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I took this photograph from the front door of my home in the California desert, and it got me thinking.  You probably haven't taking good care of your skin during the hot and sunny Summer months. So, why not start the Autumn Season off by using my beneficial Red Mountain Mud Treatment?  It will help leave your face, neck and shoulders with a healthy glow, while it helps to pull out toxins and cleanse your skin leaving it soft with a smooth finish.

Since Summer activities have also taken a toll on your body, start by exfoliating your skin with one of my Body Smoothers on a weekly basis .  Then, get in the habit of moisturizing on a daily basis after you shower or bathe.  You will love my Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion formula in the scent of your choice.   
And, to keep your body in tip-top-shape, consider investing in The Sanddune Stepper, Your Exercise Companion.   I use it daily and am so happy with the results - my balance is so much better, as well as my stamina and strength.   
Please feel free to contact me if you have any helpful hints or ideas, and I will include them in my Newsletters.

Sincerely, Dolores

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Red Mountain Mud Treatment

Red Mountain Mud ARC

This naturally moisturizing and soothing mud is ideal for normal to dry skin types, and will leave your face and body with a healthy glow and smooth finish. Mined from the French Alps, the re-mineralizing properties include iron oxide, which gives it its natural color. Red mountain mud provides a high content of other minerals that aid in keeping skin healthy, radiant and full of life. Kaolin Clay possesses the ability to pull out toxins and help cleanse your skin, while the essential oil of Sage helps to reveal a healthy glow and even complexion. 
The ideal treatment for both men and women when used on your face, neck and shoulder areas creating the perfect pick-me-up for radiant skin. 

Idea:   Close your eyes and put a slice of cool cucumbers on your eyes to help reduce puffiness.  Take a 15 minute relaxing nap while the Treatment Mud is doing its beneficial work.  

   Body & Massage Lotion   
This therapeutic and moisturizing lotion is rich in antioxidants to reduce the effects of environmental stress on your skin and to help protect the skin barrier. The Lotion contains a high level of Vitamins E, D and A to help build the skin's natural defenses and promote a healthy glow. Natural botanical extracts of chamomile, lavender and lemon balm contain properties to help clarify, heal and protect the skin. Essential fatty acids from cold pressed oils help penetrate deep into the skin for increased moisturization. The lotion is designed to use from head to toe, excellent when used immediately following bathing or showering to lock in moisture.
To finalize your treatment, apply generous amounts to the body and massage until absorbed. After applying this lotion on a regular basis, your skin will feel incredibly soft and smooth. A client favorite for 25 years and is freshly scented in the fragrance of your choice. 
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Who Makes Sense Table

The Who Makes Sense? Online Store features unique and one-of-a-kind items, such as paintings, prints, crystal, ceramics, jewelry, collectibles and books. If known, the history or story of the item will be included.  The one-of-a-kind items will change on a regular basis, as they are sold, then replaced with new finds so have fun browsing on a regular basis. Women's and men's fragrances that have been discontinued by cosmetic and fragrance houses are also featured, which has become my most popular section. With your order, you will receive a gift from Vinci & Rakos.   Click Here  
There are twelve (12) exciting categories in the
Who Makes Sense? Store: 

  *Candles, Candle Holders
*Greeting Cards, Books, Magazines, Journals 
*China, Porcelain, Ceramics, Stone 
*Collectibles, Decorative Boxes, Surprises
*Crystal, Glass, Mirrors 
*TV & Movie Memorabilia, Dolls,Toys, Games
*Vintage Clothing & Cosmetics
*Paintings, Prints, Frames 
*Vintage Fragrances, Discontinued Fragrances  
*Health Care      
NOTE:  We will be adding many new Vintage Items during the next few months, especially in the areas of Fragrance, China, TV/Movie Memorabilia and Clothing/Purses.   

Autumn is the perfect time to experience new scents, fabrics and even comfort food that will make you think of deep, rich and earthy shades of warm orange, yellow, red, green and even deep magenta, the colors of the foliage around you.  

Autumn inspired Fragrances that are full of warmth, spices, woods, amber and exotic flowers that release sensuality and smoldering intensity, will help you make the transition from the end of Summer to the beginning of Fall. 

Spicy and earthy notes of cinnamon, clove, coriander, amber, musk and pepper will enhance a scent with warmth, depth and richness.  Both men and women love these  suggestive and sensual scents.

Candles in any of the above notes is an inexpensive way for you to feel warm and cozy in your home.  The warm & sensual scent of my Earth Candles is loved by all of my clients for its comfy and calming feel. And, candles make great Holiday gifts. 

Change your throw pillows in your living room and bedroom that highlight the colors of Autumn.  This is a very easy and inexpensive way to dress up and change your home for the Season.

Cooking with clove, cinnamon or vanilla, will make everyone who enters your home feel so happy and welcomed.  How about adding some spice to your favorite pasta dish to liven up your taste buds?

Starbucks Pumpkin
Spice Latte is back on their menu and McDonald's serves breakfast all day long which is comfort food for the masses.  These are sure signs that Fall has arrived. 
A pair of black jeans can be paired with a textured jacket over a silk blouse.  I know that you have a favorite jacket way in the back of your closet.  Dress it up with lots of bold jewelry, such as chains or pendants to make a statement for the Fall. 

Like most men and women, I love leather jackets and found a vintage style in a Thrift Shop for only  $20.00.  When the temperature gets really cold, most Thrift Shops will be selling heavy jackets so that is the time to look for that special "leather find".  In the desert, when it is 100+ degrees, I go shopping for leather items when everyone else is looking for shorts and tank tops.  Note: Look for clothes that are opposite the weather and temperature you are currently in.

Regarding your hair style, A side part is the way to go if you want to quickly update your hair and create a softer, more current look.  And, the cost is minimal, since you can do it yourself.

A wrap dress looks flattering and very up-to-date on everyone, and it is timeless.  Find one with a more textured look for the Fall.

Boots, boots, boots - men and women can never go wrong with a pair of boots - short, calf high or even rain boots.    Wear the boots with your jeans, long skirt, short skirt, dress pants, since boots are always in style. Note:  your boots do not have to match the color of your bag or briefcase. 

Most of us need a color touch-up on a regular basis, men & women.   I use Clairol's Root Control. It restores roots' color in 10 - 12 minutes & matches leading shades, even salon color.  

Mascara & Eye Liners - every magazine is featuring smoky eyes with lots of mascara - and very dark and bold eye liner.  Focusing on your eyes will help to brighten the whites of your eyes and create a more glamorous look, especially at night.
Hats for both men and women are definitely in style so wearing a hat while outdoors will not only help keep the harsh elements off of your face your hair from fading, especially if you color your hair. 

Men, now is the time to have your Summer beard or mustache trimmed professionally
so you are ready for Holiday parties and a more refined work
NOTE:  Don't leave home without having a container of water with you.  I add a drop or two of lemon, orange or grapefruit juice squeezed from the actual fruit to liven up the water.   







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        The Sanddune      
Your Exercising
The Sanddune Stepper is a low impact aerobic exercise foam block that helps your core strength, balance, coordination, cardio and toning, all without leaving your home.   
I find myself on the Sanddune Stepper several times a day, especially after sitting at my computer all day, which has taken a toll on my body and posture.  The Sanddune Stepper is a quick exercise pick-me up during the day, in addition to being the start of my morning routine.  With your purchase, you receive a sturdy, extra-large tote to carry the Sanddune Stepper.  

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