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Summer has finally arrived and because of our "stay at home" mandates, many of us have not been in the sun and outdoors in a long time.  Therefore, my clients have given me ideas to get us Summer ready and help keep us healthy and safe.  At the same time, we will maintain our distance, use hand sanitizers, wash our hands often and wear face masks.  

I have an idea that I think is not only nutritious but delicious.  When I find myself with too many oranges, grapefruits or lemons, there is a perfect solution.  Squeeze the juice from the fruit, and pour the juice into different ice cube trays.  After frozen, the "fruit juice" ice cubes can then be added to your favorite ice tea, water, cocktail or summer drink.  What a great way to experience fresh fruit and stay cool at the same time.  You can also add fresh herbs to ice cube trays (with a little water) which is the perfect way to save your delicate spices for cooking. 

Because it is so hot in the desert, many of us turn to lighter wines during the Summer months and add ice cubes to our drinks.  That thought might frighten wine connoisseurs, however, if you add a bottle of the same wine in ice cube trays, your wine will be almost perfect as the wine enhanced ice cubes melt in your drink.   

Please feel free to contact me if you have any product questions and helpful Summer ideas that I can pass along to my clients. 

Sincerely, Dolores

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                                               Liter Sizes
   Liters are the perfect size to help you  
"beneficially" through the Summer!

Three of your favorite beneficial formulas are offered in liter sizes - 33.8 fl oz -- of pure enjoyment -- scented in the fragrance of your choice.  Each liter bottle arrives with a handy pump, just perfect for dispensing.         

Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion:   
This therapeutic and moisturizing lotion is rich in antioxidants to reduce the effects of the environmental stress on your skin and to help protect the skin barrier. The Lotion contains a high level of Vitamins E, D and A and natural botanicals to help build the skin's natural defenses and promote a healthy glow. Perfectly scented in the fragrance of your choice.  Click Here 
Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee:
This rich lathering scented gelee gently cleans and conditions the skin while replacing lost vitamins and minerals. Combining the healing properties of natural botanical extracts and minerals, it helps leave the skin soft and very supple.  When using your scented gelee in the    
bath, it will create a bubbling, relaxing and softening experience and in the shower, a refreshing, cleansing event will be enjoyed.  Click Here

Conditioning Body & Massage Oil:
This much loved unique water dispersible massage oil leaves your skin naturally conditioned, satiny smooth and scented in the fragrance of your choice.  The finest combination of oils and ingredients have been blended together to create the perfect formula for its ease of application, spreadability and penetration.  Click Here  


Since you have not been in the sun and outdoors in a long time,  please consider the following helpful hints:

*Stretching is a great way to begin the day.  Start with light stretching to loosen up your body.  Reaching up to the sky then doing a few knee bends will help keep you and your body young and vital.

*Begin your outdoor activities very slowly.  Perhaps walking for a few days  before you begin running or jogging and alternate with walking.  Or, walk on the Sanddune to slowly get your body used to "moving" again. 

*Use a sunscreen or sunblock before outdoor activities, even when it is cloudy, especially on your face, earlobes, neck and throat areas.  Women, wearing liquid makeup or a tinted BB Cream and lipstick help to protect from the rays of the sun. 

*Men, please remember to use sunscreen or sunblock  especially when working out doors and playing sports, such as golf, tennis or hoops.

*Wearing a hat while outdoors will not only help keep the sun off of your face but your hair from fading, especially if you color your hair. 

*Don't leave home without having a container of water with you.  Sometimes I get tired of drinking water, so I add a drop or two of lemon, orange or grapefruit juice squeezed from the actual fruit to liven up the taste.

*Remember to gently moisturize your body on a daily basis.  We have a tendency to over shower during the Summer, so your skin needs to be protected.

*Spray yourself with an anti-insect repellent before going hiking or on a walk in the forest and be aware of ticks.  However, put sun block on first, allow about 5-10 minutes for the sunblock do dry, then apply your insect repellent.  This might be the time to forgo your fragrance.  
*Don't forget your Pets during the hot Summer months.  Their feet and skin cannot handle the hot sun and asphalt, as well as fleas.  One of my long-time clients has  purchased little booties for her doggie, and he just loves them.  For more Information on easy & beneficial Dog Grooming Click Here

          The Sanddune Stepper
                 (Your Exercising Companion)

Since I live in the desert, and it can get over 110 during  the day, or when I am too busy, I use The Sanddune Stepper.  It is a low impact aerobic exercise foam block that helps my core strength, balance, coordination cardio and toning, all without leaving my home. 

I also find myself on the Sanddune Stepper several times a day when sitting at my computer has also taken its toll on my body and posture.  It is a very quick exercise pick-me-up.

For more Sanddune Stepper Information:  Click Here or call me at 760-898-9228.   

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