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Pamper the Men in Your Life 


Looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life? Remember, men love to be pampered so why not choose a beneficial and fragrant gift to express your appreciation they will enjoy all year long.  Fragrances that are male favorites, Body & Bath Care Products, Decorative Gift Boxes and The Sanddune Stepper are featured to help make your selections easy.  Celebrate with up to 20% off on these products and the entire* website.
Please contact me with special requests or if you want to place your order personally, I would love to work with you.  
On Father's Day, remember to thank those special men who are there when we need support, a hug or a vote of confidence.  Remember, not everyone has to be a Dad to be honored on Father's Day.      
Sincerely, Dolores
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Man Massage
Men love being pampered and having back massages and foot rubs.  I have the perfect pampering gifts for you this Father's Day. 

Creamy Body & Massage Butter

Body Butter 2088 Mike
This exceptionally rich and thick cream was created with vegetable butters of Mango, Shea and Cocoa and beneficial oils and botanical extracts.  Mango Butter helps restore elasticity, as well as lends protection against the sun.  His skin will look and feel perceptibly smoother, with improved texture and moisture-balance.  Leaves the skin nourished, silky smooth and lightly scented in his favorite Fragrance.
Suggested Fragrances:   African Frankincense, Atlas, Incense Musk, Leather, Sheer Vanilla & Patchouli, Steele, Sheer Vanilla & Amber, Tattoo and other intense scents that mix well with the natural aroma of the butters.
                           9.0 oz $49.50 (Cobalt Blue or Amber)  Click Here 
                         16.5 oz $79.50 (Plastic)  Click Here 

Body & Bath Care Duo   
Duo Set 2014
What a great way to present two of his favorite Bath & Body Care products. The unique back metal stand holds apothecary style bottles with handy pump dispensers.  Feel free to choose the fragrance of "his" choice in the Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee and Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion formulas.   
With the purchase of two 8.4 fl oz bottles, he will receive the metal holder as a free gift.  $79.00     Click Here   
Ayate Cloth Redone   
Ayate Exfoliating Buffing Cloth:
Why not include an Ayate Exfoliating Buffing Cloth with the Body & Bath Care Duo?  

This natural fiber cloth is woven from the leaves of the agave plant.  For an invigorating body massage, use alone or with your favorite gelee, salt, soap or smoother.  Ideal for removing dry skin cells while it helps to soften the skin with regular use.  Men have loved this cloth for over 25 years.  It is strong enough to help remove dry skin cells but gentle enough to use every day.  Size 11" x 12" -- $9.95 each. Click Here

Shea Butter Enriched Soaps

Shea Butter Soaps 3 ARC

Bring the meadows of Provence, France into his bathroom. Using all pure, natural ingredients enriched with shea butter, he can feel the difference because of the unique Quad milling process (four times) that refines the soap.  Ultra-rich, and so wonderfully scented specialty soaps that are infused with natural fragrances and herbs.   
Experience a smooth, creamy lather that keeps the skin moisturized with the richness of Shea Butter.  Individually wrapped and thoughtfully shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. These soaps are available in four fresh and comforting natural scents and are the perfect companion to the Ayate Exfoliating Buffing Cloth. NOTE:  The size of the Shea Butter Enriched Soaps have been enlarged from 7 oz to a handsome 8.8 oz size.  $8.95 Each.  Click Here

                             Sandalwood   *   Patchouli   *   Provence   *   Milk

Herbal Invigorating Foot & Muscle Rub 

Foot Balm 2 ARC

An energy boosting herbal rub for use on tired, stressed and strained muscles and feet. Excellent before or after strenuous exercise or a hard day of work.  Cool and refreshing with key and beneficial ingredients of Menthol and Camphor.  A non-greasy,  stimul ating rub with anti-
inflammatory properties derived 
from essential oils of Rosemary, Sage, Fir Needle and Eucalyptus.  This hard working formula is combined with botanical extracts of Lavender, Chamomile and Lemon Balm that work synergistically to relax overworked muscles, increase blood flow and stimulate nerve endings with energy boosting results.  Click Here foot-massage.jpg
                              4 fl oz $29.50 (Aluminum & Cobalt)  
                              7.5 fl oz $39.50 (Aluminum)
                              9.3 fl oz $49.50 (Aluminum)      
As an extra treat, before your man begins his day, he can apply a generous amount on his feet before putting on his socks or directly on bare skin.  If he is playing sports, golf or tennis, his feet will feel tingly and cool, while helping to make them feel soft and smooth.  Using the Invigorating Muscle & Foot Rub and exercising on the Sanddune Stepper is the winning combination
for good health.       
My Dad - Father's Day
Vintage photo of our Dad, Orlando 
History:  Our Dad loved the Herbal Invigorating Muscle & Foot Rub.  He owned a tavern and was always on his feet.  During the day, he would dab a little of the Lotion on his temples, neck and shoulders for that needed pick-me-up.  At night, he would rub the blend liberally over his tired, worn out feet, put on a pair of favorite socks and go to sleep.  He told me he would wake up feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready to go! 
Herbal Invigorating Muscle & Foot Rub 
Herbal Invigorating Muscle & Foot Rub

