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Healing herbs bunches bottle of oil or tincture hessian bags with dried marigold and clover. Herbal medicine.  
Treat Yourself to Fall Specials  

Enjoy the warm and rich shades of Fall and the spirit and excitement that Halloween brings this time of the year.  The "Treat Yourself to a Fall Fragrance" Special feature s my beneficial and non-alcoholic Dry Body Oil Spray and
Sheer Spray on Lotion in two sizes, which are the perfect carriers for your favorite Vinci & Rakos Fragrance. You can choose from over 200+ Parfums or the delicious Parfums I have chosen to scentsually warm up your body and bones this time of the year.   With your purchase, you will receive a travel size Spray in the matching scent. 
Also, the "Fall Mud Treatment" Special features my Red Mountain Mud which will help leave your face, neck and shoulders with a healthy glow and smooth finish, just in time for the Holidays.  With your purchase, you will receive three (3) Parfum Vial Samples in the Fragrances of your choice.   
Please contact me if you have special requests or want to place your order personally, I would love to hear from you.  Or, if you prefer, go to my www.vinci-rakos.com website.     
Sincerely, Dolores
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Fall Fragrance Special     
Two unique and beneficial formulas to choose from that are the perfect light carriers for your favorite Vinci & Rakos Fragrance. These non-alcoholic, full bodied and moisturizing blends take the place of commercial, cologne/alcohol based formulas that are drying and lack fragrance depth. Choose the formula that fits your individual needs and time of the year.  Click Here

Dry Body Oil Spray:  The perfect after bath or shower emollient for beautifully scented skin. This scentsational oilless oil contains Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and smoothing ingredients to help make the formula softening and beneficial. A very unique, non-alcoholic spray-on formula that dries quickly but leaves a wonderful, light cushion of protection on your skin. It has moisturizing benefits and allows your favorite scent to be pronounced and true. You will give up alcohol based colognes once you have experienced this sensual blend. A client favorite for over 25 years.

Sheer Spray on Lotion:  The exact formula for those who prefer a lotion over an oil type carrier for their scent. Sprays on a light mist of creamy white lotion that goes on slightly wet and cooling. Dries quickly with a smooth and scented finish on the skin. This non-alcoholic formula contains beneficial ingredients and extracts, such as Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Aloe Vera, Algae, as well as Vitamin E and ProVitamin B5. Leaves your skin feeling fresh, conditioned and perfectly scented. Great for humid climates.  

FALL FRAGRANCE SPECIAL:  With your purchase of a Dry Body Oil Spray or Sheer Spray on Lotion in the 16.3 fl oz for $99.50, you will receive, as your gift, a 4 fl oz Travel Size Spray in the same scent.  Gift Value of $39.50.   Click Here 
FALL FRAGRANCE SPECIAL:  With your purchase of a Dry Body Oil Spray or Sheer Spray on Lotion in the 9.3 fl oz for $59.50, you will receive, as your gift, a 2.0 fl oz Travel Size Spray in the same scent.  Gift Value of $24.50.  Click Here 
If you order online, no Promotional Code is necessary.   
I will personally add your gift to the order. 

Vinci & Rakos Warm & Delicious Fragrances

These fragrance blends have been   
selected to help scentsually warm up  
your body and bones during Halloween  
and the Fall Season.  Delicious and 
yummy fragrances where Vanilla  
adds warmth and gentle sweetness, chocolate adds a roasted and comforting feeling and sugar adds a golden but syrupy brightness. A few special fragrances have also been added to stir your senses.   Click Here   
Chocolate & Vanilla Berries - Rich roasted chocolate has been combined with the scent of Warm Berries which is loaded with smooth Vanilla mixed with lots of blackberry and raspberry notes.  Semi-sweet and comforting!     
Chocolate Cherries - Warm, rich roasted chocolate has been mixed with the Cherry Almond scent to help create the romantic feeling and desire of opening up a box of chocolate cherries.  Delicious and sweet!    
Chocolate Cream - Warm, rich and roasted with brightness, it has almost a nutty flavor with a hint of mocha and cream.  When worn alone creates a feeling of creamy, soft chocolate smoothness without any of the sweetness.  Great to also add to other fragrances to warm up the blend.

