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Issue #134, May 24, 2023

Board News

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Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held Monday, June 5 at 1pm at Estero Country Club and via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you the Friday before by Pegasus.

Topics for discussion will include:

Welcome to new Board member Rick Knox

Update on the lake bank restoration and aerator installation

Update by Rail to Trail task force

Update on landscape restoration and perimeter repairs

Financial Statements, Board Meeting Minutes, Important Documents & More

The VCA portal on the Pegasus site allows residents to view the above mentioned information as well as much more. Login with your email address and password. If you do not have a password, Pegasus can provide you with one.

Pegasus Web Portal

Meet Your Newest Board Member

Rick Knox will join the Board and chair the ARC committee replacing Marcy Neil. Rick and his wife, Frieda, live on Vintage Trace near the 5th hole tee box. You may not know Rick but if you are a golfer you have surely met his dog Elsa! Rick is a CPA and is still actively involved in his CPA firm in Louisville, Kentucky.

Thank You Marcy

All our board members spend many hours working on your behalf. When you see Marcy Neil at the club or in the neighborhood please thank her for her service on the VCA Board!

Gate House Personnel

Dawn Foye has been promoted to supervisor replacing Ron. Dawn has worked at the Vines Gatehouse for 10 years. Please offer her you congratulations and support.

Ron is focusing on his cancer treatments and is currently not expected to return to his job. He has been serving at the Vines gatehouse since 2005. Please show your support and appreciation for his service by donating via the link below.

GoFundMe for Ron

Landscape Update

Landscape projects this month included:

Installation of new flowers at guard house 

Repair of the sinkhole on Vintage Trace Circle. 

Scheduled projects for June:

Oak trees on Vintage Trace that are encroaching into Belle Lago will be trimmed.

The Westside and Northside hedge will be trimmed.

Perimeter Barrier Restoration

Plans to repair and replace the perimeter damage are proceeding. Eagle Fence will repair or replace the damaged sections of the chainlink fencing along the Belle Lago side and repair the gate on the San Carlos side. Repairs to the fence along the Westside and Northside cannot begin until FPL has completed its pole replacements.

The Landscape Committee met with Heatherwood Construction to assess the viability of a wall on the Westside and Northside. Upon a review of the project requirements by their engineering staff, Heatherwood will prepare a rough estimate of the total project cost. The committee will present this estimate along with the other options and their costs along with the committee's recommendation to the residents and the Board for review and discussion.

This is a large and complex project regardless of the option selected. In addition to engineering and permitting, it includes irrigation repairs, removal of the damaged wall and the existing hedge as well as some trees, grading and the construction of wall or planting of a new hedge. The wall type being considered is precast concrete with an embossed design and impregnated color similar to what you might see along the highway. These walls can be cast to look like a stone wall or a wood fence.

The hedge repair and replacement option is very expensive as well and also comes with costly long term maintenance cost for trimming, fertilizing ,spraying, and irrigation.

It is the committee's plan to get resident input by send residents a survey that will include the options and their costs. While this will not be a resident vote, community input will be an important part of the Board's decision. When you receive the survey please respond quickly so that your preference will be considered.

Aerators and Lake Bank Restoration

The lake aeration project is complete with the nstallation of 44 aerators and their electrical connections . The aerators circulate water from the bottom to the surface increasing dissolved oxygen levels in the lake. This will help clean the water, improve the fish habitat and retard algae growth. Over time they will also decrease the amount of chemicals required to maintain water clarity and chemistry.

Restoration of the lake bank at Fairway Bend will be completed by June 9 and will result in improved appearance of the lake bank. The photos below show the first three steps of the project; reshaping the bank contour, installation of the membrane, and grading of the new contour after soil has been pumped into the membrane. The final steps are the addition of sod and planting of littorals.

The littorals along Lost Creek's lake bank have been replaced and appear to be less tasty to our fish inhabitants! As these plants spread they will hold soil in place preventing erosion and camouflaging the exposed bank during times of low water.

Rails to Trails

Your Rails to Trails Committee is hard at work opposing the trail coming through our secure, gated community. However, there is a great deal of public support for the rail trail even if it bisects our community.

The Trust for Public Lands (TPL) is still in negotiations with the owners of Seminole

Gulf Rail. As of last week, Don Scott informed us that they are still talking but have not made any agreement.

The Committee has solicited our local Council to visit and tour our community to see the impacts upon the Vines and Estero Country Club. Most recently, we have toured with Councilwoman Fayhee and have scheduled tours for Councilmen Ward and Fiesel during June. We hope to garner their support for our efforts opposing the trail coming through our community.

The Committee is also working with Sarah Lenio, the Club’s Communications and Membership Manager, to embark on a social media presence for our trail opposition. Stay tuned for our Facebook page launch and please become a “follower” of our page. Here is our logo to look for in Facebook.

The Neighbors

Please, please send photos! Wildlife, flowers, scenery. All make interesting additions to the newsletter. Please send your photos to [email protected]

Estero News

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