Fragrance Favorites of Men

Fragrance suggestions for the very special men in your life.  Or, choose their favorite fragrances from over
200 Vinci & Rakos Parfums.
African Frankincense: The parfum of the Gods, spicy warm and sensual with a balsamic twist of lemon.  When applying, thoughts of a fragrant, spiritual ritual will come to mind.  Dries down to a slightly warm and erotic, somewhat aphrodisiac feeling.  

Atlas:  Fresh, fougere green blend with spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamon and touches of lavender, bergamot and jasmine.  A mossy and woody dry down makes this the perfect spicy, aromatic floral blend.  A favorite of the men for over 25 years.  Drakkar type.  

Cashmere:  Cashmere is a comforting and tranquil aroma made with a blend of sensual sandalwood and sweet mandarin essential oils.  Soft citrus combines with warm woodsy notes to offer an aroma reminiscent of a true love.  Cashmere sweater?  Why not envelop your entire body in "cashmere" from head to toe.  

Citrus: An uplifting combination of fresh and cool notes with a warm herbal base.  The ideal clean and refreshing scent for the man and woman of action. 

Classic Spice:  The classic masculine scent starting off with cool and crisp notes of lemon and orange surrounded by spicy elements of cinnamon, carnation and heliotrope.  Sweet, powdery, oriental and balsamic with notes of musk, vanilla, tonka, cedarwood and amber blended together to bring thoughts of faraway lands to your mind.  For the man who would love to sail the world.  Old Spice type.    

CocoLime & Verbena:  Intense citrus notes of sweet and sour limes and juicy lemon verbena are enhanced with fresh coconut creating a clean, green and sunny experience.  The perfect must have refreshing scent for the man who loves citrus with a twist.  

Desert Rain & Patchouli:  Dark patchouli, vanilla and woods with a touch of green, highlighted with water notes makes this special blend an afternoon and evening delight.  Rich and dramatic with lots of depth, very sultry but with almost a soft whiskey dry down.  Men, take notice!  This could be your special signature scent.    
Earth:  A warm and sensual combination of white musk and earthy delights with a hint of floral accents.  It is warm and sensual but at the same time devastatingly fresh and clean smelling.  Both men and women find Earth arousingly exciting.  One musky whiff will have you coming back for more.  The scent of Earth allows everyone's personality and body chemistry to come through creating a more individual and unique fragrance experience.  Earth has been the signature scent of Vinci & Rakos * Who Makes Sense? for over 25 years.
Egyptian Musk:   The perfect blend of rich and very woodsy notes couple with soft sandalwood and touches of animal magnetism.  The combination is an erotic experience. 

Egyptian Vanilla: Gentle and sweet, slightly woody combination of Egyptian Musk and Vanilla.  Warm and provocative, the kind of scent that you will never tire of because you feel so desired.  Perfect for both men and women.     
English:  Very dry, fresh herbaceous scent with lavender and bergamot.  Spicy, woody notes of patchouli and cedar are combined with a mossy ambery dry down of tonka, oakmoss and musk notes with a touch of leather.  Cool and casual for the man who is both.  Azzaro type. 
NEW!  Haunting Amber:  If you are a lover of really deep and haunting Amber, this is the fragrance for you.  Intense and warm amber has been gently surrounded with opulent white flowers of Jasmine and just a little smooth and creamy sandalwood, which makes this blend so deep and heavy.  No sweetness in this blend, just dry warmth and sensuality.  This is a unisex fragrance that can be considered strong and seductive and not for the faint of heart.  Michael Kors Sexy Amber type.   
Incense Musk: Some say incense musk is an aphrodisiac to help increase and encourage love and deep passion.  This sweet smelling and spicy blend will not disappoint.  The combination of animal and erotic notes will help satisfy the senses with pleasure.   
Leather:   Spicy and fresh top notes with woody, leathery and mossy warm tones.  A touch of jasmine and gardenia have been added to brighten up this herbaceous blend.  Elegantly informal.  Aramis type. 
Philip's Blend:   A combination of warm and floral notes.  Earth and gardenia have been surrounded with touches of rose, tuberose, Narcissus, and the French Blend of French Vanilla, Sheer Patchouli, Sheer Rose and a little extra Earth.  Created in such a delicate way that both men and women love this scent.  Which note will be highlighted on your skin?