Chocolate Truffles - The perfect combination of a rich, warm chocolate ganache center coated with cocoa powder notes highlighted with buttery cream and a hint of coconut to add some brightness.  Roasted almonds and assorted berries add just the right amount of sweetness.  The aroma will captivate your senses and make you think of opening up a heart box of chocolates.       
CocoBerries - A luscious mix of mouthwatering mixed berries blended together with coconut to create the most berrilicious scent, very fresh, fruity and sweet!     
CocoPear - The delicate blend of freshly sliced sun ripened pears combined with light and creamy coconut, sweet and warmly delicious, slightly fruity.   
CocoVanilla - True Coconut and Sheer Vanilla have been combined to create cache_halloween.jpg  
a memorable scent.  The perfect combination of two basic aromas without any predominates notes added.......just Coconut and Vanilla.  A basic necessity for everyone's fragrance wardrobe to wear alone or add over or under other scents.    
Cupid - Thoughts of sweetness of our childhood full of wonderful memories and delicious "kitchen" scents.  Highlighted with notes of vanilla, chocolate and caramel brightened with fresh berries and honey, very soft and gentle but so inviting on the skin.  Scented perfectly for both men and women since each will find tasty notes that will satisfy their senses.  Angel Type.        
Earth - A warm and sensual combination of white musk and earthly delights with a hint of floral accents.  It is warm and sensual but at the same time devastatingly fresh and clean smelling.  Both men and women find Earth arousingly exciting.  One musky whiff will have you coming back for more. The scent of Earth allows everyone's personality and body chemistry to come through creating a more individual and unique fragrance experience.  Earth has been the signature scent of Vinci & Rakos * Who Makes Sense? for over 25 years.              
French Vanilla - The original vanilla in the Vinci & Rakos line of fragrances created with thoughts of sweet syrup.  A luscious combination of caramel and vanilla with haunting depth and richness, and very French.  Makes you think of entering a European candy shop and forgetting your diet.  Loved by men and women for over 25 years. 

Honey & Almond - The classic combination of honey and almonds.  The    
perfect blend of sweetness and warmth, sweet almonds and golden honey.  Starts with a burst of tasty almond but settles down to the peaceful scent of soothing honey. 
Honey & Cream - A combination of Just Honey with warm creamy buttery notes reminds you of having English tea and crumpets.  Just so comforting and scrumptious. 
Mysterious - A mysterious, rich and haunting fragrance.  The perfect oriental, floral and woody, chypre concept, full of oakmoss and fresh citrus.  Coriander on the top, carnation and rose in the elegant middle and a wonderful base of woody balsamic sensuality.  Mystere type.   
Pink Sugar - An adults version of a child's fantasy.  This whimsical scent is full of the soft sweetness of sugar candies, cotton candy, delicious red berries, summer fruits and a touch of citrus.  Combined with warm vanilla, powdery musky notes and perhaps a touch of caramel to create a very sensual but playful scent.  

Roasted Almond - A creamy blend that reminds you of pure, sweet honey dripping over warm roasted almonds.  The smell is intoxicating.  If you love Toasted Coconut, you are going to love Roasted Almond.  Reminds you of the scent of fresh and warm Almond Croissant when you tear it apart, deliciously sweet and tasty.   
Royal Almond - Not as sweet as Just Almond, more of an Almond paste scent used in cooking, sweet but on the slightly bitter side with warmth.  Great for mixing with other scents without adding too much sweetness.  A client favorite for over 25 years, especially by men because of it slight bitterness.     
Sheer Vanilla - More of a basic Vanilla - not sweet, more woody - and sheer in feeling and scent without any other predominant notes added, however, the blend has lots of depth and lasting power.  Many clients want a Sheer Vanilla they could wear alone or add over or under other scents, similar to the way "Earth Parfum" clients use Earth, alone or as a base.  Sheer Vanilla is a basic necessity on everyone's fragrance list, both men and women.    
Sheer Vanilla & Amber - A warm, earthy and animalistic powdery combination created by blending together Sheer Vanilla and Amber notes.  Great to be worn alone or can be used as a base for other fragrances to create depth and intensity.    
Sheer Vanilla & Orange - The perfect citrus blend with thoughts of thanksgiving_decoration.jpg slightly bitter orange peels and the juice of fresh oranges enhanced with Sheer Vanilla.  A great wake-me-up scent and a must have for all the men. 
Sheer Vanilla & Patchouli - A classic blend of Sheer Vanilla with a dark, almost brooding patchouli creating lots of depth and richness, definitely smoky in its approach.  A must for everyone who loves patchouli and wants just a sweet touch of vanilla.     
Sheer Vanilla Cream - A combination of Sheer Vanilla and warm creamy notes which reminds you of the comforting scent of the frothy whipped cream on top of a hot cup of Vanilla Latte.  A delicious way to start your day! 
Sheer Vanilla Maple - A harvest blend of Sheer Vanilla and warm maple syrup type notes with almost a refreshing orange twist, uplifting and fun-filled.  The male clients just love this combination!   
Toasted Coconut - A very unique, creamy blend without too much of a coconut feeling, warm and slightly toasted.  To quote my client, Tanya, "I cannot be more pleased.  It's coconut, but not really.  The most unique coconut I have tried.  I have to have more!!!"  In time, it will remind you of the delicious toasted scent on the top of a Creme Brulee.  A must have scent for your fragrance wardrobe. 

