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Issue #135 June 22, 2023

Board News

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Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held Monday, June 26 at 1pm at Estero Country Club and via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you the Friday before by Pegasus.

Financial Statements, Board Meeting Minutes, Important Documents & More

The VCA portal on the Pegasus site allows residents to view the above mentioned information as well as much more. Login with your email address and password. If you do not have a password, Pegasus can provide you with one.

Pegasus Web Portal

VCA Board Resolution adopted 6/5/23

Approved Resolution: Establish maintenance responsibilities to strap 21-46-25-E2-0400A.00CE

The Vines Community Association will maintain status quo by assuming responsibility for any and all maintenance repairs to the above mentioned strap excluding Fairway Bend Drive off Acacia Drive. Repairs include but are not limited to the streets, signage, lighting, and bridge.

Gate House Personnel

Ron is focusing on his cancer treatments and is currently not scheduled to return to his job. He has been keeping us safe at the Vines gatehouse for nearly 20 years.

To date $13,850 has been donated toward a $20,000 goal.Please show your support and appreciation for his service by donating via the link below.

GoFundMe for Ron

Landscape Update

Walmart has finally repaired the fence along Nuthatch Lane!

Trimming of the hedge on the Northside and Westside has begun. In July the oaks along Vintage Trace will be trimmed.

Perimeter Barrier Restoration

Eagle Fence has submitted a permit request to the Village to repair/replace the damaged sections of the chainlink fence. Repairs to the Northside and Westside cannot begin until FPL completes the pole replacement.

Rails to Trails

As you may be aware, there is a proposal to build a Rails to Trails path through our gated community. A public trail is a wonderful idea that we and many other residents in Bonita and Estero support, but not through the Vines. 

There are alternative routes not being considered by local government and residents. We must stand together and show support for the alternative ways; however, support is needed well beyond our community. We need to reach these communities, explain the negative impact to the Vines, and ask them to support the alternative trail around our community.

Public opinion weighs heavily on our local government officials, and the loudest support is coming from other communities that are NOT impacted the same as the Vines. Those communities are mostly unaware of the exact trail path. We need to change that by meeting with the leaders in other communities to explain our story. The effort required to stop this trail from bisecting our community is huge, and we cannot do it without you.

Here is how you can help!

If you know someone in another community that can get us access to their HOA Board please fill out the form below with a list of names and contact information and email it to as soon as possible so we can start working on obtaining the meetings. Please let us know if you would be willing to attend a meeting with us.

Outside Community Contact Form

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