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Issue #126 September 21, 2022

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Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held Monday, September 26th at 1:00p.m. via Zoom. The Zoom link will emailed to you the Friday before by Pegasus.

The Vines CA News

Rail to Trail Update

The VCA and Estero Country Club have created a joint VCA/ECC Rail to Trail Committee to represent our interests and provide consistent and aggressive opposition to the proposed route through our community and golf course.

The Committee consists of:

Tom Rubbelke, chairperson and VCA Board Member

Robbie Robinson, VCA Board President

Deborah Moulton, VCA Board Member

Beth Wardlaw, ECC Board Member

Art Camiolo, ECC Board Member

Bruce Ackerman, ECC Board Member

Bryan Roe, ECC General Manager

The committee held its first meeting on 9/21. Jon McLain, Estero Vice Mayor and Estero representative on the Lee/Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization, attended to provide insight into the project status and the Village's longterm plans. McClain is an ECC member and is opposed to the route through our community.

This project is in the very preliminary stages with the Metropolitan Planning Organization proposing 3 alternate routes and a group called Planet Connected proposing a light rail system. It appears that neither project has approval or funding and both are years, if not decades away from fruition. However, we need to continue to register our objections and work to implement alternatives.

Several VCA/ECC Rail to Trail Committee members will be attending the Estero Village Council meeting October 5th to present our objections and concerns.

The need to increase the visibility of The Vines and ECC as good neighbors and valuable community members in the Village and surrounding area was also discussed. If you have  ideas for community outreach opportunities please contact a committee member. 

The VCA/ECC Rail to Trail Committee will be gathering information from all participating governmental and advocacy organizations for presentation to the Vines residents and ECC members at a meeting to be held in the dining room of Estero Country Club at 3pm on October 10th. 

Non Resident Barcodes

Non-resident ECC members (all members living outside of The Vines) will be charged a $50 annual barcode fee per vehicle. This fee is to help offset the costs associated with maintaining the barcode readers and automatic gates. Residents pay VCA dues which include these costs and are therefore not charged a separate fee.

Non-resident barcodes will expire on December 1, but may be renewed anytime after November 1. To renew your barcode please present your driver's license plus vehicle registration along with a check in the amount of $50 payable to Vine Community Association to security at the main gate.  Security will verify ECC membership using a list provided by the ECC. Barcodes are issued between 8 and 2 Monday through Saturday.

Alternatively, non-residents may obtain entry by providing a driver's license and membership verification by security upon each entry into The Vines.

Notes: Vehicles registered in a company name require a letter on company letterhead authorizing use by the named individual and must include the VIN number.

Barcodes may be obtained for rental vehicles with a lease agreement in excess of 45 days.

Barcodes for new vehicles replacing a vehicle with an existing barcode will be issued at no charge.

For Your Safety!

Walking and biking on the golf paths are strictly forbidden. This is for your safety, golf balls can cause serious injury! Fishing on golf cart bridges and from the banks along the golf course are also prohibited for your safety.

Please remind guests and tenants about these very important safety rules!

ECCL Survey

The ECCL is conducting a survey on the priorities you would like to see addressed by local legislators and advocates. Please click on the link below to take the survey.


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