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In 1871, an obscure Reno tailor named Jacob Davis was given $3 to make a pair of trousers sturdy enough for a woodcutter who quickly wore out pants. His ingenious idea of using metal rivets to strengthen the pants not only pleased his customer but led to one of the world's best known brands: Levi's blue jeans.


Ulysses S. Grant, standing, fourth from right poses on Oct. 28, 1879.Grant visited Nevada after his presidency.


Downtown Reno 1882.  

Workers harvest ice at Boca, circa 1900. The ice was used to refrigerate rail cars laden with produce from California for the trek east.

Two animal skinners arrive in Reno with a bear hide in their wagon circa 1900.

President Roosevelt was the first president to visit the University of Nevada in Reno in 1903. In 1982, President Reagan became the second.

Opening day of the first trolley car line between Reno and Sparks in 1904.

Reno Auto Co., offered cars for hire such as this one that was en route
to Sparks. This photo was taken between 1906 and 1907.

Getting ready for the start of a motorcycle race in Reno in 1909.

       Downtown Reno circa 1920s. Note the bank with its distinctive pillars in the middle of the photo. Now part of Harrah's Hotel Casino it still stands at the northeast corner of Virginia and Second Steet and is now a restaurant.


This 1930s-era photo shows the Reno Arch, with torches lit, at night.


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