November 17, 2020
Vincentian Insights from the Province
Fr. Michael Carroll, CM
Has a Cell Phone Become
a Basic Need?
Having a virtual address today could equate to having a physical address in the very near future. Perhaps it’s time to have that tech conversation: The one where we admit that smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi are an absolute necessity. Read the post HERE.
Fr. John Freund, CM
Why People See Things
So Differently

In these polarized times, many people ask themselves why others see things so differently. There are thirteen lenses that affect the way we hear or the way we see. Read or listen to the post HERE.
Fr. Pat Griffin, CM
 A Vincentian View:
The Christ of Vincent de Paul

The pleasure of reading Vincentian authors on the meaning of Christ for Vincent, of looking at Vincent’s own writings and preaching, and of studying the events of his life have tendered me a blessing. Read the post HERE.
Fr. Tom McKenna, CM
Given a Break 
(Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

In his unaffected way, a man, who was helping in a homeless shelter, was voicing a truth that runs across the whole length of the Bible and all down the avenues of our faith: “I give help because I have been helped.” Read the post HERE.
Province News|Notes
Solemn Novena 2020 at the Miraculous Medal Shrine
The annual Solemn Novena began on Monday, November 16, and ends with Miraculous Medal Feast Day Mass on Wednesday, November 25.

The Solemn Novena theme this year is, Men on a Mission: Nine Young Vincentians Go to China, 1921. Discover how these young men dedicated their missionary work to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal; see some of the artifacts they brought with them; and learn how the difficulties they faced can help us through our own challenges.

The preacher for the Solemn Novena will be Fr. Timothy Lyons, CM.

Masses are livestreamed each day and are available to watch at
New 'Blessed' Has Connection to Eastern Province Vincentians and the Miraculous Medal Shrine

The founder of the Knights of Columbus, Blessed Michael J. McGivney (1852–1890), was officially beatified on Oct. 31 in St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut. Read about his Vincentian connection HERE.
Q and A with Vincentian Representative at the UN
Jim Claffey serves as the United Nations NGO Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) Representative. Many of us are not quite sure what that means, so we asked Jim to give us an introduction to the position. Read the Q and A HERE.
Keynote Speaker for Latinx Heritage Month Counsels Students on Political Action
St. John’s University continues its annual celebration of Latinx Heritage Month.

This year’s event carries the theme, “Mi Momento, Nuestra Historia: Subir de Nivel Latinx” (“My Moment, Our Story: Level Up Latinx”). Read more HERE
The Rev. James J. Maher, CM, president of Niagara University, was honored by the National Federation for Just Communities of Western New York (NFJC) at its 2020 Reimagined Virtual Citation Banquet on Oct. 20. Read about it HERE
Vincentians Raise Almost $250,000 for Beirut
The money is managed by the local Vincentian Family and helps those affected by the explosion to rebuild their lives and their houses. 

Read more about it HERE.
Daughters of Charity Celebrate 100th Year in Utah
While no public celebrations are planned due to pandemic restrictions, many in the Diocese are contemplating the contribution of the Sisters over the years.

Read more about it HERE.

This photo is dated 1963, but there is no record of the names of the Sisters.
New NUNTIA Available

NUNTIA, the official publication of the worldwide Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians), has released a new edition (October 2020).

You can read it in English HERE.

You can read it in Spanish HERE.

SUPPORT the Vincentians Today

The Vincentian Priests and Brothers of the Eastern Province serve those on the margins in areas often forgotten by the world.

This includes pastoring the poorest of parishes, prison ministry, addiction recovery, immigrant and migrant services, and much more.
We spoke with Eastern Province Vincentian
Fr. Hugo Medellín, CM, who serves as parochial vicar at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Charlotte, NC. We thought we’d ask him a few questions.

Read Fr. Medellín's Give Me Five answers HERE.
Fr. Rooney's most popular Vincentian Minute video from the past month is titled,
A Vincentian Minute - Mental Prayer on Rights and Responsibilities

To watch the short video, click the image above or click HERE.

Vincentian Mission in Movies
Vincentian Mission in Movies asked the Eastern Province Vincentians, Daughters of Charity, and lay associates, to suggest movies that they felt reflect the Vincentian charism, mission, and tradition, and to tell us why and how.

Every few weeks for the next few months, Vincentian Mission in Movies will feature a new recommendation, with a short write-up about why he or she chose the film.

Up first, a recommendation by Daughter of Charity, Sr. Jean Rhoads, DC. To read Sister's recommendation, click HERE.
That's Very Vincentian
Did You Know?
There is an Online Vincentian Encyclopedia

Functioning much like a Wiki, this treasure trove of Vincentian information is, according to the site:

"...a collaborative effort to create a Vincentian encyclopedia of articles and other information useful for those who follow Vincent, Louise and their spiritual companions: a resource for those who are part of the Vincentian family and for others seeking reliable information on people, topics, and organizations related to the Vincentian family."

Check out the Vincentian Encyclopedia HERE.
Check This Out!

Mural of St. Vincent de Paul

A striking image of Vincent de Paul is located in the area which was once part of St Lazare [The Priory of St Lazare, France, once home of Vincent de Paul and the Congregation]. It was constructed in 1988 on the end of a five story apartment building which had been built in the early 18th Century by the Vincentians, and consists of 'ribs' of black metal of varying sizes fixed at right angles to the wall. The mural is by artist Yvaral, and is situated at the edge of the Square Alban Satragne in the 10th Arrondissement, not far from the Gare du Nord.
Very Vincentian Poem
By Robert Hayden

Frederick Douglas

When it is finally ours, this freedom, this liberty, this beautiful 
and terrible thing, needful to man as air,  
usable as earth; when it belongs at last to all,  
when it is truly instinct, brain matter, diastole, systole,  
reflex action; when it is finally won; when it is more  
than the gaudy mumbo jumbo of politicians:  
this man, this Douglass, this former slave, this Negro  
beaten to his knees, exiled, visioning a world  
where none is lonely, none hunted, alien,  
this man, superb in love and logic, this man  
shall be remembered. Oh, not with statues’ rhetoric,  
not with legends and poems and wreaths of bronze alone, 
but with the lives grown out of his life, the lives  
fleshing his dream of the beautiful, needful thing.
Robert Hayden (1913-1980) was an American poet, essayist, and educator. He served as Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1976 to 1978, a role today known as US Poet Laureate. He was the first African-American writer to hold the office.
The Answer Is: What is Vincentian Jeopardy
From our family at VinFormation, test your knowledge by playing a game of Vincentian Jeopardy HERE.
Laugh with a Comic by Fr. Al Pehrsson, CM
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