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Village of Golf Messenger
May, 2018
A Note From Village Manager Christine Thrower
As you may know, owning a home on the golf course is like having two front views. The Village of Golf considers what a home looks like from the golf course to be just as important as what it looks like from the street.

The Village’s land development regulations address specific issues related to screening appliances from view, particularly generators and air conditioners, and requires all approved landscape plans to be maintained as presented. Any changes must be approved by Village staff.

Please, if you live on the golf course, take a moment and look at your home from the golf course. Several homes have air conditioners and generators that are NOT screened from view. Please have your landscapers address this issue by planting shrubs or hedges that fully conceal the appliance.

Thank you.

Power Line Undergrounding Moves To Next Phase
Village leaders have taken the next important steps towards undergrounding power lines and those steps could lead to major savings for the village.

Village Council members have given the green light to ask FPL for an engineering estimate to see exactly what the cost would be. The project would include replacing all overhead lines in residential areas of the village.

Meanwhile, the Village Manager's office is pursuing a government grant that could cover seventy-five percent of the costs.

Underground power lines are more stable and reliable than overhead lines, especially during Florida's summer storms and hurricanes.
Other Village News
Heading Out? Make Sure Your Home is Ready.
If you're leaving for the season, please make sure you have prepared your home. If you have any questions about your responsibilities, contact the Village Manager's office.

In addition, if you are having construction work done in your absence, your contractor must know the rules. All work must be wrapped up by the Fall.

Money Moves Lead To Investment Improvements
From 0% to almost 2%. That's the difference in earnings the Village reserves will now make after leaders made some investment changes. Approximately $640,000 has been moved out of a bank account and placed in an investment trust that will now provide returns of about 1.85%.
Remember - You Need A Leash
We hate to "hound" you about this, but we want to remind you that if you walk a dog, it needs to be on a leash.

If you already do, then forgive us for "barking" up the wrong tree. We hope this gentle reminder isn't too "ruff" on you.
Don't Dump Yard Waste or Construction Debris in Trash
Here's your monthly trash talk:

First, please do not dump your yard waste or construction debris in your trash. Make sure your landscapers and contractors make arrangements to haul away their debris.

Second, please remember the large recycle bin outside Village Hall is ONLY for recycled paper, metal, and glass. Please DO NOT place trash inside the bin, and DO NOT leave trash outside the bin on the ground. Thank you for your cooperation.
Check BEFORE You Dig
811 is the phone number you call before digging in the Village to avoid hitting underground utility lines.

When you make the free call to 811 a few days before you dig, you'll help prevent unintended consequences such as injury, damage, utility outages to the Village and potential fines and repair costs.
Can We Reach You in an Emergency?
Will you receive emails from the Village in an emergency? Does the Village know how to reach you? Please call Village Hall to make sure we have your current contact information . 561-732-0236.
21 Country Road, Village of Golf, Florida 33436
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