village Manager Christine Thrower
Our budget season has begun. In July, the Village Council approved the "not to exceed" tax rate for 2019. This means we have set the ceiling for what the final agreed upon tax rate will be.

We have two budget hearings scheduled in September during which we will approve the final 2019 spending plan and tax rate.

Budget season is a great opportunity to gain insight into the priorities and future plans of the village. While government work is always conducted "in the sunshine," budget time is particularly transparent. I invite you to attend the budget hearings if you would like a window into the upcoming year in the village. They will be held on September 6th and September 13th. Both begin at 5:01 p.m. in Village Hall.

I hope to see you there.
Country Club of Florida Project Postponed
A Village Council vote on the proposed Lifestyle Center and swimming pool at the Country Club of Florida (CCF) has been tabled until October 17th.

Representatives of the CCF made a presentation to the Village Council during its July meeting. The Council also heard from its own consultant as well as from several residents.

Following the presentations and comments, members of the Council offered their own feedback to the CCF.

After hearing all the comments, the CCF asked and the council agreed to postpone a vote until October in order to give the CCF time to make design changes.
Other Village News
Are your trees...a bit too much?
What is the number one cause of power outages during a storm?

The answer is downed trees! In strong winds, a tall tree can catch the wind like a giant sail, be uprooted, and come crashing down on power lines.

That's why we want to remind you to make sure trees that are near power lines are always properly pruned.

Meanwhile, while you're at it, we also want to remind you to keep the trees along the roadways properly trimmed. Any canopy that overhangs the street needs to provide at least 14 feet of clearance above the roadway.
A neighborly reminder...
We know the top of your home may not be top of mind, but here's a friendly reminder. Please make arrangements to clean your rooftops and driveways by October. A roof generally needs to be pressure cleaned about once per year.

Can We Reach You in an Emergency?
Will you receive emails from the Village in an emergency? Does the Village know how to reach you? Please call Village Hall to make sure we have your current contact information . 561-732-0236.

On a related note, we will soon be printing the annual Residents' Book. If any information has changed since last year, please make sure to let us know.
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