Warm Vanilla Berries - Warm Berries is loaded with vanilla mixed with blackberry and raspberry notes, deliciously sweet and comforting.  It will remind you of your grandmother's kitchen while she is baking your favorite berry pie.  Bath & Body Works type.

Fall Mud Treatment Special

Mud 2 jars ARC
This naturally moisturizing and soothing mud is ideal for normal to dry skin types, and will leave your face and body with a healthy glow and smooth finish. Mined from the French Alps, the re-mineralizing properties include iron oxide, which gives it its natural color. Red mountain mud provides a high content of other minerals that aid in keeping skin healthy, radiant and full of life.  Kaolin Clay possesses the ability to pull out toxins and help cleanse your skin, while the essential oil of Sage helps to reveal a healthy glow and even complexion while imparting its therapeutic scent.  A handy mud treatment scoop is included.
Suggestion:  The Red Mud is the ideal treatment when used on your face, neck and shoulder area creating the perfect pick me up for radiant skin.  Close your eyes, put a slice of cool cucumbers (or raw potatoes wrapped in a clean cloth) or wet cotton pads on your eyes to help reduce puffiness.  Take a 15 minute relaxing nap while the Treatment is doing its beneficial work. 

FALL MUD TREATMENT SPECIAL:  With your purchase of a Red Mountain Mud Treatment in the 12.0 size for $49.50, you will receive, as your gift, three (3) Parfum Vials in the Fragrances of your choice.  Gift Value of $19.50  Click Here    
 If you order online, no Promotional Code is necessray.  Just indicate in the Comment Section,  
your three Parfum choices.  I will personally add your gifts to the order.   

Vinci & Rakos Parfum Sample Program 
Parfum Sample Website

A great way to experience over 200 beautiful Vinci & Rakos Parfums.  Each sample is a full-bodied, Parfum with no added alcohol. $25.00 for seven (7) Parfums of your choice, packaged in a drawstring organza bag. The Parfums are presented on individual vial cards so you can record your comments and keep track of your personal preferences. Size of the vial is a 1/6 dram with plug top and tiny dip wand.  Click Here





Purchase price $25.00  *  Original Price $45.00 
                               Savings $20.00 per set
The Parfums have been arranged two ways to help in the selection of a new scent: Alphabetically and By Predominate Notes & Categories. The Parfum categories and descriptions were based on years of working and listening to the comments, preferences and interpretations of the clients. The sense of smell is very subjective, so no one will ever describe an aroma the same way, agree which category would apply or which notes are in a blend. The descriptions were written with these ideas and thoughts in mind, so many of the Parfums are listed in more than one category, and reflect the views of the clients. If pertinent, a reference to a fragrance type on the market is indicated. 



 How to Place Your Order



Y ou can place your order online, or, if you prefer, call, email or fax me.  I would love to hear from you and help you choose a new scent, beneficial formula or a gift for that special person. 

If you order online, no Promotional Code is necessary. I will personally add your gift to the order.

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"Treat Yourself to a Fall Fragrance" and "Fall Mud Treatment" Specials expire on October 31, 2018 and are not valid with any other specials.  Prices exclude shipping, handling or taxes.  Note, substitutions might be necessary due to availability of fragrances/items/packaging and colors.  You will be informed beforehand if any changes are necessary.