Sandalwood:   Displays a balsamic, rich, warm and woody aroma with touches of sweetness.  For the adventurous, wear alone or add to your favorite oriental, floral or citrus-woody-mossy Chypre scents to create more depth and warmth. 
Sheer Ginseng Gold:   In the spirit of the original Ginseng Gold scent but with a lighter blend of spices, amber and vanilla accented with touches of bright citrus and green notes.  Warm and spicy created with an uplifting twist and great for the spring and summer months and the daytime.
Sheer Vanilla & Patchouli:  A classic blend of Sheer Vanilla with a dark, almost brooding patchouli creating lots of depth and richness, definitely smoky in its approach.  A must for everyone who loves patchouli and wants just a sweet touch of vanilla.  
Sheer Vanilla & Amber:   A warm, earthy and animalistic powdery combination created by blending together Sheer Vanilla and Amber notes.  Great to be worn alone or can be used as a base for other fragrances to create depth and intensity.  
Sky:  Refreshing, cool and classic scent with exhilarating citrus notes and warm, woody vetiver undertones, a favorite of men for over 25 years.  Eternity for Men type.  
Steele:  Fresh citrus with floral and woody notes.  Dries down with powdery, spicy and oakmoss notes.  A client favorite for over 25 years.  Eau Sauvage type.

Tattoo:  Sparkling, spicy and woodsy with rich and hardy oriental notes accented with a blend of oakmoss and vetiver.  Men love its ruggedness and depth.  A favorite scent for over 25 years.  Molton Brown Soap type.
NEW!  Tobacco & Whiskey:  A very woody and spicy unisex fragrance that captures the rich qualities of warm notes that make you think of gently cut tobacco leaves with hints of oak barrel whiskey.  It's smoky and spice-filled tobacco appeal is highlighted with soft sandalwood and rough notes of patchouli while the grain-based spirit of whiskey shines through the blend.  You can pick-up the notes of cinnamon, coriander and perhaps even a little cedar and vanilla.  Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Type.
Traveler:  Traveler was created by starting with City Parfum which is an elegant and sophisticated blend of aldehydes combined with rich floral, warm amber and patchouli notes.  Chocolate Cream, extra patchouli and a touch of gardenia were then blended together with City to round out the blend.  A very unique worldly scent for the traveler in all of us.     
Vetiver: The top of the scent is heavy, woody, earthy leading to subtle, sweet and sour accents.  The undertone is definitely woody-balsamic.  Can be worn alone or blended with your favorite citrus-woody and mossy Chypre scents.   

  A fresh, lemony/citrus beginning, highlighted with notes of cedar, rosewood, fir, vanilla and amber.  This rugged but warm and seductive combination makes you think of walking in a deep, coniferous forest.  A new favorite of the men!  Versus type.   
Parfum 1/2 oz blue bag
Parfums in Traditional Bottles 
My male clients love the traditional glass bottles with screw on caps in smooth black or shiny gold.  The Parfum you choose will be presented in a reusable drawstring bag.  $59.50  Click Here 

Roll On Bag a Parfums in Roll On Bottles
My male clients also love the Roll On Parfums packaged in a smooth finish 1/3 fl oz glass bottle with a black cap. The Roll On Parfum you choose will be  presented in a reusable drawstring bag.  $55.00   
Click Here

After Shave Spray on Balm

The perfect way to end his shaving experience or when he wants to freshen up.  Soothing Allantoin and the natural humectant of Glycerin plus sea and botanical extracts help to rejuvenate the skin.  After spraying into the palms of his hands, he will rub his hands together, and gently pat onto his face,
and, if  desired, the neck and arms.  This non-alcoholic balm helps to soothe, soften and refresh irritated and shaven skin.  It is lightly scented in his favorite fragrance.  Click Here 
      4.0 fl oz $39.50 (Aluminum & Cobalt)       
      7.5 fl oz $49.50 (Aluminum) 
      8.2 fl oz $55.00 (Cobalt)
      9.3 fl oz $59.50 (Aluminum) 
    13.5 fl oz $79.50 (Cobalt)  
    16.3 fl oz $99.50 (Aluminum)

The Sanddune Stepper  
Your Exercising Companion

Beneficial Gift Idea for Your Favorite Man:
Many of my clients and I use The Sanddune Stepper which is also called "Your Exercising Companion" to help stay healthy and in good physical shape.    

