Price includes installation, your choice of liner (20 mil, Duo Max, Super Max) all other choices  are 8% up charge except 20 mil, repair up to 2 bags of material and 2hrs of labor, shipping, new faceplates and gaskets.
Does not include water. Quality Care water company-
540-272-6675 (250 for 4500 gallons)
Pay the water truck company directly.
I will send an invoice out to be paid before the liner is ordered.
If the pool is holding water, than the bottom under the liner should be ok. If the pool has been emptied and liner is gone then most likely it needs the whole bottom skim coated or totally redone. That can range from 2000-3400. Depends on size of pool, material needed and labor. Out of the last 30 liner replacements maybe 3 needed a skim or redone.(2 of those that needed redone wasn't one of our pools)
It takes approximately 1-1.5 week to make from order. The following week will be doing the install. Unless other plans are made.
I will send you a brochure in snail mail if requested. Or go to  and go to liner tab.
There will be a disposal charge of 200 if you want us to throw it away.

Start emptying the pool when I send you a email or text.