The Holiday Fragrance Trio  
The Holidays are the perfect time to experience new  
Fragrances or enjoy your favorites.  And, The Fragrance Trio will make the perfect Gift for that special person.  
  FREE:  An Earth or Radiance Votive will be included in your order.   


Many of my clients love The Fragrance Trio and asked me to offer it once again in time for the Holidays.  I agree, The Holidays are the perfect time to experience new Fragrances or enjoy your favorites.  And The Holiday Fragrance Trio will make the ideal Gift for that special person.   
When you choose three Fragrances from over 200+ Parfums, you will   
receive a box containing three (3) Eau de Vinci Parfum Sprays - each 1/2 fl oz size - in a Gift Box.  FREE:  An Earth or Radiance Votive Candle will be included in your order as your Gift. 
Please contact me if you need help with your choice of Fragrances, have special requests or want to place your order personally.  I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Dolores

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The Holiday Fragrance Trio 

The Eau de Vinci Parfum Spray is a rich and luxurious, long lasting formula of emollient oils and Vitamin E with a higher concentration of parfum oils. This unique, non-alcoholic blend is the perfect carrier for your favorite Vinci & Rakos Parfums.  
After your bath or shower, spray liberally then gently massage onto your skin. Because of its richness, this special formula will take a few moments to dry to the touch. Feel the smooth and protective "cushion" left on your skin and the fullness and intensity of your chosen scent. A client favorite of men and women for over 25 years.
The Holiday Fragrance Trio!  
Choose three (3) Fragrances of your choice from over 200+ Parfums.  And, you will receive each Fragrance in the Eau de Vinci Parfum Spray formula.   The 1/2 fl oz bottle is the perfect size for you to experience new Fragrances or your favorites.  The three bottles will arrive in a black gift box, cello wrapped with a gift card.  Limit of two Specials per client. $65.00 for each box.   Order Here
Holiday Idea:   You can divide up the Gift Box to give you three separate Stocking Stuffer giftsAnd, the adorable 1/2 fl oz Eau de Vinci Parfums Sprays are great for travel since the formula is non-alcoholic.       
Radiance & Earth Votives
Bonus Gift:  A warm & sensual Earth or fresh & floral Radiance Votive Candle will be included in your order.  If you order online, just indicate in the Comment Section your preference.     

