July 21, 2020
Vin Sights
Vincentian Insights from the Province
Fr. Michael Carroll, CM
Why do homeless people
have cell phones?

Seeing a homeless person with a cell phone raises eyebrows for some people. An often unspoken question also seems to be in people’s minds: Why would a homeless person even need a phone? Read the post HERE.
Fr. John Freund, CM
Our Unrecognized Pandemics

If we accept the definition of pandemic as a condition prevalent over a whole country or the world then the following are some of the other pandemics today.

Read or listen to the post HERE.
Fr. Pat Griffin, CM
A Vincentian View: Reconciliation

We began this prayer service with the admission that racism is a sin—something that springs from and harms our very souls, something that hurts both the sinner and the one sinned against. Within the Catholic Christian community, an important way of dealing with sin is called “reconciliation.” 
Read the post HERE.
Fr. Tom McKenna, CM
Facial Recognition 
(Ps 145; Matthew 11:28-30)

If you were asked what you see on God’s face as you sense The Almighty gazing at you, what would that be? Read the post HERE.
Province News | Notes
Vincentian Family Prayer Meeting
On July 12, hundreds of members of the Vincentian Family from all over the world joined together in prayer, via Facebook Live, to ask the Lord for healing in light of so much suffering.

You can relive the prayer meeting in full HERE.
Eastern Province Vincentian Statement on Racism: June 2020
"We recognize most humbly and profoundly the sin of systemic racism that exists not only in our society, but in the hearts of so many of us." Read the full statement HERE.

(Niagara University, a Vincentian institution, also offers Anti-Racism Resources, including films, podcasts, books, speeches, artistic depictions, and actions. Access them HERE ). 
Vincentian Fr. Michael Carroll, CM, Pens Op-Ed About Miraculous Medal Shrine Reopening
As our country begins the healing process and a slow return to our daily routines, the Miraculous Medal Shrine has opened its doors once again for our community to seek hope and consolation in prayer to the Blessed Mother. Read the Op-ed HERE.
Vincentian Seminarians 
On July 31 at 10:00 a.m., in The Miraculous Medal Shrine, four seminarians will pronounce their Good Purposes and three will be received into the Internal Seminary. This event will be livestreamed HERE.  
St. John’s University Alumnae Honored for Teaching in
Underserved Communities
Reflecting their dedication to students from low-income households in New York City, teachers Ashley A. Kuehn ’19C and Melissa Marcus ’16G, ’18PsyD, have been honored with Success Academy’s 2020 Excellence in Education Awards. Read more HERE.  
Niagara University President Named to Niagara Falls Social Justice Commission 
Vincentian Fr. James Maher, CM, the president of Niagara University and Mark Laurrie, superintendent of the Niagara Falls School District, will lead the education subcommittee.  Read more HERE.  
Miraculous Medal Shrine Reopening Featured
on Philadelphia Local News and in CatholicPhilly.com 
Watch the local news video HERE.

Read the mention in the Catholic Philly article HERE.  
New June 2020 Nuntia Released
Official Newsletter of the Worldwide Congregation of the Mission
Read the June 2020 English Version of Nuntia HERE.

Read the June 2020 Spanish Version of Nuntia HERE.
We spoke with Eastern Province Vincentian
Fr. Thomas McKenna, CM, who celebrated 50 years as a priest in May.

The occasion of his five-decades of priestly ministry seemed like a good time to ask him a few questions.

Read Fr. McKenna's Give Me Five answers HERE.
To watch Fr. Rooney's most popular Vincentian Minute video from the past month,
click the image above or click HERE.
That's Very Vincentian
Fun Facts

A Village in Italy Celebrates St. Vincent’s Feast Day in July
In July, according to an ancient tradition, the inhabitants of the municipality of Casagiove, located in the province of Caserta in Campania, gather to celebrate the Vecchierello, or The Old Gentleman, as St. Vincent is affectionately called. Read more HERE.
Did you know?

T he Congregation of the Mission is not
a Religious Order, but a Society of Apostolic Life
From the Vincentian Vocations website, MenOnAMission.net.

The Congregation of the Mission (popularly known as “the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers”) belongs to that group of vowed men and women in the Catholic Church called a Society of the Apostolic Life. We are technically not a Religious Order.

The canonical difference is that members of Religious Orders take “public” vows. The vows that the members of the Congregation of the Mission take are “private” vows. However, the way the Vincentians live out their vows is generally similar to many religious orders. The historical reason Vincentians take “private” vows is that St. Vincent de Paul, the founder of the Congregation of the Mission, would not have been able to establish a new religious order in 17th century France. Since this opposition existed, St. Vincent found a way to establish a Congregation that was not a Religious Order.
How About That!

"Opeka" is a new documentary about the life and work of Vincentian
Fr. Pedro Opeka, CM, a missionary in Madagascar
A special edition of NUNTIA, the official newsletter of the worldwide Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians), is dedicated to an Interview with Cam Cowan,director and author of the documentary “Opeka” Read it HERE.
Very Vincentian Poem
By Vincentian Brother Augustine Towey, CM, PhD

A Different Grace

I could do with another grace,
A different grace.
When I walk, I tread. I tend
To clomp what’s underneath into mulch.
I swagger and swerve.
All I can do at times is catch my balance,
And just as I catch my breath
At some of the words I say,
My speech totters, hesitant, breaks down.
I try to watch what I say
But I am catalectic and miss one foot,
And in a blink I have stammered some ungraciousness.
Lord, be my words and crutches.
*Brother Augustine Towey, CM, (1937 - 2012) was an Eastern Province Vincentian. He authored six volumes of poetry, 12 plays, and was founder and director emeritus of Niagara University Theater, where he taught and directed for 45 years.
He earned a PhD from New York University. 

Vincentian Quiz: St. Vincent as a Priest
From our family at vinformation.org, you can take a quiz as part of Who Wants to be a Vincentian?

This month's quiz, St. Vincent as a Priest. Test your knowledge HERE.

Try last month's a quiz on St. Vincent’s early years. Test your knowledge HERE.
Laugh with a Comic by Fr. Al Pehrsson, CM
Share Christ’s Love with the Poor

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The Vincentian Priests and Brothers of the Eastern Province join the worldwide mission of the Vincentians to serve Christ by serving the poor. In the Eastern Province, they do this through countless ministries serving those on the margins in areas often forgotten by the world. This includes pastoring the poorest of parishes, prison ministry, addiction recovery, immigrant and migrant services, and much more.

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