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Issue #140 December 8, 2023

Board News

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Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held Monday, January 29, 2023 at 9am at the Estero Country Club and via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you the Friday before by Pegasus. The next VCA newsletter will be sent on February 2, 2024. If you have changes to your newsletter e-mail address or know a resident that isn't receiving the newsletter, please contact Pegasus or me at [email protected].

The Vines Community Association Board Members wish all residents a joyful holiday season and healthy New Year!

A Friendly Reminder

As our neighbors return from their northern homes, it is a good time for all of us to review our Community documents. Whether you live on Vintage Trace or in one of The Vines communities there are rules and regulations which must be followed to provide quality of community lifestyle and safety.

VCA Rules and Regulations

Financial Statements

The reserve study of VCA assets is being performed by Association Reserves. The on-sight review is complete and follow-up questions are being asked and answered.

The VCA budget was presented and discussed at length. The Board approved the budget as presented. Beginning January 1, quarterly payments will go from $700 to $900. Please click on the Pegasus Web Portal for more detailed information.

The VCA portal on the Pegasus site allows residents to view the above mentioned information as well as much more. Login with your email address and password. If you do not have a password, Pegasus can provide you with one.

Pegasus Web Portal

Architectural Review Committee

The ARC will be e-mailing homeowners on Vintage Trace Circle a survey requesting their comments on updating the color guidelines. The ARC is proposing an expanded palette by adding a broader more inclusive color variety to the existing options. These options will include house body color, trim and door combinations. Your input will be included in the revised guidelines presented to the VCA Board for their approval at the January 29, 2024 meeting

Please note, "Any and all modifications, alterations or renovations to the exterior of a home on Vintage Trace Circle requires the submission of an ARC Form and prior written approval by the ARC". VCA Rules and Regulations (Section 14).

It is the responsibility of each Vintage Trace Circle homeowner to submit an ARC form to the ARC Chairperson, Rick Knox, at [email protected]. Rick has committed to a timely review of all submissions in the ARC application process.

Non-Resident Barcode Renewal

All non-residents have been contacted regarding the need to update vehicle barcodes which expire on January 1. Barcodes are issued between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Please refer to VCA Rules and Regulations (Section 2v,1-7).

Lake Bank Restoration and Irrigation

Lake bank restoration being performed by Cross Creek Environmental will continue with Grand Palm, Southwind and the 7th hole of the golf course scheduled next.

We have been notified by Lee County that our ability to receive water has been greatly reduced. This reduction is due to a renovation of the Three Oaks Water treatment plant which will be ongoing for the next year.

Please be aware that we are in drought conditions and water conservation guidelines should be followed.

FPL Pole Replacement

Work is continuing, FPL plans on completing the project by the end of December. See picture included under Perimeter Barrier Replacement.

Traffic on Vintage Trace Circle and in the neighborhoods

Please review the parking regulations for Vintage Trace Circle and for your community. (VCA Rules and Regulations Section 12 (D8.7) Caution is urged to protect vehicles, pedestrians and bikers. There are ongoing home renovations, roofing projects, etc. All of those trucks and equipment along with the usual commercial traffic make travel to and from U.S.41 hazardous. Please slow down to 23 MPH and give plenty of room to all using our roads. Pedestrians and bikers, please move to single file to allow cars, carts and commerical vehicles to pass safely.


This season, we had some unexpected landscape issues. In order to save the hedges bordering Vintage Trace Circle we had to do a severe trim. The hedges are growing back nicely. The oaks along Vintage Trace/Belle Lago received a long overdue trimming because of concerns from Belle Lago about the overgrowth onto their properties. These were large ticket items that were not on this year's VCA schedule or in the budget.

Perimeter Barrier Replacement

Two companies have been asked for their proposals regarding perimeter walls. Both companies have been asked to present their proposal to the Board at the January 29, 2024 meeting. Please, if you have questions or concerns regarding the perimeter barrier, please contact Linda Chain, e-mail only, at [email protected] by January 20. Linda would like to have both companies prepared to respond to your concerns prior to the meeting.

In the coming weeks, we will be replacing some of the missing hedges on the San Carlos (west side) and replacing dead and missing shrubs on the Belle Lago (south side). The FPL reimbursement funds previously negotiated will help allay some of these costs.

The chain link fence is being repaired on the Belle Lago/San Carlos/Osprey Cove borders.

We will apply for Ian relief money for the fence repairs.

The double gate at the lift station on the Vintage Trace/Grand Palm corner will be replaced soon. Also pictured is the FPL pole replacement by the lift station.

The green fence going toward the ECC maintenance building has been repaired.



A Celebration of Life for Ron Demaray, Vines Community Supervisor, will be held on January 13, 2024 from 11-1 at the Coral Ridge Funeral Home and Cemetary in Cape Coral.

Lights along Vintage Trace are being repaired and replaced when necessary. Please contact Pegasus with any lighting issues.

Recent activity on the property has made us all more vigilant. No one wants to confront someone unnessesarily. PLEASE make sure your guests are aware of the VCA Rules and Regulations.

Also, all VCA residents and their guests should abide by Estero Country Club Rules and Regulations which prohibit walking, biking, pets, skateboarding, scooters and fishing on the golf course/cart paths.

If you see a security issue that requires police attention, DO NOT CALL THE FRONT GATE, call 911 or the Lee County Sheriff at 239-477-1200 or 1000. Security personnel cannot report to the police something they did not see themselves.

See VCA Rules and Regulations, Section 7-C regarding requirements for vendors.

Rails to Trails

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Community Relations

Mike Johnson, VCA Community Representative, has had a meet and greet with Tyson Eye and Aldis and will work with the Estero Village to make contact with a representative from the car wash and Walmart.

An updated Emergency Preparedness Plan will be forthcoming.

Trash Collection

PLEASE make sure your recycle and trash recepticals are separated by at lease two feet on each side. The recycle bins are emptied mechanically and the arms require space, otherwise the driver needs to get out of the vehicle and relocate recepticals so the mechanical arms can do their job.

HOLIDAY TRASH COLLECTION -Because Christmas and New Year's fall on Mondays, trash will be picked up on Wednesday, December 27 and Wednesday, January 3.

This is our idea of "snowy" at The Vines. Many thanks to Linda Bowen for this picture of a snowy egret on premise..

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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Engage Estero Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteers needed for "Adopt A Highway" project. 1/2 day in a.m. on December 16, January 13, February 10, March 9, or April 6. If you are interested in helping on any of those Saturdays please contact Vines resident David Rees on [email protected] or 217-242-5249.

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