Fragrance Favorites of Clients

 Choose from the following    
 Fragrances that are client  
suggestions.  Or,  
from the complete list of 
Vinci & Rakos Parfums  
Cashmere:  Cashmere is a comforting and tranquil aroma made with a blend of sensual sandalwood and sweet mandarin essential oil.  Soft citrus combines with warm woodsy notes to offer an aroma reminiscent of a true love.  Cashmere sweater?  Why not envelop your entire body in "cashmere" from head to toe!    
Champagne:  Champagne has always been considered the drink of the gods and the wine that sparkles, so why not wear such a wonderful gift to the senses?  A silky smooth and creamy texture with just the right amount of sweetness and fruity/floral flavors created the perfect sparkling blend, rich and full bodied.  See which notes bubble up and pour out of this effervescent and lively blend.  Fabulous to wear alone or over or under heavier fragrances to add brightness and life. 
Chamomild:  Named Chamomild because the scent is soft, gentle and so calming.  Sort of a grown up blend of what you would like an adult baby powder to smell like.  It has a refreshing and clean, almost apple-like feeling that reminds you of the aroma that releases when you cut into a freshly picked piece of fruit.  This fragrance has been offered in the Vinci & Rakos Body & Bath Care products for over 25 years known for its gentleness and clean feeling.  It seemed natural to make the scent available as a calming Parfum.
Classic Spice: The classic masculine scent starts off with cool and crisp notes of lemon and orange surrounded by spicy elements of cinnamon, carnation and heliotrope. Sweet, powdery, oriental and balsamic with notes of musk, vanilla, tonka, cedarwood and amber blended together to bring thoughts of faraway lands to your mind.  For the man who would love to sail the world.  Old Spice Type.    
Desert Rain & Patchouli:   Dark patchouli, vanilla and woods with a touch of green, highlighted with water notes makes this special blend an afternoon and evening delight.  Rich and dramatic with lots of depth, very sultry but with almost a soft whiskey dry down.  Men, take notice!  This could be your special signature scent.   
Earth:  A warm and sensual combination of white musk and earthly delights with a hint of floral accents.  It is warm and sensual but at the same time devastatingly fresh and clean smelling.  Both men and women find Earth arousingly exciting.  One musky whiff will have you coming back for more.  The scent of Earth allows everyone's personality and body chemistry to come through creating a more individual and unique fragrance experience.  Earth has been the signature scent of Vinci & Rakos * Who Makes Sense? for over 25 years.       
Flame:  A soft and sophisticated, romantic scent with lovely green and fruity top notes and a rich floral bouquet in the heart of the composition.  Dries down to a warm floral and woody blend, perfect from day to evening and very modern in its composition and delivery. A client favorite for over 25 years.  Giorgio's Red type.  
French Vanilla: The original vanilla scent in the Vinci & Rakos line of fragrances created with thoughts of sweet syrup.  A luscious combination of caramel and vanilla with haunting depth and richness, and very French.  Makes you think of entering a European candy shop and forgetting your diet.  Loved by men and women for over 25 years.   
Haunting Amber:   If you are a lover of really deep and haunting Amber, this is the fragrance for you.  Intense and warm amber has been gently surrounded with opulent white flowers of Jasmine and just a little smooth and creamy Sandalwood, which makes this blend so deep and heavy.  This is a unisex fragrance that can be considered strong and seductive and not for the faint of heart.  Michael Kors Sexy Amber Type.
Incense Musk:  Some say incense musk is an aphrodisiac to help increase and encourage love and deep passion.  This sweet smelling and spicy blend will not disappoint.  The combination of animal and erotic notes satisfies the senses with pleasure.    
Lavender Classic: A sweet, balsamic, herbaceous scent with floral, woody, aromatic undertones.  Brings back childhood memories of your dad's favorite blend, full of freshness and comfort.   
Leather:  Spicy and fresh top notes with woody, leathery and moss warm tones.  A touch of jasmine and gardenia have been added to brighten up his herbaceous blend.  Elegantly informal.  Aramis Type.    
Opulence:   If you want to feel like a million dollars, this might be the opulent and brilliantly designed fragrance for you.  A very fresh, floral and seductive fruity fragrance that begins with top notes of bitter orange, raspberry and neroli with a jolt of sweet orange blossoms that helps awaken the senses.  The heart of the fragrance peaks with subtle notes of jasmine and fresh gardenia.  The dry down base of the luxurious blend offers patchouli and white honey, as amber helps to engulf and pull the beautiful composition together with its warmth and sweet seductiveness.  Paco Rabanne Lady Millionaire type.  
Pink Sugar: An adult's version of a child's fantasy.  This whimsical scent is full of soft sweetness of sugar candies, cotton candy, delicious red berries, summer fruits and a touch of citrus.  Combined with warm vanilla, powdery musky notes and perhaps a touch of caramel to create a very sensual but playful scent.   
Radiance:  A fresh and floral combination of spring flowers and radiant  bouquet with a hint of powdery notes.  It sparkles with its classic femininity and romance.  Developed as a truly modern and spirited blend of flowers with thoughts of fashionable Paris swirling in your head.  A client favorite for over 25 years.  Paris Type. 
Sheer Ginseng Gold:  In the spirit of the original Ginseng Gold scent but with a lighter blend of spices, amber and vanilla accented with touches of bright citrus and green notes.  Warm and spicy created with an uplifting twist and great for the spring and summer months and the daytime.    
Sheer Jasmine: Jasmine has always been considered the king of flowers and a favorite of perfumers.  A fresh, floral, honey-like sweet scent with a fruity-herb like undertone.  Its aroma can be intense so Sheer Jasmine was created to be lighter in its delivery and elegance.      
Sheer & Warm Vanilla Sugar: A warm combination of sugar notes blended with Sheer Vanilla creating a powdery, soft and slightly sweet experience.  Can also be used as an "additive" to allow other fragrances to sparkle and lighten up.  Another basic necessity in your fragrance wardrobe.  A client favorite.    
Sheer Vanilla & Amber:  A warm, earthy and animalistic powdery combination created by blending together Sheer Vanilla and Amber notes.  Great to be worn alone or can be used as a base for other fragrances to create depth and intensity.  
Sheer Vanilla & Patchouli:  A classic blend of Sheer Vanilla with a dark, almost brooding patchouli creating lots of depth and richness, definitely smoky in its approach.  A must for everyone who loves patchouli and wants just a sweet touch of vanilla. 
Spirit:  Sporty and spirited combination of delicious fruits and lush florals highlighted with green top notes and woody base notes.  The original and perfect fruity floral blend for the truly active and vivacious person.  A client favorite for over 25 years.  Calyx type.   
Strawberries & Champagne:  The scent of fresh strawberries has been added to the silky smooth and creamy texture of Champagne.  Just the right amount of fruity sweetness with almost a hint of honey and almond to create  the perfect sparkling blend.  Fabulous to wear alone or over or under heavier, more intense fragrances to add sweetness and life.   

Tahitian Vanilla Musk:
Soft musk and sensual woody notes have been added to warm up Tahitian Vanilla.  A fragrance blend created with thoughts of white sand beaches and tropical island sunsets.  A very soft and exotic combination of Sheer Vanilla and romantic tropical notes, now with even more warmth.   
Vinci & Rakos Parfum Sample Program 
Parfum Sample Website

A great way to experience over 200+ beautiful Vinci & Rakos Parfums. Each sample is a full-bodied, undiluted Parfum with no added alcohol or extenders.  


$25.00 for seven (7) Parfums of your choice, packaged in a drawstring bag. The Parfums are presented on individual vial cards so you can record your comments and keep track of your personal preferences. Size of vial is a 1/6 dram with plug top and tiny dip wand.  Click Here




Purchase price $25.00 * Original Price $45.00
Savings $20.00 per set


The Parfums have been arranged two ways to help in the selection of a new scent: Alphabetically and By Predominate Notes & Categories. The Parfum categories and descriptions were based on years of working and listening to the comments, preferences and interpretations of my clients.



 How to Order The Holiday Fragrance Trio   




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The Holiday Fragrance Trio expires at midnight on Saturday, November 16, 2019, and is not valid with any other specials.  Prices exclude shipping, handling or taxes.  Note that substitutions might be necessary due to availability of fragrances, items, packaging and colors.   If so, you will be notified prior to your order being fulfilled.  Limit of two (2) Fragrance Specials per client.  And, if you order online, please indicate in the Comment Section, your Votive Free Gift preference - Earth or Radiance.