The Sanddune Stepper is a low impact aerobic exercise that builds balance, strength, coordination, cardio and tones the lower extremities. Also used by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Pro Trainers, Dance Trainers and Orthopedic Specialists.   
It is a memory type foam block that bounces back with a mirror type of resistance that has no joint load so your back and legs do not feel stress when you are walking or running on it.  The Sanddune Stepper is perfect when your time is limited, the weather is challenging or when walking/running on cement or asphalt roads take a toll on your knees and legs.    
Using the Sanddune Stepper about three or four times a day for about two to three minutes each time (while combining it with your outdoor activities), is the perfect health combination.  You will notice that your posture improves, as well as your balance and flexibility.   
The whole family can benefit by using the Sanddune Stepper, just have everyone wear a pair of socks while exercising.  It comes with an anti-bacterial washable cover in the pleasant color of grey.  The cover has fast evaporation and quickly draws moisture away from the skin and blocks and absorbs UV-Rays to protect the skin.  
Beneficial Hint:
When not exercising on the Sanddune Stepper, move it under your desk and rest your feet on it while working on the computer. This easy maneuver forces you to sit up straight while helping to take the pressure off of your legs.  You will feel refreshed and relaxed.  

Gift With Purchase: With your purchase of the Sanddune Stepper, you will receive a handy, black canvas travel bag as your gift. The bag is x-large and was designed to hold the Sanddune Stepper, as well as your sports shoes, workout outfit and your personal necessities. Two sturdy cloth handles with reinforced pad, front pocket and an expansion closure highlight the bag.  The Sanddune Stepper Travel Bag has a retail gift value of $29.50.   
The Sanddune weighs 10 pounds and measures 26" H x 7"V x 22"W.  The cost is $279.00 plus shipping & handling and tax (where appropriate).  For more detailed information:  Click Here 

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the Sanddune Stepper.    
 760-898-9228 Cell or 800-545-4332.  

Gift Sets for Your Special Men

Her Pampering Gift
Pampering Gift Set
Pampering Gift Set
A relaxing set of the Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion (8.4 fl oz) or, Massage Oil and Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee (3.3 fl oz) teamed with a scoopful of Purifying & Detoxing Bath & Salt Rub, just perfect for four stimulating baths, or eight "salt glow" rubs. The unique Ayate Exfoliating Buffing Cloth will help exfoliate his skin while he relaxes to the calming effects of a scented candle. Gift Wrapped.  $95.00 
Click Here

Custom Gift Boxes
Custom Gift Boxes
A very Personalized Gift Box can be created for that special person. Just let me know your fragrance choice and your gift budget, and I will do the rest. Please note that there are many beautiful Gift Box styles to satisfy your special person. Let me know your wishes. 
   Custom Ordering:  760-898-9228 Cell

Rejuvenating Bath Crystal Set             
Rejuv Crystal Set
    Rejuvenating Bath Set 
A robust jar of Rejuvenating Bath Crystals (24 oz) is teamed with our unique Ayate Exfoliating Buffing Cloth. The crystals are a beauty treatment for the bath to help rejuvenate your skin. Feel the stress and tension leave the body, as the skin is soothed and softened. The Cloth will help create an invigorating body massage, ideal for removing dry skin cells while it helps to soften the skin. A scented candle is included to complete the set. The natural mineral content of the crystals comes through the formula, therefore, more intense fragrances work the best, such as:   Atlas, Leather, Steele and Vetiver.  Gift Wrapped.  $49.50   Click Here

Father's Day Special & Ordering

A Gift for Every Man On Your List
Spend $50.00 + Save 10%
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*If you order the Vinci & Rakos Parfum Sample Set (for $25.00, reduced from $45.00), no additional % will be included.  
Please contact me to place your order personally, I would love to hear from you and help you choose a new scent, or a gift for that special person.  Or, if you prefer, place your order on line: 

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NOTE:  Offer expires on June 17, 2018 and is not valid with any other Specials. Use the Comment Section for any comments.   Prices exclude shipping, handling or taxes.  Substitutions might be necessary due to availability of fragrances/items/packaging and colors.  You will be informed beforehand if any changes are necessary.